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Posts by Diego
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Does anyone recognize the name of this song?
It's from the first Mario Gives Up and I can't find it anywhere.
Thank you so much!
Could someone also please tell me what this song is?

It's also from the first Mario Gives Up.
Thank you in advance!
Can someone please name this song?
Originally posted by aterraformer
Originally posted by dggonzalz
Can someone please name this song?

It's the underground theme from Breath of Fire. Very good music from that game. There is even a port availablehere.

Hadron-edit: fixed the link for you.

Thanks so much! Very helpful.:)
Anybody recognize this port? I first heard it in a western-style level.
Originally posted by Hadron
Originally posted by dggonzalz
Anybody recognize this port? I first heard it in a western-style level.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Hill Top Zone

Thanks so much! :D
I've heard this catchy little tune in two Mario hacks, and I'm planning on using it in mine. Any idea what it is?
Here's a song from Mario Gives Up 2 whose song name I do not know.
Any ideas? Thanks.
I am having some trouble getting this song in my ROM.
I am using AddmusicK, and I don't understand the error that the program is giving me:

File: Remilia.txt Line:8:
Illegal value for hex command.

There were errors when compiling the music file. Compilation aborted. Your ROM has not been modified.

I'm pretty new at this, since I'm used to using Romi's Addmusic with most of the music I put in my hacks, but I wanted an easier way to insert more advanced ports that usually glitch in emulators and this looked like my best shot. I've read some of the readme that is included with AMK (at least the parts that don't sound like complete technical gibberish to me), but I get constant errors with most of the musics I insert. I've managed to get around most of them, but this one has me completely stumped. I have no knowledge of advanced ASM or hex edits, so I can't really help myself.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

I'm using a clean, unmodified ROM, by the way.
Looks like I figured it out myself by deleting a few hex values and reinserting. Seems to work fine for now. Thanks for the help! Just one more thing, this song has a higher pitch than what I've heard in other hacks and I was wondering how to fix that to make it sound lower pitched. Any ideas? (Sorry if I sound impatient, I'm not trying to rush anyone for such a trivial matter.)
Thank you so much, it worked! #smw{:peace:}
Does anyone recognize this song from The Tale of Elementia?
Thanks in advance.
Anybody recognize this song and this song? Thank you.

I'm trying to find a way to somehow disable the ability to push the L and R buttons while on the overworld in two-player mode to keep the life exchange window from opening. My hack currently has Carol's SMB3 Warp Whistle custom sprite in it, but when I press L (which is the button Carol has set for warping), the life exchange window opens, and it only warps me after the window is closed. The reason I need this is because I usually play my hacks with friends and it's annoying to use the warp whistle because when L is pushed, the life exchange window pops up, and I'm not warped immediately, and after I close the window, the warp whistle doesn't make the sound effect it's supposed to. The screen only flashes and warps me. However, in one-player mode, the whistle works just fine--with the flash, the sound effect, and the warping. How can I somehow hack my ROM (I'm guessing it's with a hex editor like Translhextion or something) so that I can disable the life exchange window in two-player mode from appearing when the player presses L? I would like to add, however, that the life exchange window also appears when one of the players gets a Game Over while in two-player mode; that I would like to maintain.

I understand that this is a hefty request, and that it's most likely that a solution for my problem is completely out of the question, but I have been looking high and low for a possible answer to my problem already in the forums with no luck, so asking is my last shot. Hopefully someone familiar with ASM and advanced hex edits can help me.

Thanks in advance.
Hmmm... The window still shows up, though. The only change is that it makes the window blank and thus disables the life exchange part. What I mean is for the window to not show up at all, so that when the player presses L, nothing happens. That way, the warp whistle will warp the player immediately, without the window opening first. Do you think there's another alternative that simply disables the window from opening altogether and make it so that pressing L or R does nothing?

If not, then I guess the help thread has served its purpose in trying and I thank you for that. :)
Thank you! It worked perfectly, exactly like I wanted! #smw{:TUP:}
I've noticed in SMAS, when you pick up a Starman, the player can keep his Star power even if he enters a door or pipe. Is there any way to implement this to my hack via hex edits or anything like that? Thanks in advance.
Hmmm, is this supposed to be applied to my ROM as an asm patch with Xkas or Asar?

I've tried both and it has no effect on my ROM. :(

Any ideas?
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Diego's Profile - Posts by Diego

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