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Well, this is what I've been working on:

I had posted an earlier version on the Jul SM64 forum, but I started again from scratch since then due to the level size patch.
Here are some screenshots once imported:

I'm planning to do a full hack called Mario Sunshine 64, I am already working on Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor and Delfino Airstrip too. I will post a video after I had finished all of those levels.
Originally posted by Jonny
Originally posted by captnobvious
Super Cool Stuff With Images

That is amazing. I don't hack SM64 but I can hardly imagine how long that probably took you. I'm beyond amazed!! Awesome work!

Actually, it doesn't take that long. This level was made from scratch in a month, working on it two hours a day.

Here are some other stuff:

Pianta model, it only has 72 faces and 2 32x32 textures.

Ricco Harbor. It's still a work in progress.
Is it possible to change the position of the parts of the HUD? (Like the power meter, the lives, the time counter, etc.)

I know it must imply hex hacking, but I'm not sure which address to edit.
Originally posted by Supermario64ciro589m
I have a question and i'm a new user. I want to change metal cap switch in yellow cap switch beaucase i change metal mario texture in gold mario with toad's tool 64. Thanks !
P.S. = Sorry for my bad english , i'm italian

You can use the RGB Editor by CPUHacka, which is posted in here:
Download it, open your ROM, and go to the Caps tab, there you have the options for the colour and shading of all the switchs, including the one you want to edit. You must use hex values.
Here is what you are looking for:
If you need to find another addresses use Tile Molester to find them, and then copy the hex values to N64Rip. If you can't position the textures properly, play a bit with the values, if you move a little the last two digits, you will be able to place it properly for exporting.

Wasn't there a thread for questions about hacking?
Hello, I'm having a little problem adding 0x0E objects in a custom level. Every time I add an object of said bank in my level (which has about 4600 faces) and it is loaded in memory, the game freezes and Project64 start displaying error codes.
I think it is related to the huge amount of faces my level has, as I tried to add them in smaller levels, where worked perfectly but I'm not very sure.
Can it be related to something else or should I reduce the number of faces of my level?
I think you should try to get an existing model of Sonic's head (there are some good Sonic models on Google Sketchup's 3d warehouse), an try to reduce the number of faces. I don't want to be offensive, but your model seems to be unpolished and too detailed.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
you use objects form 2 different objects banks...?
that can't work, because just 1 object bank is loaded.
the other one gives you error codes Oo

If you mean using objects from two different 0x0E banks, no, I'm only using objects from the Whomp's Fortress bank. I tried removing all the other objects and using only the 0x0E objects, but it still giving microcode errors.
Originally posted by thatguy chaos1
Well i was reaching for highly detailed but i don't no wat u mean by "unpolished" ?
Also if anyone could triagulate and obj export it for me that would be great. I ask this cause i have a portable sketchup and i can't put the plugin into it unless i hex it in to the program and i don't know how.

By unpolished I mean that your model has a very poor quality due to the fact it is asymetrical and was done without even knowing the limitations of the SM64 engine.
Before starting a whole new thread to show something you didn't even tested in-game, you should learn to do a good looking model, use the tutorials that people in here did (just look for them by yourself) to import them to the game, and after that, you could post your work on the stickied showoff thread, as I did too. Whole new threads are reserved for big hacks with greats amounts of progress done.

PS: AFAIK Sketchup has a triangulate option incorporated in the OBJ exporter, look for it in the options
Mario's giant head BG: 00B1148D (80x160)

Numbers, letters and icons: 00803156 (16x592)

Water: 00817C08 (32x33, one column of pixels displays in the wrong side of the screen, have it in mind when editing it, just edit the first pixel of the last row or the game won't work)

Coins: 00AB7B90 (32x128, the same as above)

I'll post more as soon as I find them again.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
Originally posted by captnobvious

one column of pixels displays in the wrong side of the screen, have it in mind when editing it, just edit the first pixel of the last row or the game won't work)

fixxed this. you can fix pixels by:
decresing the 2nd bracket by 1 makes the texture go one row down.
increasing the 2nd bracket by 1 makes the texture go one row up.
decreasing the 3rd bracket by 2 makes it go 1 pixel right
increasing the 3rd bracket by 2 makes it go 1 pixel left
(increasing/decreasing the 3rd bracket by much makes it go down/up too.)

I had tried it, in fact, the correct address should be 00817C09, but the colours appear screwed up. If you use 00817C10, the first pixel of the texture will be missing, so that's why I posted that address with the note.
If you are able to find the correct address without colour errors, PM me and I will change it so everybody will have it easier to edit the water.
Hello, I want to know if it is possible to replace the star model with the star sprites that spins around the big Mario's face in the PRESS START screen, and if somebody could explain how to do so. I think it would be useful to make the stars look different, as editing the sprites it's easier than editing the model. Thanks
So far it looks nice. You should really consider learn how to place place textures, your levels seem to be a bit basic. I can help you with it. Also I can teach you to use groups and components (they'll save you a lot of faces) if you need so.
Looking forward for more. The concept is promising.
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