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Tip: Always double-check which slots the ExGFX you are trying to insert goes to, to make sure you don't get accidental glitched graphics elsewhere.
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I am using HuFlungDu's Addmusic and I got a problem.

Sound Channel #6 is messed up after any SFX played while my other inserted musics don't.

What's the problem? I couldn't get it.

This is the channel 06 with the problem.

;level header
$ED $80 $6D $2B 
$ED $80 $7D $00 

This is header.

I want to make my hack to lose yoshi when level is cleared,
(or exit the level)

I tried to modify counterbreak-yoshi patch, but I have no idea how to
deal with this.

Is anybody could save me? x_x

I applied some patch and put right freespace and it worked well.

and I keep working on my hack, as I inserted ExGFX, the message appeared.

"The ROM Crashed. Technical information:586"
I already backed-up my hack so that's a relief!

What Should I do to solve the problem?

When you patch an asar patch, you don't need to locate freespace.

That means it detect empty freespace automatically.

And my question is..

If I patch an asar patch twice, is my ROM using up twice more freespaces than once?
since asar detects empty freespace.

More detailly, only some sound channel plays wrong instruments after
any SFX played.

What is the matter?

I even don't know why it is happening.

I uploaded the music file here.

The midway points for level 100 is omitted, so you must add
;levels 101-10F
dw $0100 : dw $0100; (This)
dw $01FC : dw $0101

in the code.

Originally posted by Ice Man
Level 100 is not an actual level but a bonus level. It should always be the same with level 0, iirc.

But without writing level 100, the level over 100 after the midway bar is obtained will reload the level of level number+1.

I have a trouble with VWF dialogues with $F1 (executive code)
I am trying to distinguish the current player by the $F1,
but the right text is not appearing correctly.

db $FD,"Current Player is",$FA,$ED,$F1 
dl .checkplayer

db "Mario.",$FA,$FF

db "Luigi.",$FA,$FF

CMP	#$01
BNE	.changepointer
lda.b .luigi 		; Destination address low byte
sta !vwftextsource 	; Text pointer low byte
lda.b .luigi>>8 	; Destination address middle byte
sta !vwftextsource+1	; Text pointer middle byte
lda.b .luigi>>16 	; Destination address high byte
STA !vwftextsource+2 	; Text pointer high byte

any helps are appreciated.

I actually tested by entering the midway of the level 109, but level 10A has loaded. so I add one table to avoid that.

but actually, I have no idea why it is happening like that...

I can't apply multi-midway points patch with neither uberASM nor VWF dialogues patch in a single ROM, even in the original one. (ROM crashes)

I checked the freespace and freeRAM, but I have no idea that why it is happening.

I can't abort multi-midway points patch since it is very awesome patch..

Originally posted by Ladida
Well, the two patches do indeed conflict in terms of where they hijack

Then, there is a way to fix it. I have to unify two patches into one.
I have to copy and paste on level.asm..

Is anybody helping me with this? +_+ I'm to confused to handle this..

Originally posted by Lui37
Okay I think this fixes it (well atleast it doesn't crash. I'm running out of time so someone should check if the midways actually work properly). Admittely, I've only checked the asar version though, but they should be the same. It needs a tweak for uberasm too: rename this to level.asm and replace the one in the hijack folder.

I tested these patches. Actually, It doesn't crashes ROM, but it doesn't work well. It glitches up the background, and still loads the foreground of the level before the midway point. Also, it glitches up in the LMSW.

It is working very well.

Sweet thanks a lot to all of you guys!

You did said that the wrong level is loading.(current level+1)
when you get in the level when second midway point bar is obtained.

Then why don't you try this?

;levels 101-10F
dw $0100 : dw $0100
dw $0101 : dw $0100
dw $0102 : dw $0101
dw $0103 : dw $0102
dw $0104 : dw $0103
dw $1001 : dw $0104
dw $0106 : dw $0105
dw $0107 : dw $0106
dw $0108 : dw $0107
dw $0109 : dw $0108
dw $010A : dw $0109
dw $010B : dw $010A
dw $010C : dw $010B
dw $010D : dw $010C
dw $010E : dw $010D
dw $010F : dw $010E
dw $113B : dw $113A
dw $0000 : dw $113B

I think the patch is glitched in some reason...

I just got the very brilliant idea for my hack, which is...

To remove Yoshi when any stage is cleared (or exited) except "Yoshi House" and "No Yoshi Level".

It is slightly different between Counterbreak-Y patch
so I ask the question.

Any helps will be sincerely appreciated.

Originally posted by everest700
Another way would be to copy cmd.exe and apply it from there to the folder instead of making tons of batch files.

Or you can just simply press shift+right click to "open command window here" =)

Actually, I am using the ASM as a patch, not a generator.
Because I am using this ASM to every single level.

I want to activate the code when mario is fading to overworld.
And check which level he was, to determine to remove yoshi or not.


I used ragey's code in my new patch, and It worked perfectly.

Thank you all!

If I hit the Yoshi/1-up block, Yoshi egg pops
out and grows to adult Yoshi as the egg cracked.

How can I actually do that?

I tried to use "? Block with sprites inside", but a adult yoshi popped out instantly.

Any helps will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi, I am very newbie and I started to learn some SMW hacks.

I founded very super awesome tool called "POWER TOOL"

I inserted sprites, and blocks into appropriate number, but LMSW crashes

and when I get the custom powerup, the ROM crashes.

I think I omitted to do something.

What should I do?

Any helps will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.

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SkywinDragoon's Profile - Posts by SkywinDragoon

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