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Posts by Snowshoe
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*Uses "I hope she made lotsa speghetti!" on Youmu Konpaku*

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Credit goes to Ran Yakumo for providing the link.
For my layout I would like to have all 7 Koopa Kids in the BG on top of pipes/sticking heads out. A text box on the far right, and my text footer on the bottom.

I would like pipes in the BG too. Thanks!

PM me the code.
*Uses "IM A CHARGIN MAH LAZOR" and thens says "IM A FIREN MAH LAZOR" and then says "SHOOP DA WHOOP" and shoots mah lazor at Fuzzyfreak for insulting the Mama Luigi race and destroying all internet memes*
Ice Boo should be banned because he likes Boos.
(FATYOSHI) Incoming FATYOSHI attack...
(Youmu_Konpaku) D:
(Youmu_Konpaku) Youmu_Konpaku used the cure fatness egg!
(FATYOSHI) FATYOSHI evolves into Green Yoshi.
(Youmu_Konpaku) :D
(Youmu_Konpaku) Youmu_Konpaku rides Green Yoshi.
(Youmu_Konpaku) Alright, get fat then.


(memetchilove) What happened to FATYOSHI?
(Youmu_Konpaku) He died of a heart attack.
(memetchilove) lol
Instead of being selfish, Im going to return my CD Burner and get like 40$ and I will donate it.
A full-blown SMW hack, All sprite GFX has changed including Mario. New levels, new overworld design and custom music! Right now, Me and Ran Yakumo are working on it. Heres the story:

You play as a cat named Gordon and his wife has been stolen by the evil Coco! Travel through 4 worlds and rescue her! On your trip you meet a dog called "Diaper Dog" that can spit, fly, and stomp. The evil Koopa Kids are getting in on the fun and they are helping Coco too!

Screen Shots:

Manick City


Colive City

Dark Yoshi's Castle

Crabgrass Path

Dark Desert

Gibyscale The Ghost

More to come later. Tell me your opinions!
I was planning to have custom bosses, I inserted them and they worked. Unfortunatly, Mikeyk's level end sprite crashed all of the others! It's probably too late but I would like to know what happened.
sorry :P those screens are outdated.... Ran Yakumo is redoing levels and I fixed alot of glitches. I would change the BG but, I need to learn how to do ExGFX. The hack is alot better than when you played it :D.

It's kinda crazy, I think so too. I'll probably make a Mario hack next time.

The overworld events/level icons are being changed as of now.

Levels in caves and castles are being redone.

Custom Music is being added.

I might redo some overworld stuff.

Enimies not used but created in the beggining:

Pie - Updated shades and graphics, but never used
Birdo - Custom Sprite Crashed, see note 1
Hookbill The Koopa - Custom Sprite Crashed, see note 1
Gwen the Pirahna Plant - Custom Sprite Crashed, see note 1
Big Shy Guy - Custom Sprite Crashed, see note 1
Kirby - Custom Sprite Crashed, see note 1
Dino Yoshi - Was used in Shelbyville but was replaced with Birdo,
now it is time to use him and Dino Yoshe.

(Staff says they like it!)

NOTE1: I had all the custom sprites working, I used mikeyk's level end sprite
and it crashed all of the other ones.

P.S. im glad you enjoyed it GreenLuigi.
Originally posted by SMS
Overworld for two of my other hacks..

This hack is called Super Mario World: Evil Strikes Back.
It was cancelled because of too many problems.

Could I use that OW for my hack? Since your not working on it anymore.
My OW sucks :P
um, i think im going to play Donkey Kong for awhile...
i said i was playing Donkey Kong, but i played Sonic instead. :)

I got a PM from Ran that said the FG and BG are going to fit with the cartoony stuff nicely! glitches are all fixed too. Again, screenshots outdated :P and to top it off, Custom Music is being added. I also donated $10.00 to help SMWC. and if you thought this was bad then go play my beta back in 2006 and tell me how you feel.
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Snowshoe's Profile - Posts by Snowshoe

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