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Ehm Hello. I'm new here .

Sooo I want too help somehow, but i'm not a good creator for levels. I have only some experience with the overworld. Then I think i could act as a beta tester.
I played your first hack. The difficulty was a bit too high, since the second half of the second world I was so frustrated that I used save states for the rest.

I think that I'm not a really good mario gamer. But I have big expectations in this hack. It#s soo beautifull in look, so lets make it also beautfull in game play.

My first results: I play this hacks without savestates, only one in the beginning!
-Girder Grasslands: A very good level in the beginning

-plateau pumps: All in all a good level. Only the lakitu are annoying. And in one area the koopa who throw hammers doesn't spawn. Maybo to many enemies?

-Hiker's Hollow: Good level

-Smoggy steppe: Good level.

-Switch scamber: All in all, a good level.

But the end is a bit frustrating. Because the p-switch part don't allow the smallest mistake, or you fall down. In my opinion it is unfair, please extend the ground so we player don't die, but can use the reset door and try it again without loose a life.

Here you can see what I mean.

- velocity valves: I can't end this level. I don't get it, how I can fly so long to reach the goal????? And the framerate x(. Oh god, please less enemies, the game slowed down so much. Everywhere...

Edit: I got it, just hold b.. jeah... I end the level

-Reclaimed refinery: It is hard but possible without save states. The same problem like velocity valves. Sometimes the game slowed down.

-countdown chamber: After loose or beating the clock, the music stops, also the switch don't worked.....

-Fringe forest: A beautifull level. I like the idea and everything worked.

So thats it, I try too help so much I can. Sorry for my english I, m german . Oh and one question, how I can make pictures, so you can see what I mean

Edit:I mostly conzentrate at the dificulty now, because with the bugs it would too much pictures and axplanations. For that we have some other beta testers I think :P.

mfG DundG
Thanks. I edit them. If there are some questions I try to explain it better or add some more screenshots.
woow, after fringe forest the difficultly rise fast. If you guys could play this levels without many tries then you have skill. I slightly frustrated to them wirhout states. Also I bored a little because I tried the same levels so many times. I see everything again and again and again....

-Treetop tussle: first the top. I tried to jump at the higher line of blocks, but i couldn't jump high enough. The ceiling disturb the jump and you fall down. The normal player wouldn't know that, so it is a bit unfair, with the wtf what happened effect #w{|o}

Also I don't know if it looks really good with the piranha plant bottom side behind the floating island:

This piranha plant doesn't work the fire who are spit by the plant disapear in the top....

also mario head stick onto the ceiling an i kann slightly walk on it, it is a glitch x)

-Manic mine: I think thies enemy shouldn't have this color or? And I think this playce is a bit unfair, you can dodge it, but I died so many times.. I haven't fun in this level.

also there:

and the tripple wagon is like it is made of ice, you slide on them....

Huh, wow so many things that I would change, I hope that can help with this stuff.

Currently feedback
Without savestates the game is possible, but I haven't really fun with it, because for me it is too hard to enjoy the levels since manic mine (I played I thing five levels further too...). And I was just in the forest area..... I wouldn't say that im bad... its just sometimes the enemies are really "unfair" placed, also sometimes there are to many. I couldn't focused ad one koopa, because there are chucks and goombas so the koopa killed me (it is just an example) Also I think the levels are too long for a difficultly like this, I die and should go through all the stuff again? And then there are "traps" who can ruine your entire run in a level. Just like in the manic mine: A really outraged when the coopa killed me with the shell. I haven't enough time to realize this attack for the first time and after the koopa a chuk jumped into my face, so I died again. And then i realized "God this is just the half?????". And I think the levels will be harder.... The result is clear: A game with beautifull graphigs and more beautifully music (I love your compositions) but only a game for smw hack "freaks" (I didn't mean this negative) who have enough skill to win the game without savestates. I wouldn't play this hack without states when I just waited for the release in this state. Secondly I see always the same power ups: I get a Mushroom then a flower..... Who are the feather? When the feather are too usefull then nerve it. Make it like the leaf in super mario brothers.

