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Okay. So I've talked about how I've been having trouble editing the line guided on/off tiles thing and I hope that this pic will explain what I need help in.

What I want to have happen here is that when the player hits the on/off block the two separate line guides then become connected and thus become one.

The problem I'm having is that the line guides that appear when you press the on/off switch... well... where are they? In other words how do I connect or bridge these two line guides so that they connect to each other when you press the on/off switch.

I hope I explained this well enough for anyone reading to understand.

Actually I've been thinking about making something like this.

What if you took all of the levels in the SMW rom and just connected them with pipes, warps and so on to make just one huge level?

Since there is only a finite amount of levels in the SMW rom then you could actually make the longest level and then nobody could ever make a longer level than you did!

And technically you could make a level infinitely long. All you have to do is make a level and then at the end of the level you get warped back to the beginning of the level.

So you just play the same level over and over in an infinite loop! LOL

So the longest level would actually be an infinite loop level which never ends! Haha
And you could always reduce the speed of the bus too.

Make the speed as slow as you physically possibly can and then see how long it will take.

It would take so long that nobody would ever finish it and it would set a record for the longest time to take to beat a SMW hack.
Any word on how to edit those line guided paths that mentioned in my last post?

I know how to make a line guided path, but I don't know for example how to make a path appear from nothing after the ON/OFF switch is pressed.

Anyway, I now have a total of 82 levels that I've made for this game so far. I'm going to have to make a list soon of all of the various tasks that I need to accomplish an order to make this hack a reality.

I still need to do the following:

- Create an over-world

- Create the title screen

- Make cut scenes

- Make ending screens

- ASM stuff like having Mario's coin counter reset after each level

- Decide which levels go where on the over-world in increasing order of difficulty

and much more.

One idea I had recently was to add a pop up message after the completion of each level which says randomly one of the following:

- Fantastic!
- Nice Work!
- Well Done!
- Excellent!
- Great Job!
- Outstanding!

And when the message is displayed it makes the 1-up sound effect! It's just a positive message to help motivate the player really.

Here is one of the most recent levels that I've made. Those clear windows blocks are place holders for blocks which will have numbers printed on them which will only allow Mario to pass if he has that number of coins. The skull blocks will actually be replaced with the goal sphere and will end the level however I'm keeping the number of coins you need to beat this level a secret!!! Hahahaha :)

You will have to play the actual game to know what you need to do an order to beat it.

The interesting thing here is that this level looks so simplistic, but its actually an awesome level. There is one thing that came up though and its that I need to edit that mega mole such that it will not hurt Mario at all.

Does anyone know if this is an easy task or not? All I need to do is edit the mega mole and make it not hurt Mario. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

I thought about this a while ago and just want to see what people thing about it.

We all know that SMW is a 2-D side scrolling plat-former, but is there anyway that we can turn it into something more like a RPG with an overhead view like Zelda 3?

Well I think I found a way or at least its a thought and I don't know if anyone has every thought about this before or came up with a RPG style hack before but here goes...

So you know those vines or like in the castle the fence that you can climb on, well now pretend that the fence/vines are now actually floor tiles! Yes, floor tiles.

Climbing up the fence is now going to be walking up (north), climbing down the fence is now going to be walking down (south), climbing right is now walking right (east), and climbing left is now walking left (west).

Basically, change the graphics such that climbing a fence is now walking on like a over-world map like in Zelda 3 or any other over view style game.

This could open up tons of possibilities for future hacks.

Had no idea someone already did this. Props to WYE.

The main reason why I think its a good idea to do this to SMW instead of lets say Zelda is because of Lunar Magic.

As far as I know, it seems that Lunar Magic is probably one of the most powerful snes rom editors alive.

Sure, Zelda 3 has an editor and its called Hyrule Magic, but really its not that great.

When you make an overworld with that editor you have to construct it out of 32x32 sized blocks, yeah.... that means that you can't edit the overwold by a 16x16 block at a time.

Also Zelda 3 hacking is far behind that of SMW. In SMW you are easily able to insert tons and tons of extra graphics. Not as easy with Zelda 3.

So that's why I'm thinking just use Lunar Magic and SMW for pretty much any type of game you want to make.

