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Okay, so I finally finally went on the net and bought one of those N-64 to USB devices.

I did this because I really wanted to play N-64 games such as Super Mario 64 with my original N-64 controller.

I'm currently using Project 64 version 1.6 and is this a good emulator used for playing and hacking games?

I want an emulator which can use the 4MB memory expansion, but I don't really know even if my current emulator uses it. Help?

Also when I set up my controller everything works fine but the analog joystick. For Super Mario 64, Mario will walk but not fast he will only walk slow even though I'm pushing the joystick all the way forward. What gives?!?!?!

And I had a special question too. Is there anyway to make (hardware wise) a memory expansion that is bigger than 4MB. Can't I just make a like 8MB memory expansion card and have games run on that? Is there a limit on how much extra memory you can cram into a N-64 machine?

Anyway. Thanks.

When I think of perfectionism in rom hacking I really what I really think the hacker is really just trying to achieve is outstanding quality.

I have seen some hacks which are very messy and sloppy.

Being a "perfectionist" means that you strive to make your edits the very best that they can be and going the extra mile to make things look and play nice.

Who really knows if you have designed the "perfect" level or not, but you do know when you have put in a lot of effort and when your happy with the final result.

Often when I play other people's hacks, I see things which I feel like editing right then and there just because I see a better way to go about things that the author may have not seen.

When you hack like this of course its going to take a longer time to design compared to a person who just carelessly puts stuff together, but the important part really is about quality over quantity.

I really think that rom hacking as well as video game designing is really an art.

So the way I see it, trying to achieve this perfectionism is really just trying to make things beautiful and nice and that is something which isn't necessarily easy to do and take a lot of work and time and skill.

This is a smart idea and I would like to see it in the hacks section.

With this system, if I want to play a puzzle hack then I could find them all pretty easily.

With the current system, I would have to try out the majority of the hacks here just to find this out.

So this classification system is a MUST!

I would also like to see a small SNES icon if the hack is playable on the real SNES hardware.

Also, I don't know if this was mentioned before, but what about a category for Joke Hacks or Glitched Graphics Hacks like Zeldaras Glitch City or the joke hack that FPI made.

If there were only around 20 SMW hacks then we wouldn't really need a system like this, but we now have over 600 hacks and the number just keeps on rising.

So I really think that this category system will definitely help people find the type of hacks that they are looking for.

And there needs to be a THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN meter like on youtube videos.

Please keep up the awesome work!

I love to see upgrades to emulators and such.

Even small improvements can make a BIG difference.

Hi, my name is Final Theory.

I have always wanted to create a SMW rom hack, yet honestly I've never made or finished one.

I've dabbled with Lunar Magic and a few tools hosted here at SMWC, but I admit I haven't mastered them yet.

But I do have several ideas for SMW rom hacks and one of my ideas for a SMW rom hack is Super Mario Logic!

Super Mario Logic is mainly a puzzle hack based off of the original rules in SMW.

Unlike some other puzzle hacks, the puzzles are short, simple and sweet with little to no backtracking involved.

The puzzles aim to try and get the player to think or to come up with creative solutions an order to beat the individual levels.

All of the puzzles are solvable and have a solution.

The reason for making a thread for this hack is to hopefully motivate me to actually complete it as well as get valuable feedback and possible help when I get stuck on something.

More details about the hack:

The game follows a similar structure to the original SMW game. There will be several worlds to beat in a certain order of increasing difficulty, but I want to make each world free roaming within that particular world.

For example. Say world 4 has 10 levels. Since these are puzzles I don't want the player to not be able to progress simply because they are just stuck on a single puzzle. So I would like to give them the ability so that they could try out ANY of the 10 levels available so that they don't get bored and frustrated if they can't beat one of them.

At the end of each world there is a boss stage or possibly just another puzzle depending on how this game goes as I design it.

To pass each world the player would be required to beat a certain percentage of the levels within that world. Since this game is based on puzzles sometimes people just can't figure a certain one out or aren't interested in it. So I don't want the player to have to beat all of the levels with a world to progress onto the next world. So I want to have it such that if a person completes 8 out of 10 levels or 7 out of 10 levels that would be good enough to move on to the next world.

In the early stages I want the hack to stick with purely vanilla puzzles, but as the player progresses I would also like to have other puzzles based on custom blocks and such from the SMWC site.

I also want to have a tutorial section on every world with a Toad explaining certain rules in SMW and how any custom blocks work. This way the player doesn't feel cheated and isn't really expected to have too much prior knowledge to be successful in the game.

