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Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Smw rom, And you guys CAN help if you want! Pm if you want to help, Now, I only have one level being worked on or so, And heres a Pic of it.
Oh, Thanks! ...Now i need to think of a new name..
Oh crap, The graphics are screwed up for everything else, the OW, The Enemies, And everything else that isnt on the pic :I
Good idea for the section above with the spikes and chains.
And i am doing a castle level first to mix it up,And i AM doing whatever comes to mind.

Kinda detailing it as i go,and i try to make it Hard,but not insanely hard,but also try to make it not easy as if just walking through a flat level,doing NOTHING,cause that gets boring fast.

And i will go with the Super Mario World: Revenge of Bowser for the name
Well,when i got custom Gfx for this one level...EVERYTHING else got all glitchy! Ow,Sprites,and everything else except for the custom GFX!
Please, how do i fix this?#smw{:(}
Didnt help,Just madeparts of mario appear in the blank spaces of the custom gfx,and DIDNT fix the normal gfx.
Thanks! Ya' know, Making a new Rom Hack isnt that hard it seems now!
Originally posted by Ramp202
You mean SMWCP? Just extract the ExGFX from the rom and search for the GFX you want. Look in the level with the graphics than press the Red Poison Mushroom to find out what the ExGFX Numbers are.
but..What about the overworld..Because i kinda like the sewer graphics on one of the overworlds..

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Now i can easily...Thank you, I could not understand the other admusics... I hope this works!
Er... I dont know how to do hex edits,So how am i able to fix the swooper Death Ceiling Of all mighty Doom,for my romhack?
Is Yoshi's Island DS harder then the Yoshi's Island for the gba and SNES? Cause,I started dying around world 5 in the GBA version,And i started dying alot in 3-1... No wonder they give you like 20 oneups or so before 3-1 o3o
I cant find a kirby squeak squad Level editor,And i dont even know a THING about hex edits so...
Though,the red/blueish shark chomp seems helpfull for lava or water caves.
Update, I have a bit more er...Unfinished levels. Some,But all unfinished. Except for 3.
Its safe and easy,I use it and its usualy error or bug free for me