I now have 91 levels for this hack. I'm actually a little scared because its like I'm getting closer to finishing this up, but actually I think I'm just going to keep on designing even after I reach 95-96 levels because I believe that some of my earlier levels could be replaced with better ones.

I'm actually pretty happy with how everything is coming so far design wise in this hack. It's always a good sign when you are happy with your own work. :)

theraze2fan - thanks for telling me about the on/off option in lunar magic, I knew it was there, but overlooked it before.

I also see that there are two tiles which change when the on/off switch is pressed. I'm still working on this and all I really need to do is change the blank tile into a straight line guided tile and then when the switch is pressed turn it into a curved line guided tile. So its a work in progress that needs to be addressed.

JackTheSpades - thanks for the code, when I finally tackle this line guided situation I will be checking out this code to see if it solves my problem.

I also think that I want custom music for the title screen and the overworld even though the music in the levels will be vanilla.

By making this hack not only am I trying to puzzle-fy SMW, but also I'm trying to capture the essence of SMW as well.

So here are some more screen shots!!!

Don't worry the munchers will be flipped in the final version. ;)

Also if anyone is wondering why I have those cement blocks on the top of the level boarders. Those are there simply so I can place things in a level and know that they are centered and to see the symmetry in a level easily.

Oh, and I forgot to say that this hack is going to be awesome! Trust me!!!
For me what is satisfying is doing something that is challenging yet at the same time is fair.
So for some reason I'm just fascinated with SMW hacking.

So far I haven't really done anything or contributed anything in this community thus so far, but possibly in the future I would like to accomplish some things.

One of the things I would like to do is to go though pretty much the entire NES and SNES and SEGA Genesis libraries as well as tons of other games and just look for certain sprites and blocks that simply haven't been coded for SMW, yet would fit will with SMW.

Like for example, those diagonal slanting square blocks in Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone, yeah I would like to code that for SMW.

And like in Castlevania where you can use a whip and whip a torch or a block and the block will disappear and an item will fall directly down onto the floor.

And like in Shockwave, an NES puzzle game where if you shoot a brick and all of the other bricks will fly off of that original brick, but the original brick you shoot doesn't move.

Basally just go through all of the older games that have been made and pick out certain weapons, sprites, blocks and power-ups and just convert them over to SMW.

This way you could use Lunar Magic to make pretty much any game that you want! Make 2-D platformers, scrolling shooting games, overhead RPG sytle games, ANYTHING game you want!

Since there are so many tools and resources for SMW why not?
I've been looking at a lot of hacks and specially blocks lately and I find it pretty cumbersome to actually click on each link then read the description and check out the screen shots ect and then have to click back an order to have to click on the next block if say I'm going down the list looking at 30 blocks or so.

I think it would be much easier if there was just a next button on one of the block pages so that you don't have to click back to look at the next block.

And it would be perfect if each block had a youtube video demonstration.

Also I really think that SMWC needs a search bar to make looking up specific things easier too.
So I don't know ASM yet, but I kind of do because I know just programming in general.

Would could be useful to me is to see an ASM flowchart of someones code. Does anyone have one or know where there is one?

For example it look like to me as if the BNE statement is like a if else statement.

And is there a list that explains what a lot of these opcodes do?

So once I know what the opcodes do then I've gotten half way there. The other thing I need to know how to do is figure out the values that come after the opcodes.

For example. Here is some code from someones custom block.

LDA $DC2 ;if player have a cape in item box
CMP #$04

So I need to know how to look up the values $DC2 and #$04. Do I use that ram or rom map that is listed here.

I've been reading the ASM for come custom blocks and I can follow the logic pretty much with no problems.

I'm pretty good with the logic and psudocode, I just need to figure out how to implement the code once the logic is in place. :)

I've been wanting very very badly to know how to code stuff and most recently I've been wanting to code custom blocks!!!

Thank you guys very much!!!


I just looked for those values $DC2 and #$04 in the ram and rom to try and find them.

The code that I'm looking at is this: Its the better anti cape block code


So did find one of them in the ram, by doing a Ctrl f text search. Is that the best way to do it.

And I think I found it.

So yeah. I'm trying here.

