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So what is a ballpark percentage on the game?

70% done
80% done
90% done

I know it has to be pretty close to being done.

Also how does one loose a PC? Like if its a laptop then someone can steal it, but a big PC tower?

And I personally have a main laptop, but also some older backup laptops. I always have more than one PC around just in case I need it. Computers are wonderful.
I must say that the collectable on off blocks are brilliant. They remind me of the skull mine cart level in DKC2 SNES where you have those green and red barrels.

but the fire flames, can't you spin jump off of those in the original game? If so then I would keep that consistent with a custom version.
Replace all normal goals with the "goal sphere orb" and hide the orb in every level in a neat place that is different than where it currently is.

So normally you just have to get to the end of a level and get the normal exit, but now you have to find the orb and the orb can be anywhere in the level. Do this for every playable level that has a normal exit.

Use the goal sphere in the levels mentioned above even if the orb doesn't use the proper graphics.
I use ZMZ emulator and an SD2SNES flash cart.

The ZMZ emulator is light weight and easy to use. The SD2SNES flash cart was about $200 but you get to play on real hardware and that was worth it for me. I got mine at

Also if you play on your computer get a SNES controller to usb adapter. I got a Tommee brand one and I love it.

Some people even use a Mister which is an FPGA device. Do a youtube search for Mister and Smoke Monster and check it out.
Follow these rules in hopes to make a successful hack!

1) Have a plan and idea of what your rom hack will look like
2) Plan it all out on paper before you actually make it
3) Don't make the game too ambitious
4) When you decide to actually do it, make sure you are committed all the way.
5) Make backups constantly while working on the rom so you can revert back to a stable build if you mess something up
Dude your ASM and coding knowledge and abilities are amazing!!!
But what is an easy way to host music? Like can you supply the link to the music download on your hack page. It seems like the website needs an update for msu-1 music hacks now.

Like when you have a msu-1 music hack then there needs to be a link to the music download.
Looks really cool and awesome!
I swear that when I watched the youtube video that it was Christmas.
One of the better SMK hacks I've seen. The rainbow road track looks well designed. It's hard to design good tracks sometimes.

I've thought about making my own SMK hack but where is the SMK hacking community?

Is there a download for this? Has it been released yet?
I just want to say, THANK YOU for all the positive support and comments.

I've never really been a big comic book reader myself. I've never been that person who reads comics and is into comics.

But, I'm really big in creating new and original characters and after you create a character you usually want to make up a story for the character and then you usually pick your story telling medium to tell this story in and comics seems to be a go to for creators.

Look at the Ninja Turtles, they started out as a comic, but then branched out as a cartoon, action figures, video games and a live action film.

Almost reminds me of the Engineers from Prometheus.

I remember seeing the Prometheus movie and kind of understanding the story and yeah, I kind of saw the same connection there too, although unintentional.

Adamas VS Goku Death Battle when?

Anytime you want it to happen! Actually its all about how popular the character is. There is this character One Punch Man who just started out as a poorly drawn webcomic but then shot up to super stardom fame when it got popular. Also the problem I have with Goku is that he just keeps getting stronger and stronger. There is no limit to his powers.

But would you rather fight a duck-sized Adamas or an Adamas-sized duck?

Okay, I looked into my old hacking download files and found an older build of your game What a Blast.

I made a patch for it (untested) open it up in lunar magic after you repatched it with SMW and see if you can't start from an older stable build.

Also you can always just finish what you currently have. You don't have to go crazy and make it super ambitious to the point that its too hard to complete.

All I'm saying is give it another shot man.

I used to use Hyrule Magic in the past and that program is notorious for messing up your rom so Zelda 3 hackers know that you have to make lots of backups. So when I did my SMW hack I made backups everyday that I worked on the project. For my SMW hack I have 170 backup copies of the rom to be exact.

All I did was create a folder named "backups" and just copied the pasted my latest rom in here. Windows automatically renamed them for me because I said yes keep the copy of the file even though the name is the same.
What is the name of the editor used for smb3 hacking? Is there a active community that does smb3 hacks?

Funny how SMWC does SMW and SM64 and SMW2 but not any other mario hacks?
What powers does your character have if you've though of any so far? Can he get stronger? Weaker? Or is he just set and where at if so?

Since this is fiction you can really do whatever you want or whatever the plot requires if your lazy lol.

But seriously, the reason he is a god is because there is no other explanation I could give him. He can't be a human because he is made of pure diamond and is not human. Even a character made of diamond is still not possible because you need like a brain and such to think so the character is truthfully not possible in our universe. This is why I'm calling him supernatural because it really cannot be explained using regular logic.

He is pretty darn strong. Strong enough that no human could ever win in a one on one tug-of-war match. I would say that a good tug-of-war match would be with Godzilla (the kind of monsters). I like the idea of him going into battle and loosing to a very strong opponent only to walk away and figure out a different strategy and then come back ever stronger.

Like you can lose in a match and still not get any stronger but figure out what went wrong and then come back with a different battle plan and win.

I also like the idea of him discovering new powers of his. Like for example, he has the ability to create energy blasts from his hands, but he didn't know that at first, he had to discover that he could do this.

So over time he learns more about himself and more about his own powers. As he learns new powers he thus becomes "more powerful".

Also eventually he will die of old age. Apparently diamonds degrade to graphite after so many billions of years so when he gets to be really old he will turn into pencil lead. LOL. But he can always be rejuvenated with actual diamonds and come back to life. So it makes for good story telling when you can kill a character and bring him back and such.
Can anyone help me with some of these ASM problems. I'm kind of just blank on what I need to do.

I will soon download this and check it out.

All I want is the problems fixed in my existing code. The existing code has strafing with L and R buttons.
You can play my hack Super Mario Logic which is supposed to be puzzle based although some people say its a mechanic hack.
Here is the youtube video.

Apparently there have been some big leaks and such and you might want to check it out. There are early versions of the smw overworld and yoshi.

Pretty interesting.
I was thinking that some people would be able to get use out of the source code leaks because then people can look at how Nintendo coded the various SNES games.

This should help out homebrew and such. Plus if you wanted to expand upon the game it should be easier hopefully than making a rom hack?

Funny how people leak stuff. LOL

Like you work for a company and such and you save all their files and then years later you just release them on the internet. HAHAHAHAH

But it's excellent for preservation because Nintendo themselves may actually lose this information one day, but if its on the internet then it will never be lost.

The internet is the best place to store stuff, because it will always be there.
Looks like a really cool and interesting hack. I'll keep an eye on this.
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Final Theory's Profile - Posts by Final Theory

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