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Posts by Bruno Visnadi
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Originally posted by Randomiser
The download link is at the creator's upload page on Skydrive.
It's listed as "Super Mario World by TAKE 3.ips," if there's any doubt.
I've only played the first level so far.

I can`t play it, why isn't it in SMC? My emulador doesn't understand IPS.
Originally posted by Archie
You have to patch it using Lunar IPS (or Floating IPS). To patch anything to your ROM with Lunar IPS, if you don't have it and preffer it instead, enter Lunar Magic, go to a clean rom and go to File -> Restore, and click on "Apply IPS file to this ROM". Of course, drag the IPS to any folder and choose it to patch your ROM.

I don't know why, but it isn't working. Isn't there a place to download the SMC ROM?
Useless - If you hit the goal point right after clearing a level by killing a Koopa Kid, the bonus stars will be count and added, but even if it reaches 100 bonus stars there'll be no bonus game.
Found by Switchpalacecorner:
Jumping on a Lakitu that's not on its cloud will set to 31 the value of the stun timer of the sprite that is on slot 0.

Also, cape-spinning a Lakitu won't stun the sprite that's on slot 9, it will only set its stun timer value to 31 as well.
Originally posted by Thomas

Additionally, if the Lakitu spawns without its cloud, killing that Lakitu through any method will cause the sprite in slot 0 to have its stun timer set to 31.

Actually you have to jump or spin jump on him. Killing him with the cape will change the stun timer of the sprite in slot 9 instead, and killing him with an item won't change any stun timer.
About the glitches that need more information to be added:

To spin jumping out of a Lakitu cloud you just have to press A and B at the same frame.

The 'Feeding Baby Yoshi From Distance' glitch happens when the throw block is in slot 2, and the baby Yoshi is in an higher slot and about 256 pixels away from it. It only works if the baby Yoshi is in screen 1 and the throw block in screen 0, apparently.
Fishes out of the water can clip thought walls, which makes them to jump many times inside the wall and go up fast, or to jump out of the wall. This happens rarely, and I have no idea what causes it.
Originally posted by Thomas
Additionally, if the Lakitu spawns without its cloud, killing that Lakitu by jumping on it will cause the sprite in slot 0 to have its stun timer set to 31.

There's another thing that I didn't know when I mentioned this glitch. If lakitu's cloud has already spawned before, and then you kill lakitu and make him to spawn without his cloud, jumping on him will set 31 to the stun timer of the slot that the cloud was before. It will be slot 0 only if the cloud has never spawned in the level.
It seems that, if the 'bob-ombs and goombas in a bubble' generator is active for a long time, it starts spawning fishes in bubbles as well.
If you eat cancel a sprite in a way that Yoshi's tongue only touches it for 1 frame and then Yoshi's get hurt (so that the sprite isn't warped to the center of the tongue), it won't get the proprieties of a canceled sprite, but it will still be in Yoshi's mouth, which means Yoshi can't be hurt by it.
While you don't spit out Yoshi's tongue, if you despawn this sprite and another sprite is spawned in the same slot, then this new sprite can't hurt Yoshi.
I know I'm not very active in the hacking community. Today, on Discord, some people suggested me to request to become a pit mod, because of this sad situation about the pit hacks. I am a TASer and I have experience with pit hacks, so I am willing to help with that. So, I would like to know if the administrator or responsible by the moderators agree in accepting a new pit mod, so that SMWCentral can accept pit hacks again.
People are still plying and making pit hacks; They're just not the same people from before. A short one was even released today, thought it's too 'cliche' imo:
Hack Moderation Log - Bruno Visnadi

