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Well, I saw OP earlier on Jul, working on decoding Mario Sunshine BMS music (which he is no longer working on). So that's why I'm surprised to see him here.

But I'm not very into Monkey Ball hacking (I beat SMB2 one or two summers ago) right now. Still, it's very exciting!

Are the wall properties correct, or can you roll directly on walls? (Are all surfaces treated identically by the physics engine?)

Because in MKWii, if you assign the ground material to walls, you can drive on and off walls without losing speed!
Why is the Song of Healing piano better than every other SNES song I've ever heard? As if none of the composers knew how to make a good piano? Or does it just take up too much space?
Are there any programs to generate a "spritemask" for graphics (primarily edits as opposed to custom ExGFX), indicating which 8x8 tiles differ from the original, then to apply them onto a hack's tiles?
It seems that at some point, the ROM addresses were removed from the ROM map, leaving behind only the SNES bus addresses.

This makes it unnecessarily difficult to hex-edit ROMs to apply patches. In fact, I had to look up the LoROM mapping on Wikipedia, just to make coins stop spinning!
Maybe they should link to patchers or converters in the ROM map?

Was there something where hex-edits were supposed to be replaced by the patch section?
Maybe this information should be linked in the ROM map page, to help others find them?

Was this change implemented to discourage hex-editing?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Those ASCII characters sure get annoying to type after a while.


BTW, individual Chinese characters take more keystrokes to enter than Latin (I think).
This is a collection of (nearly) all the custom graphics I've drawn for my past hack(s). Most of these come from over four years ago. I've touched them up to correct errors I didn't catch at the time.

| |

- Redrawn powerups.
- NSMB-style coins.
- NSMB-style koopas and shells.
- Redrawn spinies and bob-ombs. Check out the spiny eggs, they look like lionfish! (whoops)
- Munchers. Floating munchers. Flying munchers (just kidding).


Submission coming soon! (within 10 years, assuming I don't get banned)
Custom ExGraphics are missing palettes and ExAnimations, etc.

Some changes were marked OPTIONAL. I suggest reverting them if you don't like the appearance or side-effects.

- Powerups were changed.
- Springboards were redrawn with thinner boards.
- Keyhole has slight shading.

GFX14: Removed 2-pixel outline around Yoshi coin.
- OPTIONAL: Replaced Yoshi outline with brown.

GFX01, GFX33: NSMB-style coins. (Spritesheet by Jouw)

NOTE: Sprite coins (GFX01) are animated differently from regular coins, making them difficult to redraw. I have several choices:

1. Revert sprite coins (GFX01) to original SMW graphics.
2. Include sprite coins. Use Tweaker to change the "directional coin" palette from 08 to 0A. (otherwise they will look awful)
3. First apply Step 2.
- Hex-edit 0xC667 (unheadered) (SMW $01C667) to "D0 00" to disable regular coin animation.
- Then apply the ExAnimation included in "105exanim.mwl" to produce better-quality (wider) animated coins.
- - http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=nmap&m=smwrom#01C641
- - www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=84814

GFX00, GFX01: Koopas and shells were redrawn based on NSMB DS. (Spritesheet by Ragey)
- NOTE: You must apply 69+83 fix, to prevent junk graphics from showing up. http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=4451
- OPTIONAL: Beach koopas have outlines and dark shading.

GFX01: OPTIONAL: Narrower bullet bill.

GFX02: Redrawn spinies, spiny eggs, bob-ombs. Edited Lakitu.
- Redrawn Para-Bomb.
- OPTIONAL: Redrawn Para-Goomba based on Moltz's NSMB art.

GFX03, GFX12: Removed pink feet from castle enemies. Spikier Spinner (Ball'n'Chain).

GFX20: OPTIONAL: Modified squashed Rex to add eyeballs.

GFX33: OPTIONAL: Redrawn Munchers (NSMB Wii style)

GFX08: Reduced black outline on palace switches.

GFX14: OPTIONAL: Added non-pillow shading to switch blocks.

GFX33, GFX05: Added rounded corners to ON/OFF block and sprite.

GFX33, GFX13: Redrawn (lighter) note block and sprite.

GFX17: OPTIONAL: Tweaked 30-coin star block shading.
- OPTIONAL: Removed smiley face from triangle block.

GFX18: OPTIONAL: Edited ghost house grass to allow for good-looking thick dirt.

GFX1C, GFX1D: Edited overworld tiles significantly to allow for straight-line edges.
- One former "null" tile was replaced by a steep vertical "border" interior.
- - Added new tile to allow for steep vertically-sloped edges.
- One unused "edge with water underneath" tile was replaced with solid color.

