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Originally posted by Magiluigi
The new Lakitu Cloud face looks awful.

Yeah, it reminds me of when some girls make this one face like when they are soooo happy that it looks like they are about to cry.
I was wondering. I know that on the N64 there is a 4MB memory expansion card that you can plug into the N64 and that some games can take advantage of this extra memory and have better graphics ect.

As far as SM64 rom hacking goes, can this memory card expansion in any help improve the quality of SM64 rom hacks?

Like can you have more polygons or something of that nature?


By the way very impressive work with your SM64 2 player and Star Road hacks. Nice.

Also is it possible to do a SM64 hack with 4 players!?

I know that this kind of sounds silly, but I actually liked the Project Wonderful adds.

Some sites have too many adds and so its like SPAM or something and its just annoying, but PW was just simple and sweet.

It was cool just to see what sites or whatever was on there.

The current site seems too empty.

I miss Project Wonderful and want it back. *cries*
All I have is 3 words.

This kicks freaking ass!

My question is:

Where did you get all of your textures/graphics?

Did you make them yourself of rip them from other games?

I felt the same way when I first came here.

I agree with Ladida. Start small. Forget about all of the tools and patches and graphics and all that confusing stuff for right now.

Just use Lunar Magic and start making levels, changing color pallets, working with pipes, overworld paths and so on.

Once you have mastered that then make a pure vanilla hack.

Then start messing around with the extra stuff.

You have to know the basic before you can start doing advanced stuff.

I don't think that custom bosses are necessarily ruining hacks, but rather it's the constant use of them which is the case.

After playing several smw hacks here I kind of felt the same way. A bunch of hacks simply just used the various resources available here at smwc and because of this these different hacks ended up feeling like a broken record so to speak.

In one hack I would hear a custom song and see some custom graphics and then fight a custom boss, but then in another hack I was experiencing the same custom music, same custom graphics and exact same custom boss. As a result the hack didn't feel fresh.

So I think it's not that custom stuff is ruining smw hacks, but what is ruining the hacks is that people are OVERUSING the custom stuff to the point where it becomes overly redundant.

I see it as each smw hack is a game within its own right.

So to me all of the hacks just seem like different versions of smw.

Maybe kind of like each one exists as an alternate reality or something to the original one.

I was just wondering if it could be possible to give an approximate percentage of completion or something along with these updates?

Like for example is the hack

70% - 75% completed
80% - 85% completed
90% - 95% completed

I know its hard to say because there will always be stuff popping up to delay the final result, but I was just wondering if this would be a good idea or not.

We all know that SMW hacking has been progressing and progressing as the years pass so what do you think will be the next breakthrough?
I have always thought that implementing NGHE into Lunar Magic would be an awesome idea for sure and have it so that resizing a level would be just like resizing a window in windows!

You could make any level into a custom size!

Please FuSoYa do it!!!
I think that this is really cool and would be really fun, but DUDE my final exams are this coming week!

So I'm not a smw rom hacking expert yet, but I was thinking....

Wouldn't it be better and easier to just get the source code for Super Mario World and then edit that and then compile it so that it can run on a SNES?

I mean I know how hard and challenging rom hacking can be so why are we doing it the hard way? All we need is the source code and then making our game would be pretty much a piece of cake.

I don't think that I would mind even if it were something that was stolen from me as long as the ending result was something that was cool.


Say I created a very special custom boss which took a long time and that I didn't make it available as a resource for everyone to download. Then someone stole that boss from my hack and put it in their hack. As long as they used my boss in a cool and interesting way which was fun to play then I wouldn't have any problem with it. But credit should be due.

It's because hacking sounds cooler. duh
I for one would like to see a 4-player mode to Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Wouldn't that be freaking awesome if 4 of your friends could get together and shoot the hell out of all of the zombies in this game.

Anyway, I'd like to see something like that.
I have a hack that I've been keeping 100% secret from everyone here and I've been working on it for maybe a year or so. Anyway, my hack is basically almost a 100% puzzle hack.

Its kind of like super puzzle world in some ways, but its different. Its based around simple puzzles that you have to solve using the super mario world engine.

Some of the puzzles are kind of borrowed from other puzzles that have been thought up, but others are completely original that I've never seen anyone else do.

I don't know when I'm going to finish the hack, but anyway I thought that I would mention it here. :p

I was thinking...

Wouldn't it be cool to see a hack based off of the old Mario Bros. movie that everyone says was weird and strange?

Because the movie wasn't really based on the Mario Bros. game other than a few references, why not make a game (smw hack) that actually reflects the movie so that if the movie were based off of the hack then it would actually make sense.

So you could have some of the levels take place in a city type place with all that fungus in the background and have the koopas be giants and have flame throwers and cars and King Koopa looks like a real human and they have those rocket boots as a power up.

Basically adapt that old 90's movie into a game! Then it would actually make sense for once because then you always say "the movie got everything right, just look at the game if you don't believe me" and then all you do is show the person the hack. And then they would be like "oh, I get it. it all makes sense now"


I've been checking the updates for a while now.

Its good to see everyone is still working on this, and not just rushing it out half incomplete.

Keep it up everyone!

Sorry I kind of came here when the project was basically finished.

I do plan on doing like a test play on this and posting it.

We will see and I can't wait to give my feedback!!!

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Final Theory's Profile - Posts by Final Theory

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