Mod edit: Removed table stretch.
I had to actually take some important exams at school and so I missed the workshops. :( Taking GRE exams!

And I think I found what I was supposed to be looking for

$7E:0DC2 1 byte Player Item in current player's item box. #$00 = None; #$01 = Mushroom; #$02 = Fire Flower; #$03 = Star; #$04 = Feather.

So that DC2 is really an address in RAM!

^Jack, the strangest thing, just yesterday I was playing a game where the blocks disappeared after you jump off of them and guess what? You just coded this just recently!!! What a coincidence.

Thanks for your post.
I thought that I might influence a new trend here. Looks good so far. :)

I've reevaluated my levels for this game and this is what I have.

I do have 92 levels that I've made so far, but now looking back there are a few that I will probably drop because of their quality.

Some of those designs seem to just lack the creativity that the other levels have so there is a high chance they will be replaced.

Of these 92 levels I see 6 or so that will dropped and replaced with better puzzles and actually that's not too bad when you consider how many levels I've made.

I'm trying to make the puzzles/levels pretty varied and unique an order to avoid redundancy and keep the players spunky and on their toes. I'm trying to use a lot of the various aspects in SMW an order to create a variety of themes too. There will be water levels, castle levels, ghost house levels, grassy plains levels and so on.

Even though I may have quite a few levels I'm going for quality above all else! An order for me to put a level/puzzle in the final game I have to like it and it has to meet my level of approval. :)

So I guess that puts me back to around 86 levels as for now and I will still continue to make more an order to max out the over-world level entrance number of 95-96.

Among these levels are actually around 4-5 levels which I haven't even really made yet, but I have an idea of what I want them to be like.

For instance, I want to make a puzzle with an on/off switch with a layer 2 background where the ceiling drops down and you have to hit the switch to make it go back up again. Even though I haven't sketched out the fine details of this level yet, I know the basic design and so I've counted it as a level in my Level Folder, yes I have a folder which has all of the levels in it for my reference and they exists as screenshots.

I'm also debating on whether or not I will use an intro screen level with Mario doing a puzzle demonstrating to player an example of how to play the game. This is that pre-programmed cut scene that normally plays at the beginning of the regular SMW game which you can edit in Lunar Magic.

Here is a nifty table that I've compiled an order to help me know how many custom blocks I will have to create for the passage of coins regarding Mario's coin counter.

On many levels Mario will only be able to pass the level and get to the goal sphere if he has a certain number of coins. There are some levels where he doesn't need any coins at all, but instead needs a mushroom or some other power-up. In this table I've highlighted all of the numbers so far which Mario will have to have in his coin counter to pass the levels. This helps me since in the design process since now I don't have to create 99 custom blocks to only later find out that I didn't even need half of them.

I'm thinking about having custom music for the title screen and the over-world, yet keeping the music vanilla in the levels since the graphics and puzzles will be vanilla too.

For the over-worlds, I'm actually thinking that instead of using the regular SMW over-world graphics and just creating a new over-world with them to actually have a custom over-world.

I would like to have a custom drawn collage image featuring various SMW characters and themes. So Mario would be walking on like an image going to the various levels rather than walking on actual land like in the original game. I would like to possibly get someone from to do this artwork. Hopefully it wouldn't cost too much, but I'm really wanting to make a quality rom hack here on a professional level.

The screens that would have to be drawn would be:

- Title Screen
- Ending Screen
- Story Screens
- Over-world Screens

I'm thinking about making a automatic save prompt at the completion of every level.

I've considered bosses at the end of each world and now I think I just not going to have them at all. Each world will consist of just a certain amount of puzzles, that's all.

Here is one of the most recent levels that I've put together. This one is actually considerably hard and will probably be in the final world. I'm also not reveling any of the coin requirements for each level nor reveling what's in any of the questions mark boxes to avoid spoilers. That's what the final release or the beta testing/demo release is for!

You can see that the level seems to appear a little off center to the right and this is the explanation. That sea urchin should be centered in the level, but the sea urchin is X coordinate dependent. It alternates from being vertical to horizontal depending on its X value. These are some of the small things that will need to be adjusted in the final version. I would need a vertical sea urchin in a spot where it normally would be horizontal.

