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My nostalgia memories with gaming was mostly PlayStation stuff, because I was born in late-early 90s ('94), my grandmother told me recently that I actually had an Atari 2600, but probably my mothers. SNES console I would always quote as "the Super Nintendo my mother had" to this day, Sega Genesis (I think my uncle had this, but it was over our house), Then that amazing 7th birthday on 2000, I was gifted with the Sega Dreamcast bundle that had Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2: The Trial along with a blue VMU. Amazing is that I still have this console today, except I had to buy another copy of Sonic Adventure and another Dreamcast controller on eBay.

With PlayStation, it was a HELL of a lot of sample CDs, the ones filled with demos of the hottest games coming soon! (Yeah, I was poor at the time, and also the same with Sega Dreamcast, most of all of the games owned were the demo CDs) I still have the PlayStation system I had since the first day I got one. I also bought a PSOne (Slim PlaytStation) 2 years ago on ebay. The controllers... I will never forget this.

I bought a lot of games for the PS1 that didn't support (as far as I knew at the time) DualShock, like Crash Bandicoot and Parappa The Rapper, but I had a DualShock at the time. I actually chewed on the analog sticks. ALL of the time I was playing a game. It was the rubber parts where you would your thumb to move it around. I actually chewed it so much that the rubber cover came off. I know, I'm pathetic. :D

I had a Pizza Hut demo disk, and I faintly remember that I got it from an actual Pizza Hut. It had the "Sorry, Try Again' sealed on it, because it was a contest for you to win $1,000 (I THINK, it explains it in the FMV), but yeah.

Pretty much my gaming nostalgia. There's a lot more, but don't wanna bore anyone.

Now for my IRL nostalgia.
Mother dies in 2002 from breast cancer. (wow, great start. >_>)
Abusive stepfather takes my stepbrother away and never seen him for 4 years (from 2002-2006)
Never had a girlfriend, or ANY friends.
Lived with aunt and uncle for 3-4 years. Abusive assholes.
Half of my closest family members are dead.

So far, I say it's been modest at best. (modest = Train wreck of a life)
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Monotan's Profile - Posts by Monotan