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51. Biggest pervert:
^insert music:

does anyone know how exactly the "6E: step on 4 to make behaviour 3bb4" collision works? i couldnt get it working.(tryed out much)
if you don't reveal yourself as completly retarded, i could teach you the basics. add me on skype: ("Kaze.___.")
Originally posted by Kazeshin
if you don't reveal yourself as completly retarded, i could teach you the basics. add me on skype: ("Kaze.___.")

it's "Kaze.___."^^
blakeoramo: oh lol, this is the folder i send you once :b

you use the model replacer by:
1. create a sketchup model
2. export it
3. import it inta any rom (called rom A)
4. put the rom A and your rom, that you want to have the model in (called rom B) into the obj importerfolder
5. open model replacer
6. follow the instructions of the model replacer

i think that this works better/only with behaviours, that have 0x2a commands, but i haven't tested it yet.
Originally posted by Blakeoramo
How do you make a 2nd area in a level, like in Tiny-Huge Island

basically you digivolve to cpuhacka or skelux and that's it.

easier way to get an effect like a second area is to make them far away from each other (or one above the other)... with the boundary patch it shouldn't be that hard...
you use objects form 2 different objects banks...?
that can't work, because just 1 object bank is loaded.
the other one gives you error codes Oo
if it should look like sonic... make bigger ears and the "spikes" are missing o:
try deactivating some objects, to figure out, which gives error codes.
you probably forgot smth.
you should be allowed to have 6500 faces.

it could also be,that there are to much faces in a small room. trz setting the start warp somewhere else and walk around, to find that place. theb reduce the faces at that spot.
fastest way to make them red:
click a red object
click the five stars
click "copy params"
click a grey object
hold ctrl and click more grey objects (more than one will be marked now)
click paste params
=>all grey objects that were marked are red now, because you copyed the params for the act, they appear.
Originally posted by Meltfire

EDIT: Nevermind!!! It still happen! Then again do people even uses 0x0E objects in their hacks?

I use some 0x0E objects...
if you can't fix this, you could try sending me your rom with skype, and i'll have a look at it;
but i can't promise anything.
(would be sad, if we can't get it working :D)
Originally posted by Vinnyboiler

Back when we were making the forums one of the things that was suggested was workshops which is basically where I start up some kind of Skype group chat or IRC channel and I spend possibly an hour or two teaching you a specific thing from basic hex edits to more complicated stuff like learning about ASM operation codes and using LemAsm.

sounds good. i had a skype conversation wth a few hackers, which was rly informative.
you should make a public conversation, so ppl can talk about hacking - this would make ppl learn much faster
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