Please excuse the poor editing at the top of the level as this will be fixed in the final version. Basically what I'm currently doing is coming up with ideas and creating them quickly in Lunar Magic an order to make sure everything works the way I want it to and then actually doing a print screen and saving the levels as screenshots in a folder with an explanation of how everything works.

Hopefully this also explains a lot of the cut off you see in the levels too. At this stage in development I'm just creating mockups of the levels. All of the fine polishing will come later, but I do like knowing when cutoff happens because I would have missed some of it if it had not been for people pointing it out. :)

So this game actually doesn't have it's own rom yet. The current rom that I'm using to build these in is just there for practice. Thankfully since my levels are only a single screen I can re-create these very quickly.

I appreciate all of the support from everyone so far. As for a demo release, hopefully you can see at what stage in the games development it is currently in and realize that there is no possible demo yet. There is much more to be done first.

I do plan on actually making this a completed game so do look forward to that in the future. This is actually my very first hack and although it's pretty ambitious I'm pretty confident that it will work out. Especially when there are SMW hacking experts here willing to give good advice.

Also I'm probably going to be pretty busy with school for a while, but I'll try and keep posting as new news comes up.

I think I just came up with a pretty neat idea.

You know how in NSMB Wii Mario is a 3-D character, but the game is in 2-D as Mario can only go forwards and backwards.

Well, what if you changed the camera system such that it locked on Mario and didn't fly all over the place like it normally does. Then restrict Mario's movement such that he can only go left and right.

Now you have a 2-D Mario side scrolling platform game, but best of all its in 3-D with the original SM64 engine!

So how would levels work? Well since you are restricting Mario's movements to 2-D that means that a large part of the space in the original level would be unused, but you could work around that.

So you could have a level where Mario simply just runs from the left of a level to the right of a level and that's it. The level length would just be as long as the length of the original level, but don't forget about height!

Mario may only be able to move back and forth, but he can also go up and down too. Which means that there could be many floors to your level that Mario could explore on.

You would also have to change many of the enemies so that they too would be restricted to only moving in two dimensions instead of three.

I personally would LOVE to see a 2-D plat-former level where I play the game just like how you would play Super Mario World, but with these awesome 3-D graphics with the SM64 engine!

What do you guys think?
Originally posted by Skelux
Contrary to what others are saying, this would be pretty simple, assuming that what you want done is essentially just this:
-Prevent camera from rotating around Mario
-Limit player and enemy movement to two axis

If this is all, I could probably pump something out in 20 minutes. Enemies might be a little trickier, but you may be able to get those working by adjusting the behavior of the randomizer.

Yes, pretty much just this.

Mario would only be able to go left and right just like in a 2-D platform game such as SMW. Mario would also be able to go up and down too, but not with the D-pad of course. Up and down would be for jumping, falling, climbing, wall jumping.

Most enemies would also have to be made such that they can only travel left and right as well.

Enemies like the sleeping piranha plant, blue thwomp, monty mole would not have to be changed at all since they don't have any walking movement.

Enemies like Amp, the silver electrified ball that moves in a circle that will fry you if you come into contact with it don't have to be restricted to moving only left and right either. The fact that they travel in a circle actually only makes the 2-D yet 3-D effect even cooler!

Bullet Bills could be restricted to only moving left and right like in SMW, but they also could be restricted to moving only in and out of the page (towards the camera and away from the camera) so that Mario would be jumping over the sides of them if that makes sense. And then of course you could not restrict them at all and have the Bullet Bill flying freely around at you while you try and dodge it while being restricted to only left and right movement. Tons of possibilities.

Chain Chomp wouldn't have to be changed as well. It could be moving around in 3-D while it can't detect Mario and since its attack depends on Mario's position it would only attack in 2-D so it would be like another 2D-3D effect.

This would only work though if Chin Chomp were on the same path as Mario or same axis. You could then place Chain Chomp off Mario's path for angled attacks from it.

It would be just awesome to be able to experience enemies and situations that you normally see in 3-D and then see them in 2-D.

Just think if you could fight Bowser as a 2-D battle, but once you grab his tail then you could trow him him 3-D. I don't know if that's possible, but that would be outstanding.