Additional Information:

At the start of every level (puzzle) Mario always starts out as Small Mario and after the player beats a level or resets a level Mario is reset back to Small Mario regardless of what power ups the player obtained. So all power ups that are gained in a level are then automatically lost upon completion of that level. This also goes for coins too.

Every level can be reset by the player, but not by a reset door because that is inconvenient, but rather by pressing the L or R button or some other type of button combinations like Start and then Select. A player can restart a level or puzzle as many times as they choose.

Mario's lives will be infinite. Deaths and one ups mean nothing in this game. The whole purpose is to simply solve the puzzles AND there really shouldn't be any penalty for dying and losing a life in a game like this because often you need to be able to explore the puzzles and possibly die several time just by trying things out.

For some puzzles the Goal Sphere or end level block will end the level and will be surrounded by other blocks which require the player to have collected a certain displayed amount of coins before hand in order to pass. After the player has the appropriate number of coins and beats the level the coin counter resets. Coins in one level will not be available to use in another. This also goes for resetting a level too.

There will also be no clock that counts down and kills Mario when the time runs out. The player shouldn't be pressured or timed when trying to think of the solution and to solve the puzzle. What if it takes the player 30 minutes to figure it out? Why should the player be penalized for that? So infinite time!

Oh yeah, the best part about this game is that using save states doesn't really help much. How is saving your state going to solve the puzzle for you? It isn't.

I don't think I'm going to use the Bonus Star for anything in my game. So I guess it could have some other purpose like to indicate how many levels the player has beaten in a certain world.

I would also like to make the levels such that when looking at them on the overworld the player can easily tell which levels they have beaten and which ones they haven't. Since its free roaming, there are no paths to reveal and I want the player to be able to revisit older levels in which they have ready beaten. So I'm thinking about making the unbeaten levels a RED diamond and the beaten levels Yellow diamond.

I've been working on making these puzzles off and on for over a few years. I made a lot, but I only want my best ones in the hack. So far I have about 25 good solid levels. My goal is to have as many levels as the SMW rom will let me have which is limited to the number of levels to be able to be entered on the overworld. I need to double check that number.

It will most likely have vanilla graphics and vanilla music and vanilla overworld graphics with custom graphics for the custom blocks.

This is my first attempt at created a fun and enjoyable hack and I want it to be nice and professional looking.

Now I do have some screenshots of the puzzles, but the problem is that if I post them, then people will be solving the puzzles before the game is even released which kind of spoils the game. But its true that some levels can't really be solved just by looking at them so I might post some screens if enough people get interested. As far as I know, I've never really seen a hack like mine done here and so I kind of want to keep things a little secret.

I don't know. Sometimes I'd like to think that I'm pioneering something new here. :P

Feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcomed.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Most people probably would not be able to figure out what to do just from the screenshots, which will not show the whole level unless the whole level takes up only one screen.

It's funny that you said this Sokobansolver, because in my hack each level actually ONLY takes up a single screen!

I do this because I want the player to be able to see the whole puzzle!

I will probably post some screen shots later since I think not everyone will be able to figure them out... Hopefully.
[Update 08-27-13]

So I've been reluctant to post any screen shots simply because I didn't want to spoil anything, but I now see that hacks with screen shots get much more attention than those that don't.

So this is why I'm posting a few sneak peaks.

Each stage will only be a single screen. I prefer this while making puzzles because this way the player is able to see all the information that is available to solve the puzzle and it also eliminates backtracking and makes things less confusing overall.

So far the hack is almost entirely vanilla. The exceptions are custom blocks used.

In the pics the clear glass block is a placeholder for a custom block which will only let Mario pass if X amount of coins is obtained and the skull block is a placeholder for the question mark sphere which ends the level.

I also may need some help with certain things when they come up.

Also, quick reminder.

- Mario starts out small at the start of every level

- Mario has an infinite amount of lives

- There is an infinite amount of time

- There is an infinite amount of restarts in each level

- There will be many worlds in the entire game

- Each world will have 10 puzzles and any of them can be accessed

- Only after 7 out of 10 levels in each world are beaten you can then enter the next world (because anyone could just be stuck on a puzzle and not be able to beat it)

- All coins, yoshi's and power ups are lost after beating a level


I currently have 33 levels so far that I'm happy with and I plan on making the full 101 levels that are entered on from the over-world.

I will also possibly have a tutorial level in each world giving the player hints and such as they go along the way.

So I'm thinking about having around 90 levels and around 10-11 tutorial levels. Of course this could give or take some. I may have 95 levels and 6 tutorial levels.

