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Aha, I like the look of this! Especially the overworld, especially seeing as you're one of the first people I've seen to change its GFX! #w{=P}
It looks nice, but I don't like the 1-1 pallet. Keep up the good work :)
This looks pretty good. I especially like that last screenshot with the transparent water, how do you do that, is it layer 2? Nothing else I have to say, you're doing really well! Keep it up! :)
Hello! I was testing some levels in my hack Sicari earlier, when I came across a strange glitch: Whenever I go through a level using "fireballs" all of the sprites in the level seem to disappear. Sometimes it's just one or two sprites, but it's normally the whole level. I've messed around with sprite settings, but to no success. It plays normally without the fire flower, but I seriously doubt that any of the sprite settings would be incompatible with fireballs. I do however have the straight fireballs patch applied but I've used that in other hacks without error.

If anybody could help me, it would be much appreciated :)
I don't know how to remove patches, but I did just find out there was a patch that disabled sprite limitations. I'm going to check it out, if it's still there >.< If you find out anything, please let me know :)

Edit - I just had a look and it doesn't seem to do quite what I want -_-
Okay, I'll give it a try, thank you :)
I've been trying to insert custom music into my hack, mainly the Route 1 theme from Pokemon. In Lunar Magic, the name of the song shows up on the list of music, but whenever I try it out, there is just silence, not even any sound effects. Could anybody help me please?
It's HuFlungDu's Addmusic v4.05.02.

EDIT - IT WORKED! Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :)
This looks like a very interesting hack! I do like your graphics a lot, especially the player graphics! Even the pallets look like they give such a great atmosphere to the hack like in the dark forests and caves! very nice work, I hope to play this sometime :)
This looks pretty cool! From what I can see, level design looks good, though I can't say that until I've actually played the hack. I also like the green "lava" pallet, it makes it look very toxic! Keep it up! :D
This hack has been released!

Hello everybody, I am Eevee. You may have played my only submitted hack here, Sicari, which is a 5-level demo. I've been making a lot of progress and there have already been some major changes since the demo's release. One of them is that I've learned how to insert custom music, which to any hack, gives it a whole new atmosphere. Not much has changed graphics wise, but I have made several tweaks. If you want to know more, read on, if not, see the screenshots.

Story -
Despite being a hack of Super Mario World, this hack has absolutely nothing to do with Mario whatsoever. Instead it is about a young girl named Sicari, who was taken in as an assassin after her parents were killed. She had no other choice. She couldn't turn down the offer of a new home and family.

Since then, she has had her regrets about her dark life of crime and wishes to do something good for once. She sees her chance when her homeland is invaded by mysterious creatures from another dimension. She takes it upon herself to save the world from this terrible threat. What she does not know however is that the monsters are looking for her.

Why did I make this hack? -
It was originally a test hack, long before I joined up here. I inserted patches galore and changed the player graphics about 50,000 times! Eventually, it began to develop into an actual hack, and that's when I joined SMWC, so I could present it and show others.

Screenshots -
These are some screenshots from the work in progress. You may recognize some of the levels if you played the demo.

Might as well show off the overworld first, as it's hardly complete. I just want some suggestions for this one, guys.

This is the first level, now with clouds!

A level using the same tileset, but an autumn pallet.

A shot of the first castle. It is owned by a crazy guy named Jerry the Jester. So far, his boss battle is just a poor edit of Wendy Koopa's, but that will change if I ever figure out custom sprites. Also, I inserted the Bloody Tears music from Castlevania and I think it fits really well. The person who put that song on this website is awesome!

A level that takes place in cyberspace. Not much else to say about this one. I did include Sicari's death sprite, in case you're curious.

Okay, this one's minor, but I think it works. When inserting custom music to the hack I decided to give the castle destruction scene dark music, as opposed to the happy music from the original SMW. I did this to highlight the regrets Sicari has for every boss she kills and it brings out her dark side a bit. I also have the same music playing for the title screen.

Snow levels weren't in the demo. Yeah, the background is just a poor edit of the grassy background, I know. The falling snow is my first ever use of ExAnimation by the way ^.^

This level was in the demo. Before releasing the demo, I originally planned it to be a ghost level, but I didn't come up with any decent designs for ghosts. I accidentally left in the Eeries, but they were causing no problems so I didn't remove them.