Plus implementing an idea like this opens up huge possibilities in SM64 hacking. You could have a 2-D game or a 3-D game or maybe a mix of both.

I'm even wondering if something like the effect stated in this thread that is in Super Mairo Galaxy 2 in this level.

In that video you can see Mario exploring in a 2-D level, yet at certain special parts it then goes into 3-D. The level even rotates when Mario comes to a corner in the level. I don't know how advanced that would be to program in, but the effect is priceless.

I don't have any coding experience with SM64 so that's why I'm basically just stating the idea here. Would be pretty cool to see happen though.
I had to post this quick update after making this latest level posted below.

You know, sometimes its not about how many screens you have in a level or how many sprites or how many gimmicks. What matters at the end of the day is how fun the level is and this level that I just made is indeed a BLAST!

It's funny because this is the first and only level so far that I've made which has piranha plants in it. Piranha plants are so ironic to Super Mario games that I had to have some of them in my game, but for the longest time I couldn't come up with a level for them.

Only now, during pretty much the final stages of level creation I finally came up with one.

Since these piranha plants only come out if Mario is far away from them. You the player have to maneuver Mario in such a way so that all of the 4 plants come out at the same time all while hitting the silver p-switch an order to turn them into coins to pass the level.

I've personally tested this and love it! Sometimes its simple and you can get the plants in no time and at other times the plants just won't cooperate with you and it becomes hilarious.
Alessio I have to tell you something...

Your Super Mario 64 level and texture work is absolutely outstanding!

This is honestly some of the best creations I've ever seen.

This is top quality and I love it.

This is what I think of when I think of a SM 64 hack.

Your work is seriously a work of art!

Keep it up. This is jaw dropping fantastic!!!!!
I want to talk and discuss lots of things regarding SMW hacking and I want to do it on my own thread. :P

I wanted to talk about here is about having shops in SMW hacks. Yes, the good ones and the bad ones.

Here is an example of a typical shop.

The problem I have with this is that I just feel that having both a block and then an actual image of that power up above that corresponding block is just extra clutter.

Here is the shop layout from the one in SMWCP, a big name hack.

The problem with this shop is that an order to know what each block has in it you have to hit a message block first. So the contents and the prices aren't even listed out in the open so the player has to work for them.

I often forget which block does what or never know if I have enough coins to buy something because I have forgotten the prices so I have to constantly hit that same message box over and over again.

So what's the solution???

Well, a personal goal of mine is to actually go though tons of old games in order to look for cool ideas, special blocks and other neat stuff that hasn't been implemented by the SMWC community yet.

So while watching a long play of Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Master System (sega) I could not help but notice how they set up their shop.

So what's good about their shop? First the items and prices are listed out in the open so that you don't need to hit a message box to know what and how much everything is.

Secondly is that there is not a block and then an image of the sprite of what's in that block above it eliminated clutter.

So how does this shop work? Simple! All you have to do is jump up and grab the item that you want! When you jump up to get the item the coins are automatically deducted and you get the item. Wow! Awesome!

So how could this be implemented in SMW? All you would have to do is make some special sprites.

For example, if you want a Mushroom in your shop you would create a special Mushroom sprite which deducts 30 coins or whatever amount that you want the Mushroom to cost and use that special sprite only in your shops and not in your levels. You would do this for all other items in the shop too.

If you wanted to have the item go directly into your item box then just program that into the sprite too.

So what I'm saying here is that I think a good shop could be molded after the one in the Alex Kid game.

Use custom sprites NOT blocks and just place them in your shop and make sure that you list the prices above or below the sprite so that people can clearly see how much it cost.

The first two shops I talked about feel awkward and cumbersome. A good shop should be intuitive like the third one I mentioned.

What do you think? I think its a good idea and I haven't seen a shop like this so far.
Okay how about this.

Make a custom block with the graphics of a mushroom on it.

When Mario touches the block from any side (not just from below) he gains the power up of the mushroom.

Once this happens then the block disappears.

So its like you are making a block act like a sprite.

Also I understand that custom sprites take up a valuable slot, but aren't there plenty of them available.

I mean, I betting that most people don't use every custom sprite slot in their hack.
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