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(restricted)(restricted) again

anyway, i am making a level where i really need the fast layer 2 smash thing, but i am not sure exactly how to do that. i know there are layer 2 smash sprites, but they all do the same thing, and half the time, they do it wrong. this is what i am working with (the layer two part is that bar of chompers):

sorry about the giant picture, it just came out that way. so yeah, what sprites do i place in the level and where to make this work (currently, the problem is that i hear one smash noise, and then when i get to the area where the layer two is, it doesnt work. i have also had it magickly jump to the down position, but without the smash effect before (different level) but that level was scraped.

so um, yeah. help please

btw the background isnt white, i just made it that way for the pic so you could see better.
i'd really like some help with this guys
still not working. (sigh)

i have a slow autoscroll on the beggining also, but that needs to stay. i think you guys know what i am wanting, so i am just going to leave the mwl file here, and if anyone has the patience to put up with me they can help and have my eternal gratitude.

for those of you who havent herd yet, kaizo world two came out a while ago. I is just as hard as the last one, and even more f***ing awesome. why you crybabies out there deleate things like that juat because you dont have the patience for them is beond me, but that is not what i am creating this thread for, so no flaming on about "omg that hack sucks it is too hard for me waaah waaaah you suck i hate you waaah waaah"

now then, onto what i am here to say...
So far, it has been a day since downloading it, and i have had quite a few times where i was just stuck. I am at the yellow switch place currently, and cant figure out the damn puzzle. anyway, i would appreciate it if anyone who has played it could help me out, and if anyone elce gets stuck, i will try to the best of my knowledge to help them (i.e. opening cutscene lol).

I have just gotten the shell in the switch place, now what?

offtopic\ i would post a link here, but knowing how many losers there are with the power to deleate things on here, i will just tell you to pm me if you want the link. /offtopic
Originally posted by TLMB

Your dead...

i am not talking about admins or moderators, I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE DELETE HACK REQUEST THREAD.

yeah, not the moderators, they are pretty good with the site
Originally posted by B.B.Link
Originally posted by Luigi1000
Just for the heck of it, can any staff member deleat kaizo mario world or kaizo mario world 2 if anyone tryes to sumit it here?


And jesus, you did mean admins and mods, you just tried to cover your ass by saying people in the hack removal thread. As you should have worded it that way from the start.

Also, if you read the stickies, you would know that this should have went in the help in hacks thread.

And yes, because of the abundance of easy-to-learn tools and documents for hacking SMW, I don't have the patience to play lameass, glitchy, boring, eye sering, impossible-to-beat-wannabe hacks out there when, on this site, we try to encourage meaningful hacks that people actually worked hard on, and fun to play, without impossible noobish-like level design.

So yeah, as long as garbage is submitted, it's my job to take out the trash. So now you may understand, and if you don't, try to submit the bullshit hack here and see for yourself.

But thats just a looser talking right?

actually no, i am not trying to cover my ass. i didnt know luigi 1000 requested it, and it doesnt change my opinion on it one bit. the fact remains the same. i am not segregating admins, mods, or users in this, that is all i am saying. most the mods are good here, and if a few idiots regester to mess up the site, it is not any of the mods fault. ultimately, the community is responsible, and the selective few out there who mess it up are who they are, wether that be user mod, or even admin for that matter. like i said, there arent really any mods i have a problem with, but if they exist, they are held in the same regard by me as the others.

i remember when this site first started adding rules to the hack submittions. the whole point was to stop hacks with glitches in them. it was to save people from glitched hacks, not hard ones. it was said that they unfortunately could not make slightly altered levels not allowed, because that was level design, and judging that will cause deleation because of a persons taste. now that that thread has started, that rule seemed to disappear, and with it, good hacks that were judged in a biased fasion by the people that i am criticizing. you can hide behind the games lack of custom music or graphics, or the odd placement of chompers, but at the end of the day, you and i both know the true intention was level design, and there is no running away from that.

i stand by what i say, and if you truly catagorize yourself as the person i talk about here, than i guess that i feel that way about you too.

as i have said before, this thread is not supposed to be a flame war. dont like the game, go post somewhere elce. otherwise, shut up.

and by the way, to all the losers out there, i already got several pms asking for links, i guess people out there do have different tastes than you
i tried to record a movie file and the movie wont make those Rstate# save and load things. all the movie options wont come up when i go to record a movie. now i just get a mini version of the window i keep trying to open. how do i fix this?
i want to edit bullet bill's speed, but i dont know any asm. can someone tell me what to change in the asm code? (i dont know asm so dont try to explain it, just post the exact line that i will see and what part to change.) i would really appreciate it.

also if it is possible, i would like to do this to the custom shooter sprite as well, so that it shoots more frequently, can someone do the same with this?

i know that i am probably going to get like 50 responces all telling me to go learn asm, but just hear me out, i have tried to learn it many times. i believe i made a similar thread almost a year ago for the exact same thing. thats how long i have been trying. please, just give me a break. I can understand how you guys feel about it, because i see it when people are posting asking help for ExGfx, and i want them to learn themselves too... but when i have been trying for so freaking long, it just gets really frustrating.
i ment like a new sprite. should i find that in the sprite file and change it somehow?
thank you for helping me. i really appreciate it.
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