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Make a fake kaizo trap that doesn't kill the player either way, and give the player a P-Switch.
The player has to take the P-Switch to the exit and get a mushroom, as the next level starts on top of a muncher.

A puzzle/kaizo hack that I've been working on for a while.
Thought I'd pretty it up and release a demo!
Q: Are you going to replace Iggy?
A: Yes, Iggy is just temporary.

Q: The carpet endings for the vines are in front of Mario!
A: I'll fix it once the Priority settings stop acting up.

Q: You know, in your hack, X is kinda like Y from Z.
A: I may have accidently plagiarized a few things from a hack that I did not know about. I'm sorry if this makes you unhappy.

Q: How am I supposed to solve X?
A: Trial and error. For example, you solve the first actual puzzle (if you can't get up the wall in BBH the block is to the left not above you silly) by getting the mushroom, and then jumping a bullet bill to get back up. Then look around for a platform you can jump on.

Q: Why isn't the overworld changed?
A: Because I'm confused by the layout. I promise next version WILL have a different overworld.

Hey, no-one's first hack is good! :P
With all these issues you pointed out, might as well rework the hack from the start while avoiding the issues you pointed out.
Besides, I was going to have to move to a new ROM anyway as I had broke the original and somehow caused the cave levels to have broken music no matter what. |-O

I acknowledge that Iggy's Deathfort and Where's My Water weren't very good.
But, the issues you pointed out have nothing to do with the palette.

So I want to use the background from level C8 for my title screen.
This background requires the tileset to be Rope 2 to work.
Rope 2 apparently is hardcoded to add the No Yoshi intro to levels.
This actually would be kinda fine, but I'm using this for my title screen. And now, instead of playing the game, you instead get locked in the title screen level.
Is there a patch to prevent this? A ROM edit? Anything?

Ah, forgot to mention that.
Yes, I did. It still does it.
EDIT: So I tried changing it to Rope 3, and that messed the background up, so I changed it back, and suddenly the gods of SMW hacking took pity upon me and fixed it.

A new working ExGFX tutorial because the latest one is for a older version of LM that works differently.

Back again with another problem, how do I change the camera to look at subscreen 0 instead of subscreen 1? I have the entrance on subscreen 0, but the camera looks at subscreen 1 instead and then pans up, and this is annoying.

I lied about the whole releasing one level at a time thing, sowwy.
Patch Download

Originally posted by Archie
Oh wow, the image is stretching the tables. Link to it instead.


Originally posted by Archie
Also, that level seems like a big improvement over your first hack, though it is only focused on thwomps and nothing else (I like how you used them, though)

Thank you! :D
Originally posted by Archie
and it is somewhat boring, though. Add some more sprites in it and make some creative uses, like me and Sokobansolver do.

Okay, I will. Right now I'm working on a overworld though. (hooray for tutorials)

Okay, finished the layout with more things, and updated the bmp.
Will update the rom once overworld is finished.
Also added Intro Level.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I was disappointed that the part with the four Thwomps wasn't as difficult as it looked.

I'll try to make it harder, but can't think of what to do.

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I can't really think of any suggestions to make it harder at the moment.

Me neither #w{=P}

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I think the hex edit that allows vertical scrolling while spin jumping would very much come in handy in one particular part.

The thwomp going up part that I took out?
Either way, going to put that hex edit there later on.

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Yeah, more sprites placed in intentionally awkward positions would liven things up.

Can't think of any awkward positions, other than placing a thwimp sprite or a jump on the spiny area in the spot where you go into to hide from the first two thwomps.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Since this is an auto-scrolling level, making an effort to strive for making it difficult to keep up would be good.

This is Kaizo, I always make an effort to make it difficult. Now making it actually difficult...
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I found that using side exits in an auto-scroll level will make you leave the level instead of push you when the screen catches up. I don't think I've seen anyone exploit that yet, and I haven't found a creative use yet.

Make Mario unable to move with the keys, and then have a autoscrolling level that doesn't autoscroll mario as well.
please don't steal it whoever reads this

Updated the hack, now it's Thwomp AND Yoshi oriented.

Mario Must Die (first and second one)
Cool or Cruel
Kaizo 2 and 3
Super Mario FML
Hertz Donut
Thwomp Valley
Worse Than Kaizo
If you didn't notice, I really like Soko's hacks.
They're actually what inspired me to start making my own. :P

Dipalon, I know you would get a Japanese love pillow of your hack if you could, but that doesn't mean we all want to know. Sometimes you have to let it go.
You aren't Kaizo Jesus. Some people think that their hack is revolutionary, and eveyoje should know. Heck, that's what I thought with Kaizo Means Modded. But it's not usually.
Sometimes, you just have to let life go on. Let go Dipalon. You have to understand what other people think and not be hazed by your view or be stubborn about acknowledging that your hack isn't amazing.
Just let it go, rework it. Learn from the mistakes you made.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload - Be Just or Be Dead
Unsampled for Addmusic405.

When I extend the rom, it works fine, only popping up a error about failing to load EEPROM.
When I expand the rom, it acts the same.
When I patch the rom with obj_import6, for lack of a better term, the feces hits the spinning blade.
CIC Chip malfunctions.
Application/Core Error
Unknown CIC Chip

Application/Core Error
Unhandled CicChip(-1) in first DMA

It then brokenly pauses for a bit, pops the EEPROM error, and then crashes with this error:
Application/Core Error
Unhandled R4300i OpCode at: 80404020
Unknown	40 20 40 20

Stoping Emulation !

Is it PJ64?
Is it PPF-o-Matic?
Am I using the right ROM? (Super Mario 64 (U) [!].ext.z64) (I know about the [!], but usually it doesn't break anything)
Is the patch broken?
Will the hero save the girl?
Does everything I try to work on resent me for it? (yes)
Please help!

Torchic obviously

So I've been working on my hack, and I want to insert so ExGFX.
So I open the 16x16 editor, go to page 3, and insert the GFX and...

...Oh dear.
Here's the ExGFX I'm trying to insert: EXGFX here

Nevermind, found it in legacy ports.

Me. sorry for naming names
Anyone who submits SMW edits.
Anyone who submits Kaizo hacks to the SMW hacks.
Anyone who submits floating (and stacked, eek!) munchers
Anyone who doesn't know how to insert custom music with Addmusic405.
Originally posted by jellybean
Originally posted by Egadd
A person who arrogantly thinks that s/he is what this site needs to succeed, and posts in a highly annoying and self-righteous manner.

Sorry for bumping and maybe flaming, but: *coughDipaloncough*

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Pixels' Profile - Posts by Pixels

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