Too hard for levels in this lenghts. One suggestiion. Put many middle points in one level, this could fix it. I always say they are possible but really hard and long....
Hello everyone #w{=)}

I have just a small suggestion. I noticed that the leaders off this project wants to make it profecional. So how about a tutorial level? The first level point is a house, you could ad a pipe in there who port you in the tutorial level. Soo newbies can learn the basics and some usefull tricks, the throw the coopa shel up or use the spin jump succesfully... The players who are familiar with mario hacks can easily skip this part. They just doesn't need to go into the pipe. IN the tutorial level there should be 2 pipes: one in the beginning to going back when the player don't want this and one in the end.

I isn't really needed, but then the player thing: "hmmm, the game makers thing also for the newbies"

I test the game so I know how difficult it could be in the beginning

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
If we really wanted to include a Bowser on the beach scene, why not make one of the early-to-mid SMWC coin rewards a "What's Bowser up to?" bonus cutscene? That would furthermore help solve the still-existing problem of precisely what to do with those things...

Yeah that would be very nice xDD. Bowser sit on the beach, drink some coctail. In the horizone then we see a giant explosion because the last factory blowing up. But Bowser doesn't really realise what hapening only the big kabooom was noticed by him, but he didn't thing about it, drink his coctail again...
Originally posted by Lightvayne
Well, we've got enough discussion about having a boss vs not having one, but for those who do want one, I have not heard any ideas from on how this will play out.

Personally, I don't mind ending it without a boss...I need the ROM space anyways...#smw{>_>}

Hmm ok I have a idea..... the last level is in the middle the centre I depest part in our dreams. Nothing should make sense, or should it?

For the storyline: I don't know how it would be exactly, but after defeating norveg mario could be celebrated as the saviour of the land/world.

In the last level there should be different areas.

1.Mario jumps through a cloudly area with a deep rainbow space background, everywhere are coins and nothing seems to be dangerous.

2.Then you see some strange tinghs, mario is now a koopa. koopas shells aren't normal now, they are power ups. Green koopa shells are mushrooms, red are fire flowers, blue feather. But mushrooms are now the enemies who want too eat you, fire flowers are like piranha plants who shot fire at you. And Mario (they shold act like Rex) are there too, if you jump at him he shrink. This should play in a forest, who are glowing particels floating up like

3.Then you are a mushroom. You going through a cave wo water floating every where. So there are some swimming parts. Every single enemy is now a mushroom. In the end there is a giant mario head who opened his mouth (its a pipe), so you are eated.

4.Now you are on a island and mario again. It rains Yoshi eggs. You should feet a baby yoshi soo it grows up. Then use the faling eggs too go through this are. Green eggs ae green shells, red eggs are red sheels etc.

5. Now you see the top of an giant red mushroom (it should be like a giant switch, so you can activate then like the yellow or something). Oh got the giant mushroom got angry, end he has feets? And a mouth? Yeah, the mushroom wants too eat you! So you must escape (this should be a scroll part) the giant mushroom fall after you end this level into a abyss.

After this dream mario wakes up. Its morning and he realize he's just dreamed or? Luigi explains that mario sleeped down after the big celebration as he rescued the whole country/world against norveg. He just celebrated a bit too mutch. Then Luigi wants too give him a Mushroom too recover marios strenght. But Mario shoked about the item. He just remember the dream and soo flew from Luigi. Luigi doesn't understand why Mario is so frightened about his gift.

The End, would it fit for the last dream ultra crazy and senseless level?
ok understand #w{=3}

@MVS: The video was very helpfull.

@Lightvayne: OK. You mean me,or? Then I play the first world again and look what could be necessesary to learn more about the controlls. I don't thing that I will found something who you guys missed. But who knows...
One question: Why there re just 9 worlds? Because I count 10.

1.the grassland world
2.the forest world.
3. the water world.
4.the desert world
5.the circus,leisure park world.
6.The oriental world.
7.The sky world.
8. The Ice-fire world
9. The Indusrty world.
10. The dream world.

After looking at teh boss threath I knowing that the circus world haven't a boss. So why???? There are 10 worlds (in my opinion) who already have a unice theme....

Can somebody explain this for me? I'm confused....
aaah, ok. But this world 4 is a really big world..... and have 2 different music... so I thought.....

I thing it is to late to split the world 4 into 2 different or? A robo fish as water world boss would be cool. It's just my opinion.... but water and desert in one doesn't work in my mind....
No problem #ab{:LOL:}.

