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Hey guys,

This is my first time posting on here, though I've been visiting and playing hacks for quite some time. I've recently being playing Toads World and thoroughly been enjoying it. The music in this game is superb and I was wondering, could anyone tell me some of the song names? I know it's a long shot but I'd love to use some of the tracks in my own hack that I'm making. (trying to)

If we can't find the names of all of them, could we at least name the themes used in the castles, those are so epic!

Thanks for all who reply and help out!


I was wondering if anyone knew the music used in Toads World. Especially the castle themes?

I would post a link to a video, but the ones that I can find seem to be older revisions of the game with completely different tracks. The version I'm referring to is the one that is available for download from this site.

Kind of a long shot but any help would be highly appreciated. Also, I posted this in the wrong area of the forum earlier, if the person that helped with a few suggestions is reading this, thank you!
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