GFX1E: OPTIONAL: Replaced "star" warp with glowing warp pad (think Zelda, but worse).

EXGRAPHICS (ExAnimation coming soon!)
80: ExAnimation: Redrawn Munchers - Sideways and diagonal.
- ON/OFF solid block graphics.

82: I tweaked Industrial foreground by Carld923, adding a lighter (outdoors) palette, and cement blocks (no rivets). Sadly, my previously drawn "broken I-beams" have been lost to the sands of time.
- I nearly lost this entire graphics pack, until I discovered a copy on a flash drive.

11A: Rather plain sand foreground, compatible with cave FG. Released at C3 four years ago.
81: Beach umbrella and "lifeguard stand" for the sand foreground.


Looking back at them, I'm starting to see flaws in how the sprites assemble and animate as a whole. My coins look nice, but I had to edit my old drawings significantly to animate smoothly. Even then, they don't quite capture the sense of 3D volume conveyed by the original in motion (coin.gif ). Similarly, my koopas look nice, but the arms are almost invisible in motion. Another thing I noticed is that the graphical style is somewhat inconsistent. Koopas and coins are fancy, chocolate, and have black outlines. But the Lakitu sprite is brown-outlined and nearly vanilla.

(I had the exciting experience of doing all this hacking in a Virtualbox Windows 7 VM inside my Linux computer! The reason was because YY-CHR.NET copy-paste doesn't work in Wine. Not sure about Classic.)
The link is missing.
"parental controls"

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

What I would do, is make an "offline NT" flash drive (http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/), and use YUMI to make a bootable USB drive. Then boot into it, make your account an admin.

Alternatively, install Linux onto a partition, or onto a flash drive. Then run petitemm.jar.

Is it parental controls, or does your computer not have Java installed?

What happens if you press "Win-R" and type "java" and press Enter?
once I forgot to log out from Gmail on a school computer. Luckily they didn't do anything too bad, just send some dumb hangouts messages or something.

Also something interesting to look at: Classic Shell and Audacity FOSShub hacked, replaced by malware
Repost of https://www.chronocompendium.com/Forums/index.php?topic=12516.0

I'm planning to port/cover Chrono Trigger World Revolution in Famitracker (N163). Which version of the soundtrack (World Revolution in particular) is better, SNES or DS?

- Notes (score)?
- Volume mixing?
- Instruments?
- The SNES echo and synth lead are better, naturally. I found a way to approximately simulate the lead.

I ripped World Revolution using vgmtrans. I noticed that the DS version has some simulated echo (quiet 16th notes) in the organ section, and some delayed instrument doubling. Maybe I should replicate them in the Famitracker cover.

Also, the DS World Revolution has some prominent extra notes at 0:36 (I checked with vgmtrans, they're organ). I like them. Are they accurate?
woops seems like I lost all the samples from my ancient DS Rainbow Road port from 2014...

also repetitive stress injury
BTW HertzDevil has also been working on an AMK mod/fork. See https://github.com/HertzDevil/AddmusicK.
Uhhhhhh, why can't I use function notation for pitch bend syntax in regular songs? I feel baited.
Option A
Mario Kart DS (2005) - Rainbow Road
Source Code
Github repository (not ready yet)

Try cubic/sinc/linear interpolation. I don't recommend Gaussian.

AddMusicK 1.1.0 BETA (-m, delete global/local songs)
This source code contains two new programs I developed: MetaMusicK and BRRAutoTune (both hacky and rushed).

This is the port I announced 2.5+ years ago. MMK is also 2.5 years old with some extra hacks bolted on. BRRAutoTune (convert_brr.py) is based on my SMW Remastered project.
Thanks a lot for the release. Apparently -m disables sound effects, but not global songs. Should -m omit all global songs to save more space?
I tried to build the SPC myself on AMK v1.1.0 -m with empty global/local songs:
File: hall.txt Line: 1195: Note's pitch was too high.

- Interestingly enough, in my submission, I had to change an o6 to an o5 when porting from 1.0.x from AMK1.1.0BETA. Maybe AMK1.1.0 has a bug/limitation/check to avoid high notes in custom instruments?
- - EDIT: My song is broken in 1.0.3 and 1.0.5 as well.

Commenting out channels 5-7:
hall.txt: Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x4A00 bytes.

Commenting out echo:
hall.txt: Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x3900 bytes.

Commenting out #optimized:
hall.txt: Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x0500 bytes.

How did you get a SPC to build at all?
Oh, that doesn't look too bad, a bit of looping and...

(looks at #6 and #7) what are the equal signs doing there? and ^=number?
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