And last, but not least since this is a puzzle game which requires thinking and less brute force so save-states really don't help much. ;)
[Update 9-3-2013]

For some strange reason I just had a burst of ideas and as a result I made a few more levels.

I now have around 44 nice solid levels that I'm happy with having in the final game.

As for the in game screen shot one, I would like to change the HUD to the following:

Change the number of lives Mario has to an infinity symbol

Removing the blue item box completely, I might not even use that feature at all in the entire hack so why have it there?

Either putting in an infinity symbol where the time is or just remove the time in the HUD altogether

Possibly remove the points counter as I don't think I will be using it

I'm also thinking about changing the bonus star counter to actually keep track of the total number of levels beaten. Every level beaten would increase the bonus star counter by one.

And... one last thing.

I need help figuring out how to edit the line guided paths that platforms can follow that are controlled by the ON/OFF block. It says to use SP4 or 5, but I don't even know were that is in Lunar Magic.

Here is the current story I'm going with.


Boswer orders Kamek, the evil magikoopa to cast a spell on the Mushroom Kingdom to cause havoc and disorder. The spell transforms the Mushroom Kingdom into a world of puzzles and imprisons all those who live there. Help Mario break Kamek’s spell by solving the puzzles an order to bring peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

I now have a total of 48 levels/puzzles that are completed.

I want to create as many levels as there are levels that can be entered from the over-world, but a few levels will be tutorial levels as well.

The over-world will probably be vanilla graphics and I might even keep the original music since the whole game is pretty much vanilla anyways.

I do want to add an original title screen and possibly cut scenes after the completion of each world as well as an ending. I also want these to look professional so I may even get someone from to draw the artwork needed. At least that's what I would like to do.

The game will progress from easy puzzles in the beginning levels to hard puzzles near the end. I've classified 5 types of difficulty in the puzzles and here they are:

Easy - Very intuitive and pretty much self explanatory.

Easy-Medium - Some thought is required, but it's still simple and easy.

Medium - A little challenging, but nothing that can't be figured out.

Medium-Hard - Pretty challenging, it might take a few tries to figure it out.

Hard - The hardest puzzles in the game, if you can beat these then you are an excellent puzzle solver!

Remember that Save States will NOT solve these puzzles for you! HAHAHA

And to answer your question, yes, those bullet bill blocks are actually placeholders for a custom green sphere block which will end the level and the blocks which surround it are custom coin blocks which requires a certain amount of coins an order to beat the level.

Here are some new screens.


I now have 61 levels for the game and I plan on getting up 90 with some levels left over for tutorial levels which would be the remaining 6 levels.

I think I'm going to make each world 10 levels long. This would give me a total of 9 worlds.

You only have to beat 7 of the 10 levels an order to go onto the next world.

There would also be two different endings. One where you simply just beat the game doing the minimum requirements and the other being that you beat every level!

And thank you to theraze2fan for telling me that there are a total of 96 levels enter-able from the over-world.


Is there anyway to overcome the 96 levels enterable from the over-world limitation?

I know that there are a ton of extra levels in the rom which weren't used.

How do people get around this limitation? Do you just enter the levels that you can't enter from the overworld from other levels?
Wow, everyday now I've been making new levels!

I'm now on level 64!

@Archie - Regarding the cement block boarders. I do plan on at least trying out different boarders made from different graphics other than the cement blocks. As of right now in the games development all I'm doing is simply designing the levels. Notice how lots of these levels are actually just the same level 105.

What I plan on doing is just using the various themes and backgrounds from a variety of the already made SMW levels so that the player doesn't just see the same background image over and over again like in lots of my screen shots.

@theraze2fan - The teleport block is a nice idea, but I'm actually preferring that the player actually falls down and hears that classic SMW death music! lol

Since the player already has an infinite amount of restarts and an infinite amount of lives I don't see any reason to put teleport blocks there. Also when you die it gives you the sense that you didn't get the puzzle right which I like.

As far as a demo, we will have to see when the time comes. I will probably let people beta test this game, but lots of work needs to be done first. I'm only at the stage of creating the ideas for the levels.

So here is the newest level so far.

And if Super Mario Logic is a vanilla hack then Super Mario Logic 2 would be beyond vanilla and would use tons of custom blocks and such from the SMWC site, but one game at a time right? :)
Well I made one more level today so the total I'm up to now is 65 levels. Now really that number is for possible levels, I may throw out one that I don't like later for may replace some if I get better ideas, but anyway that's the number I got going right now.

Now, on a side note. There are two custom blocks that I would really like to see made. I don't know if these have been done before, but I think they are good ideas.