Total hacks moderated: 10
Accepted hacks: 7
ColonThree by HoorayForJay, ShadowDragon121 (17/01/19)
My little Puzzles 2 - The Continents of Knowledge by Chosentw0, Leiras (17/01/16)
ColonThree by HoorayForJay, ShadowDragon121 (17/01/19)
Extreme One-Screen Puzzle by MasterKastylinos222 (17/02/07)
Biob's Challenge by TheBiob (17/03/02)
Precise Perfection by HoorayForJay (17/04/14)
The Worlds Longest Shelljump by HoorayForJay (17/04/29)
The Pit Level 2 by IgorS777 (17/07/23)

Rejected hacks: 3
Pit of Ignjatovic by Super Stiviboy (17/1/31)
Painful - The Pit by DarkGuii (17/03/23)
Luigi's Pit by TheGamerDani, TheGamerLand (17/07/09)
A Super Mario World TAS Competition is being organized in the SMW Discord Server, and I'm inviting you all to participate! There was something similar that used to happen here at SMWCentral, so you may be familiar with it!
The first task we thought of (and it was published just now on Discord :), so nobody has an 'advantage' on it) is the following:
Enter Vanilla Dome 3 with small Mario, empty item box, and without Yoshi. Kill every enemy in the main room, and beat the level. You will have to kill the blarggs too! The only way to do it is with a cape slide. It's not allowed to get Yoshi from the block that exists in the level. You can kill the enemies with any method you want. To be sure it died, just check if it can't spawn anymore.

The movie must start when entering VD3, and end aiming for shortest input time. You can submit it until 01/20 23:59 GMT. Post your movie files here in this thread, or in the Discord server made for this competition:

Emulators allowed: lsnes, Bizhawk and Snes9x 1.5.

I apologize if you think that this isn't organized very well, it's the first challenge we made. In the futures ones, the date it starts will be announced sooner, and there will be a better submission method. I encourage you all to participate, and have fun!
Originally posted by Hobz
Sounds fun, but i really don't understand how to cape slide a blaarg #fim{:[}
I'll have to try to find a video and see what you mean. Because I'd love to give it a shot!!

When Mario is flying and hits the ground without too many vertical speed (otherwise the screen will shake), he will slide in the ground for some tiles. In this process, he kills most of the enemies he pass by, including blarggs. Just try to land and slide in the moving platforms while the blargg rises up.
Update! You can submit your movie until 01/31 (was: 01/20), so take your time! :)
Can you show a print screen of the place you want to perform the infinite shelljump?
File Name: Pit of Ignjatovic
Submitted: 2017-01-24 03:47:45 PM by Super Stiviboy
Authors: Super Stiviboy
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Pit
Description: This is my first and last serious Pit Hack that i will ever make, it was fun and painful to create all the Rooms, even taking some screenshots was painful.

This Pit Hack contains 8 Rooms.

The Wall Jump Glitch was only used Twice, i don't like glitch abuse.

'Ignjatovic' is my last Name, it's in Serbian.

Have fun!

Removal Log
This hack has many issues. I talked to the author, and unfortunately he didn't seem very motivated to fix them:
1) This hack is extremely easy for a pit hack. It is in fact easier than many Kaizo: hard hacks. A pit hack must be challenging to beat with full tool access, and this one doesn't even require frame advance.
2) There is a huge slowdown in some rooms, which makes it even easier, and is overall just another negative aspect.
3) The main problem is that this hack contains a lot of breaks.
It is ok for a Kaizo hack to contain breaks, if they are too difficult to perform despite saving time. It is not okay, though, in the case of pit hacks. And in this pit specifically, the breaks are easier to perform than the intended way. They are also very easy to be found: most people know pressing left + right in a P-Balloon allows Mario to move through walls, and making Yoshi to grow inside a wall is very likely to even happen unintentionally there.
There is also a break that involves simply walljumping instead of waiting for a goomba. This alone would be a very bad thing in a pit hack, as frame perfect tricks are expected. However, even if we assume this hack doesn't want Mario to walljump, we get to a contradiction: some rooms later, an walljump is required!
About this specific break, the author was notified days ago, but he said he doesn't want to change it.
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