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Been a while since i've done any hacking, I seem to have improved. I'm working on making my old Luigi's Mansion 64 texture hack into a full major hack.

This import went best IMO. Still very much BETA.

Thought this would be a good idea.

Post your M64 music requests here.

Personally I request:

Luigi's Mansion: Game Boy Horror

Luigi's Mansion: Toad

Mario Kart 64: Toads Turnpike

Note: Before requesting a song, please try ctrl+f in the SM64 Music Section first!
I'm using N64Rip and i only know to addresses the HUDs and life meter. Can anyone tell me anymore or post a link to a list?
Originally posted by captnobvious
Here is what you are looking for: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=61709&page=1&pid=1008542#p1008542

Wasn't there a thread for questions about hacking?

lolz, Yes sorry.
I'v only just started using Dolphin emulator so I know nothing, I was wondering if there is a GameCube game editor like Toadstool 64 for SM64 or any other tools. To be honest I would like to try a Luigi's Mansion BETA restoration project.
What you can do currently is Texture hacking and action replay codes.
Don't see any reason why noone botehred to try and make tools for Gsmcube ISO's it was a brilliant system i'd love to do things like importing new levels music and models into Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion.

Little somthing i made, only a texture hack. Most likely will become a pack.

Looking impressive where do you get your Backgrounds from? are they from any game or are they custom made?.
I can't seem to find a good ISO download for the game so i can rip textures. Does anyone have a ISO or can provide ripped textures? PM if so.
Looks promising.
Can somone help me with custom title screens? the textures i use never seem to work.
It seems that you want to do hacks but don't have the needs or enough skill to produce the quality people expect. My advice is to try to get what's needed computer wise and research and learn abit more before trying again.
Can these work on a PAL N64? I also have a adapter to play different regions but the way it works is you insert the adapter, insert the different region game then insert the version of the game your console surports on the back. So if I inserted the flashcart into it it wouldn't work.
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