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So I'm like super new here and this is my first post.

I've been wanting to get into SMW lately and so I finally registered. Yea!

Now I read the F.A.Q. and I saw this:

"Note that you're still limited to 10 (Ex)GFX files per level. There's no way to use more than that."

I've dabbled with Lunar Magic in the past, but this time I'm going to try and get real serious with it and my question is... Can someone explain to me why I am limited to 10(Ex)GFX files per level? I have plans on making some levels with tons of GFX in them is there anyway I can get around this restriction?

Also since I'm still very much a noooob >_> I really don't even know what a GFX files is or how big it is. So how many 16x16 graphics tiles can you fit in a single GFX file?

Well, I hope that wasn't too much for my first post. I know that I'm new here, but I actually wanted to come here to prove myself as a video game hacker and I hope to make some cool contributions to this site.

Total noob here, but anyways...

I've been wanting to try out some of the Super Mario 64 hacks hosted here, but haven't really downloaded them since I don't know what type of controller I need.

Do you guys, use one of those N64 to usb converters so you can use a real N64 controller to play.

I just don't see how SM64 is doing to work with my normal D-pad or a keyboard setup.

- Final
Yeah, I totally forgot about using an Xbox 360 controller. I have an original old Xbox, but the controllers don't have USB plugins on them.

So I guess, I'll either go buy an Xbox 360 controller or get one of those N64 to USB adapters from like

For some reason I might just get the N64 adapter since I like the natural feel of having an N64 controller in my hands.

I was alternatively thinking about getting on of those N64 flash carts and playing the hacks directly on the hardware.

There are several out there on the market just do a youtube review search for them and you'll find them.

There is the:

Everdrive 64

Neo Myth

Plus a few others.

I know that some of the SNES SMW hacks don't really work on an actual SNES. Has anyone played any of the SM64 hacks here on the original hardware?

Also do any of the current SM64 hacks here require the expansion chip?

Last thing. I think it would be a really cool idea. Maybe I'll send a PM to Vinnyboiler if he doesn't see this to test all new SM64 hacks that are entered into the database to see if they work on original hardware or not.

The ones that work could have like a little SNES icon next to the download button so that anyone who downloaded the game would know right away if they could use it on a flash cart.

Anyway, just thinking.

Magiluigi OMG!

Did you know that I was checking out this project not too long ago and just drew some quick pics of what I thought some of the characters could look like and get this, I drew Norveg dressed up in a suit too!

We both independently came up with basically the same idea for Norveg.

Anyway, I'll bring the drawings with me next time I go to school so I can scan them there and post them here so you can see them.


Layout and avatar are still to come as I am still just a noooob here. lol
^ Well not everyone has the time to read a years worth of back posting, but thanks for keeping me up to date. I saw the game and the characters and wanted to contribute. Next one up will probably be the Desert Cat. >_>

I think I remember a really long time ago someone said that all future smw hacks should have SNES compatibility to them an order to be submitted in the smwc database.

Is this true?

Originally posted by cpuHacka101
Flashcarts fail to work with expanded SM64 ROMs, due to the way messiaen structured the 8MB Ram. Until someone find a way around that to use the expansion pak, major SM64 hacks will not work on real hardware.

Man that is such a bummer. I don't have any flash carts yet, but I plan on buying like one for each system, snes, nes, genesis, n64 ect.

For some reason playing it on the original hardware is just unbeatable for me. Cause when you think about it, some of these hacks that you can only play on emulators... its like the game only can exist on your computer screen and that's it. Its like its not a real game or something.

I don't know just talking.

While I think it would be really cool to have all of the newer hacks being SNES compatible I think at the very least we should have a little icon next to the download to indicate whether they are or are not SNES compatible. If we put in the effort to put a special icon next to a Demo hack then why not put an SNES icon next to an SNES compatible hack too?

Here is an example:

I just think a hack has more meaning or its more official if it's SNES compatible. Not only can it run in the emulator world on the computer, but it can also run on a console in real life. Who knows in ten years someone might actually be wanting to play your hack on a cartridge one day.

^ So I guess I'll draw the Desert Cat too then okay. >_>

So I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be joining in on this competition. It will be my first. >_>

I know many people have complained, but I really think that by putting in these restrictions it really does increase the challenge of the contest.

