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Is this collection of inherently personally identified data a violation of customer privacy? Is it illegal under U.S. law, or is it allowed as long as they tell customers that they're treating them like criminals?
Can you enable nonpaid accounts and/or smwc auth?
Just allow nonaccounts, maybe manual auth?
Don't make users throw money at Moneybags Mojang just to be able to play here.
How many of the admins even know how to use computers?
How many of the people here have heard of Computer Stupidities?
Here are some of the best stories:

Originally posted by Person 1
[I work at a bank.]

My immediate boss, no matter how many times I explain it to him, insists on calling the CPU tower of a PC "the hard drive." Although it caused some confusion to begin with, I generally know what he means and ignore it, and the job gets done. But this came to a head a while ago when we had some extra work coming in, and we needed 20 new PCs, which my boss dutifully ordered.

When the shipment came in, it was in a suspiciously small box. Of course my boss had put in a call asking for "20 new hard drives," and of course that's what we'd been sent.

The funniest part was listening to one side of a telephone conversation in which he angrily complained that he'd wanted "HARD DRIVES, not this box of useless junk!"

Originally posted by Person 2
One of my favorite stories is from back in the 90s. A guy bought a 16-bit sound card for his computer, but for whatever reason decided he only needed an 8-bit sound card. Instead of taking it back and exchanging it, he figured all he needed to do was get a pair of scissors and physically cut the sound card in half.

Originally posted by Person 3
A friend of mine had managed to order a new AMD CPU and a motherboard from another friend of ours that owned a computer store that, at the time, did not sell AMD, but was willing to get it in to help out my friend.

My friend picked up the gear and brought it around to my place, and we built the system together. Upon finishing it, we ran some test programs on it, and everything was fine. My friend then decided to check out the system properties. Windows XP told him that he had an AMD Athlon 1700+. Now, he knew he had bought a 2.4 gig CPU, and the 1700 was not fast enough, so, while I was out of the room, he went into the BIOS and changed the Front Side Bus to try to get it from 1700+ to 2.4 gig. Within a few moments, the PC died a horrible death.

[Friend who owns store gets replacement and writes on computer in big leters, "Do Not Change FSB!!!"]

So, after explaining to the friend, that Windows picks up the AMD as a 1700+ but it is still a 2.4 gig processor, and that the original PC was running optimally, we went back to my place and started installing the replacement gear. Everything was fine, and my friend was happy with the way everything ran but was convinced it still loaded programs quicker when he changed the FSB on the old PC that he fried. But he'd been told not to change the FSB, and so he didn't. He took the PC home.

The next weekend he told me he had changed the FSB again and fried another CPU and motherboard.
I'm a relatively privacy-conscious person living in the U.S. Emphasis on relatively.
<theory type="conspiracy">
I'm starting to worry about the government spying on us, especially because there are some particularly nasty things they could do to me i they found out what I do. I don't know how many of the people here are EFFites/Stallmans/Falkvinges aka how familiar you are with this subject.
But does anyone know the best way to protect against govs spying on:
- Run my own SMTP server. (Cons: My ISP might block it)
- Wait for StartMail. (Cons: The government *could* still ask it to hand over information)
- Use Tormail. (Cons: no guarantee of security, if they're evil, they might release all my emails or try to identify me based on what I say)

web activity?
- Do I need to use Tor for nearly everything to avoid government surveillance and/or packet-mining for suspicious people who seem to be challenging the copyright cartel? (somewhat inconvenient)

computer seizures?
- Should I use Truecrypt for everything? Do I need to? (Is the government likely to use ransomware? seize my computers?) Will it help? (The government might know I have a hidden OS based on unexplainable web activity not traceable to my normal browser)

Most important question: Am I paranoid? (Well, before the leaks, this post would definitely be considered paranoid/tinhat, but now? What else is the government doing behind our backs?)

Tag (theory) was not closed.
If someone becomes a section moderator, does he automatically get mod powers on all sections of the site? Does he get administrative powers?
Can any of the mods/admins confirm what has been said in this thread?
So section mods can moderate all forums, but only their own section, and limited user-editing. Can they time-ban users?
Which channels can be freely used without interfering with level and overworld sounds? AM4, AMK, AMM? Which channels can be used for drums?
eg drums?
MercuryPenny are you using 0-7 or 1-8?
ggamer7 is definitely using 1-8 channel counting.
I'm doing a remake of DS Rainbow Road, which has an incredibly boring repetitive background beat. The cymbals, drumroll, etc will not be on channels 7/8.

But sound effects are more important than music. Will whatever SFX playing on that channel cut off when I play a note? Do I need to use the "drum fixer" thingy?

Additionally, I had a truly brilliant idea. Make a custom instrument that represents a chord. Will it take too much memory?
Choired samples' minimum size is equal to the LCM of the wavelengths of the individual notes that make it up.
What is the average number of wave cycles in the repeating sections of original samples of the original game? i.e. How many full positive-negative cycles of the waveform are in the looped section in the original game?
I can't get custom samples to work.
1. Where do I put custom samples if I will use both custom and original samples?
2. What is the default/best gain value?
3. How does the tune value correspond to the pitch of the sample?

I get error "Could not find sample .\04 SMW @4.brr"
Yes I read the readme. It doesn't say which folder to put per-song samples. I still don't know.

I also don't know how to mix original and custom instruments. Do I need to redeclare samples used in the original instruments?
Also how are custom instruments numbered? Is it recommended to use inline per-channel ADSR or create a cust instrument instead?

This is my nonworking header.

#amk 1

		"04 SMW @4.brr"

        "rock_organ.brr" $6F $CD $80 $80 $00

What is the correct procedure to create a brr sample?
amk complains the "file size - 2" is not a multiple of 9.

GOT IT! Loop header is little-endian 16-bit integer equal to (loop sample * 9 / 16). Pointer to the loop target byte of the headerless BRR. (header is removed before inserting).

And choired long samples are IMPOSSIBLE to make.
When I generate a SPC (norom) with the following file (minimal test case),
#amk 1

#3 v255 o4
@24 >c4 c4<

The first note is the wrong octave, but the second is correct octave.

If I do this,
@24 o4 [>c4 c4<]2

or this,
@24 o4 > [c4 c4]2

the first note of each loop is wrong.

But if I do this,
@24 o4 > c4 [c4 c4]2

only the note before the loop is wrong.

I don't know if the bug is present in the music data inserted into the ROM.
Where do I get the default hex values of original instruments?
What is the correspondence between the tuning hex values and the pitch?
4. How is the amplitude of the vibrato command calculated?

What is the formula used to convert v## to SPC700player's LEVEL number?
Is the relationship between LEVEL and actual volume linear, as SPC700player makes it?

What is the "minimal" #samples section that will work properly with SFX but uses the minimal space? (Note that for the tiny 65 byte samples, I would like to use #original for increased quality with a negligible increase in file size.)

Solved. I have a large piece of notes which I ripped from a MIDI. I'm trying to loop it to decrease file size (very successful). However, I have run into a likely AddMusicK bug.


The commented code is the correct one. The uncommented one royally screws up octaves about halfway through.

SOLUTION: The first time a label loop is run, it acts exactly like normal. Every time it is called afterwards, it starts at the current octave, acts normally, and restores the original octave when it finishes. I chose to pick a standard octave that was restored to before calling each loop, and at the end of each loop. Then I switched around octaves so it worked.
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