Each world in this hack has a palace level. This is the first palace, THE GOLDEN PALACE, a level which I experiment with split paths. I liked the idea of split paths and decided to put them in every palace level.

This is the second palace level, RAINBOW PALACE. It is actually the hardest level I have created yet, as it is filled with baseball Chucks and Sumo Bros so I'm toning down the difficulty a bit to make it fair.

If Sicari touches an acorn, she mutates and becomes part flying-squirrel. This, as you can easily guess, allows her to fly! I downloaded the raccoon patch for this and it works well.

This is the most recent level I'm working on. It is the first underwater level, but don't worry, there won't be lots and lots of these levels. I hate water levels -_-

And that's all for now. If you haven't played the demo, you can still check it out. It has no custom music or Squirrel powerup though! Please give feedback and suggestions, I would much appreciate it. If you have any questions, just ask me!

---UPDATE, 18th JANUARY---

Some new screenshots of the FOREST OF UMBRA level. I'm planning to give it lots of different paths, but I want your opinions first.

That's all for today, more tomorrow! #w{=D}

---UPDATE, 19th JANUARY---

The title screen and intro. I'm thinking to improve them soon.

Two more screenshots of the FOREST OF UMBRA.

Haven't got around to making the OW less flat, but I did take some advice and change the pallets. Notice that Sicari is now the right colors on the OW and the OW is a different shade of green.

---UPDATE, 20th JANUARY---
Hello again, guys. Another Sicari update here! I've learned all about custom sprites and I think it's going to make the hack a lot better. Now I just need to know about custom blocks and I'm all good to go. In the meantime, here're some more screenshots and info! #w{=)}

Because I learned about custom sprites, I downloaded the HMDA Gradients for some of my backgrounds. I think it looks a lot better and also gives me more freedom when drawing graphics. (For example me not having to fill the graphics files with lots of clouds for each shade of background) I haven't used this in every level however, as it doesn't seem to work well with message boxes and sometimes doors.

After taking a look back at what to improve on, I noticed how terribly short Jerry the Jester's castle was; Last night I decided to extend the castle quite a few screens, as I don't believe castle levels should be short. Moving on to Jerry himself...

This is the new boss battle with Jerry the Jester. I used the Mouser sprite for this so he throws bombs that you have to hit him with. I'm also working on the boss for the second castle, but I don't want to tell everybody the whole hack! #w{=D}

For other updates, check the thread's replies! #w{=)}
The reason for all the coins/sapphire is the result of hitting a switch, but I might tone it down a little, because so far, it's way to easy to get lives. Thanks for the feedback :)
Thanks for the feedback, I will most certainly make the overworld less flat. Yes, the acorn is based off of the leaf. If you look in the patches section, you can find the raccoon powerup.
Oh! I have not played the New Super Mario Wii U! Thanks for pointing that out! It's not going to cause any problems for me, so I might as well keep it! I need to play that game, thanks :)
Thanks for the comments everyone, there will be some more screenshots tonight! #w{=)}
Hey, I was just recording some clips of my hack in ZSNES, when I came across this.
As you can see, the background has glitched up. It looks different on the background editor, but it's still glitched. I haven't touched this level for a while and I have no idea how this could happen. No matter what I do, I can't fix it... The rom is playing fine, so I don't think it's corrupt and this has happened to no other level. Could anybody help?

yczedit: table stretch begone
That does make sense as well, as I've just finished making new graphics! Thank you ! #w{=)}

It worked, thank you so much! #w{=)}

The title screen and intro. I'm thinking to improve them soon.

Two more screenshots of the FOREST OF UMBRA.

Haven't got around to making the OW less flat, but I did take some advice and change the pallets. Notice that Sicari is now the right colors on the OW and the OW is a different shade of green.

Tell me what you think! #w{=D}
Thank you, I'd very much like to know how to make my own bosses #w{=)}
Well, we can't really say much about that screen. What I would suggest is that you add some more enemies in the area. Munchers don't really count as enemies but rather an obstacle. Maybe put a red Koopa on one of the pipes or use the bullet bill generator. It does look rather simple, even if it is the first level, but this is your first hack so I quite understand. Just keep working and improving and you'll be just fine! #w{=)}
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Eevee's Profile - Posts by Eevee

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