Say for example you where a pixel artist for an SNES game. Since your making graphics on the SNES you can pick from many many different colors. The job isn't really too hard. Now compare that with being a pixel artist for an original Game Boy game. Now you only get like 3 or 4 shades or gray. That's creative and challenging.

To make graphics for an original Game Boy game would require far more skill than to make graphics for an SNES because of the restrictions involved and I believe the same concept applies here.

Now, I've never made a hack before and I'm actually kind of happy that we have these types of contests here because it allows me to get involved somehow even though I have limited hacking abilities. And hopefully after doing a few of these contests I'll then know enough about making levels and so on to actually make an entire hack of my own. ^_^

Also, I have always wondered. In like past contests do you guys normally take all of the submitted entries and then like bundle them into a single rom hack so that if someone ever wanted to check out last years contest all they would have to do is download one rom and then they could play all of the entries?

I just thought that it would be a cool idea.

P.S. Also level design is really the core of any well made video game. For those who only want to make something look pretty, that's fine, but remember graphics are really only there to complement the game play. Just look at all of those old Atari 2600 games, the graphics are crap, but people loved playing many of those games back then because they were well designed games. Back then it was all about designing while you were left with only your imagination to fill in the rest.



You make a great point with your post. All too often I play hacks here which don't really impress me or show any signs of creative, intelligent or thoughtful levels (there are some exceptions). It seems as if many hackers just build a level and sprinkle the sprites on as if literally someone took a salt shaker and poured the salt on their food.

Some of use have actually learned and are aware that you can't just create a landscape and just randomly put sprites everywhere thinking that the final result will be good.

There really is an art to making good video games as well as level designing and sprite placement. You could probably write a book on it because there really is so much to it.

What I'm going to try and do for my first hack here is to play some really good games that I love and then simply study the level design and sprite placement of those games and then try and recreate the same experience with SMW or try and mimic those great level designs in other games.

And yeah, I watched the link in the video and I totally agree, they do have great level design abilities and I wish I saw more hacks out there like this. Hacks that make you think while you play and not just aimed at difficulty.
I was thinking today and I asked myself... is there any kind of comprehensive glitch list for SMW?

I recently watched the SMW TAS speed-run by masterjun where he glitched the game until he achieved the game over screen.

I was reading about how he did it and it was really interesting, and I believe he used information about SMW by using our site.

So anyway, I was thinking that creating a full list of all the glitches in SMW may be a pretty useful thing to do. You never know when someone may use them or need them like in the TAS video.
I just found out that there is this code in C/C++ to test the speed of your code.

struct timeb timef; ftime (&timef); long startTime = timef.time * 1000 + timef.millitm; // Start clock
ftime (&timef); long endTime = timef.time * 1000 + timef.millitm; printf("Time: %d ms",endTime-startTime); // End clock

I was thinking, is there something like this for ASM so that a person can see how efficient their code is?

Do you guys think it would be cool to have this?

I agree with Camerin in the sense that it would be really cool if we fine polished this game/hack with a ton of extras which make it really stand out, however like others have said the game needs to be completed first and adding little extras that complement the game should only be added later.

While I think that this is a nice idea shouldn't all existing effort just go into finishing SMWCP2?

- Final
Originally posted by DundG

-Treetop tussle: first the top. I tried to jump at the higher line of blocks, but i couldn't jump high enough. The ceiling disturb the jump and you fall down. The normal player wouldn't know that, so it is a bit unfair, with the wtf what happened effect #w{|o}

Yeah, DundG. I think that same thing happened to me too. You hit your head on the ceiling and you fall down without really knowing what happened.

It's good to see people like you DundG giving feedback like this.

So I thought that I would join the beta testing party here. I'm assuming that's what the purpose of this thread is right?... idk >_>

Here I held onto a turtle shell while going through a pipe.

Here I was walking down the latter and tried to bonk the enemy here, but to my surprise I just got an awkward suicide.

... more to come!

Keep up the good work LV.

You know it really doesn't matter how long this game takes. The thing that matters is making a cool game that is fun to play and that people know that it was made by this community.

Often I run into this situation where I need to search for something, but there like isn't a search bar.

I can't remember the user, but there is one user who does have like a search bar sort of in my tag or something.

Anyway, so can we get a search bar?

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Final Theory's Profile - Posts by Final Theory

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