The first one goes like this:

You hit the block from below or from the sides and then the block physically moves up one 16x16 space so that its now at a higher position. It could be a block which gives a coin every time you hit it or just be like a cement block.

You can see an example of the block from this video.

The other block you can think of it as like a chain reaction ice melting block. If you were to hit this block with a fireball then it would melt, but it doesn't just melt that block only, but it also melts any other ice blocks that were touching the original ice block. Also after a certain amount of time the blocks would reappear.

An example of this block could be seen from this video.

Well, I know that was a little off topic, but I seem to just loose track of my other threads so at least I know where I posted this.

Also I don't know if there blocks would be used in Super Mario Logic, but most surely in Super Mario Logic 2, but again one game at a time!
Just recently I made the 66th level for the hack and here it is.

And I have a question for anyone out there.

I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing a horizontal rope which acts like a conveyer belt. It will move Mario forwards or backwards depending on how the rope is moving, but the odd thing is that I can't seem to find these tiles or blocks.

Did the original SMW have these conveyer like ropes and where can I find them in Lunar Magic?

Well I'm now up to level 73 now. Because these levels are small and short I can come up with ideas and get them made fairly quickly.

Here is another screen.

And thank you guys for pointed out the cut off on the ropes. I honestly never even saw that.

So how do I fix this? Can I make a special cement block that has that missing rope piece on it? I know clouds will work, but I prefer the look of the ropes.

I'm also thinking about those tutorial levels. Really those levels would most likely have a Toad with a cut-scene which gives hints and tips for the levels in each world an order to help the player out a little bit.

So I'm thinking since I'm limited to only 95-96 levels I want to maximize the number of levels that I can have so why not substitute the tutorial levels for a cut-scene that starts before the first level of each world which of course can be skipped if the player didn't want to read it just like in SMWCP1.

This way I don't have to waste any levels! :D
Here is one which is just awesome. I made it earlier today. If you think those are just normal pipes then think again.

These are the pipes which rise up and down depending on Mario's proximity to them.

So basically you have to hope from pipe to pipe while at the same time avoiding falling down or getting crushed against the ceiling.

And some of these puzzles are really kind of like mini-games too.


I have something to ask.

Okay, so I'm making a puzzle hack. I've been on youtube and saw some other puzzles hacks such as Super Puzzle World and such, but oddly a lot of these hack are not hosted here.

Is there a list of puzzle hacks anywhere?

Here is the newest level that I've made. The 77th level that I've designed for this game.

I've also started naming these levels too since I know that you kind of have to name them in the game as well.

I could just name the levels as puzzle1, puzzle2 and so on, but that is lame and boring.

So the name of this level is called Stepping Stones.

And I was afraid at first to release pictures, but since I'm not telling what is inside any of these question mark blocks I'm willing to say that I'm not totally spoiling anything so far.

I did have a few levels which were based on glitches and was even thinking about having a single world which had puzzles where the player had to use glitches, but I think I'm reconsidering.

Isn't it against the guidelines to submit a hack here that has glitches in it?

Just for the record, this hack does not require the use of any tools an order to beat any of the levels.

I've seen a lot of smw puzzles hacks on youtube, but you have to use tools an order to complete anything in those games.

I want this game to be fun. All of the levels and puzzles that I've made I personally can beat on my own without the use of any tools or enhancements.

Hmmm... what else?

I think I'm going to use the pipes or stars an order to connect the various worlds (sections of the over-world) together as kind of like a quick warp thing so that you don't have to travel down all of the various paths if your on world 9 and want to go back to world 1.

I need to think if the game will have a 2 player mode or not. Isn't the 2 player mode on SMW more like a 1 player mode only you take turns with the other person?

Even though the hack is vanilla I'm considering putting in extra graphics for the over-world to spice it up.

Also I'm just wondering about this. When I actually build all of these levels in the final rom I'm wondering if I should delete all the other levels that are not in the game or to just keep them there.

Is this the norm for most hacks? When you make a hack and don't use some levels that are the default SMW levels do you just leave them in the game or do you delete them? The player never seems them anyway unless they open up the game with Lunar Magic.

And I want to make this hack so that you can restart any level at will. I'm pretty sure that I will have it so that you can always exit a level by pressing start then select even if you haven't beaten it yet, but I'm thinking about what button to assign a restart command to. I could use the R and L buttons as restart buttons or possibly just the select button. I know a lot of hacks use reset doors, but I don't think that fits the game so I want to make an actual reset button on the controller so that anyone can reset the level at any given time with ease.

Anyway, that's all of now. I will try and keep posting updates until this project is finished.
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Final Theory's Profile - Posts by Final Theory

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