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you really don't want to be looking through my posts, i made most of these (first 10-15 pages) when i was young and stupid

Crazy Mario - designed to drive you to insanity.

Mega important update!!!

As of the 14th of June, no P-Switch music plays, meaning no more P-switch glitch sounds.

If you have the old copy of Crazy Mario, I HIGHLY recommend you delete it and replace it with the new one.

The new download.

I really need some TASes to pop up on the thread. If you have made one, please PM me or post a reply on this thread.

Looks very good so far, can't wait for the upcoming levels.

I've watched all of your MMD1 levels on youtube and I thought nothing could top that, but obviously I was wrong. :D

Thanks for the response, I will get onto that ASAP and I'll make these changes:

I agree with with the coin blocks on Perplexing, especially the first one where I might remove it.

As for the 1-ups, I think I should remove them and put a save prompt on every level, what do you think?

I will remove the cement blocks on Athlete in the water and find a way to put in a ceiling.

I'm unsure if I can think of any more names, but do you think 'Hanger' or something like that is OK for Hot Foot?

You're right, I have no idea what a disassembly is so I doubt I'll know how to use one.

edit: Changed quick, what do you think?
Originally posted by Archie
Or better: do what I said about the dotted coin blocks and put two of them where the first invisible coin block is (it's still possible to get past). Same for the second one.

Do you mean like this:
Coin Blocks
Updated Athlete:
Have I got the pipe thing as what you were suggesting?
OK, done that and got screenshot:


Also, do you think this is too hard for a 3rd level (Athlete (2nd is switch palace))

Too hard?
Sneak peek at my next level, Deep cave:

Just before midway point
Originally posted by Archie
Were you inspired by Coin Block Cavern from Mario Must Die by Sokobansolver? Because the skull raft bit and the things above has been done before.

Yes, but the rest is my own.

Originally posted by Archie
What if you put the floor of munchers that are at the end right under the second shell and second mushroom?

You need the first mushroom to get through the bit just after the koopa and the second mushroom is needed for the muncher floor near the edge of the screenshot. Although I admit it is quite boring and it needs some work.
I have a question concerning the block eating sprite.

In MMD1 (and probably this one as well) you have the eating sprite to follow a set path and eat certain blocks, yet whenever I put down the eating block it just follows the path made by the creating block. Does that mean they follow the same path or does the eating block just follow the current path of blocks, even if it wasn't made by the creating block? If so, does that mean I can just put an eating block down and it will follow a path I created?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
It follows whatever path of blocks you put down.

Ok thanks 4 clearing that up.
Sorry about the long wait but I have finished Deep cave and the next 2 levels, Scrolling stones and Mass burial site.

The latter is in need of some TLC though so screenshots will be up when it's done.

Deep cave 1
Deep cave 2
Scrolling stones 1
Scrolling stones 2
Scrolling stones 3

A TAS video of Yoshi's island will be up soon
Well, the note block keeps the red shell higher up for longer, removing it makes it nearly impossible as you almost always miss.
Got World 1 here, not really a TAS though despite what the title says.
World 1

EDIT: Mass burial site and the next level, On the move, are done. See the video here.
Dolphin cavern is finally done. It mixes pipe/puzzle with kaizo hacks, all with a pit hack feel to it yet not impossible. Watch the video here.
Crazy Mario's next level, Gauntlet, is finished! This didn't take as long as Dolphin Cavern, but it's certainly more difficult! Watch it here:

Crazy Mario - Gauntlet

NB. I have added a part in Dolphin cavern to allow entry into the special world - world 3 - and the boss fight and end text are unchanged in the video but they have been changed.
Last time I tried to import ExGFX all the graphics got garbled and I had to ditch the ROM. How do I stop that from happening again?
You know that the end of Gauntlet was unchanged, well you can see the finished end room here.
The final level has 16 mini-rooms, all done one after the other, the end room and the boss fight. Don't worry about running out of time, you will have plenty.

Some screens for you to evaluate and feedback right here:
Room 1: 2 shots.
Room 2: 3 shots.
Room 3: 1 shot.
Room 4: 2 shots.
Guess what! More screens:
Room 5: 1 shot.
Room 6: 5 shots.
Room 7: 2 Shots.

Please feedback ASAP.
Oh BTW, I tried the ExGFX file for Yoshi's spawn and tongue animations in castles and it didn't work, any ideas?

Edit: More room shots; whole room shots from now on:
Room 8
Room 9 (The throw block is from room 8)
Room 10 (Most of layer 2 is hidden)
Room 11 (The brown blocks are being eaten by an eater sprite)
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gibbl's Profile - Posts by gibbl

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