Ok after played some levels I wondered how far my skills are. I mean I played some levels again because I forgott to make pictures, and I noticed some I end with just one try... for the first time I needed over 10 or more.... So my skills grows with the game #w{=3}

-manic mine: Omg, a flying enemy without wings? No a invisible block, or just a glitch:

-Lily swamp romp:I thing the water shouldn't look like here, or?

also there: I can see the bubbles in the water...

LOl, I glitched this blocks with the bubbles. I dont't need the p-switch #w{=P}. I don't think you guys planned this.

This point is stupid. You only can get up when you are small, or jump at a rave.... me: wtf I can't get up, how? Oh when I'm small it works HOW STUPID!!!!

The pranha plant looks strange, but when you go up with a bubble them it looks normal. Look close because the graphig defect is small. Also I thing a normal pranha would be better here, the fire balls are some annoying.

And this looks also strange:

-Blazing brush: First play= omfg this level is impossible. now I beat it with one try #w{>=)}
I thing this koopa shouldn't be in the tree wall. Or wait, he can fly and go through walls. Is he a Ghost? #w{|o}

-Overworld: Ehm the musik of the water world beginn after you go this way. Its strange because it already beginns, so SAME the music stopped and beginns????

-Arboreal Ascent: First i didn't know how I should go when I was in the tree. I don't relly observe the door to go out... It would be better to make a shield who shows the exit, like in the beginning:
also there

and in the end the leafs are buggy also mario walk when he end the level against invisible wall, it looks stupid....

-Countdown chamber:After beating the clock (also lose) the music stopped to play and you cant end this level. After use the switch I haved a black screen.......

So thats it, so much to do #w{=|}. I hope you guys fix it #w{=D}
this is because I didn't see the door.... so i going down and again up...
ok... so move this thread into the right place... We have a forum admin or?

And about the contrast between the two different themes in one world. I hope this will be explain int the story.... because I#m very sure that many people will think there are two different worlds. Because they have two different settings: one is a sea, the other a desert. Then there are two different music themes.... also a different level design (one under water the other with sand and pyramids etc.) The biggest part of players who don't know that this is one world would thing the sea world haven't a Boss. I'm pretty sure.

Maiby you guys can explain what are the main ideo about this and how the story is about the connection...
Ehm I say that I'm not sooo good in english...
@Punk Sarcophagus: what do you mean? There is no problem to split the world into two? Or we doesn't need a sea and a desert world, there is no problem to be made about this non important suggestion? Sorry for my english skills #w{=(}
-levels who should be unlocked b the coins are a really good idea. I think 90% for the last level would be good (So you have a motivation to see the last level all the time...)

-A museum are a good idea too, how about too pick al early drawings and use them. It isnt nececearly that they look good. The player just should see how we planned the game and what ideas we haved.

-secred scenes. Like the Bowser relax at the beach idea #w{=3}. Also you can use all the scenes who are show in the game as backup

-music, yes a good extra.

-small Bonus games: THis would be funny but i know I wouldn't play them #w{=P}

-unlockable charakters: Just the look should be different, the hit box and the controlls are the same. I suggest Luigi, Wario Peach and the last Bowser who are unlocked by 80%.

He there a pretty much ideas. With them the coins are really worth to be collected #w{=)}
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

(maybe the total amount of coins you get in World 4 is a bit to overkill for a mere Fire Flower?)

Not really, because you can everytime going back to get a fire flower. So you can start every level with two lives now.

But all in all this is good.... about many charecters we will see when the game is near to be finished. Too look how many place we have. I mean we just need to add more textures and code the way to change them.

The first room, concerning your idea, should be a small demo of the first central production. Or a trailer of the first smw central production....

And when you beat the Boss rush you unlock the very last scene. A super secred I don't know what would happen scene. Maybe a small scene with a Thank you for playing the game with 100% and we hope you enjoy our production. YOUR An SMW Central Production Team theme?
a good idea.....

I see the two possibilties again.

a.) The dreamer would be a good boss because he/she/it unice all the feelings in every part of the last bonus level. But I hhave no idea what cut szene after the Boss fight will explain, what happened and will explain why mario are in the dream world.

b.) The bossless ending.

Originally posted by Lightvayne
Well, we've got enough discussion about having a boss vs not having one, but for those who do want one, I have not heard any ideas from on how this will play out.

First I don't realyze that the conzept of the last dream world exists. So one idea would be a really significant object/personn who aren't evil, but somehow connected with the level. I explained in my first post here that mario should frekin out about something because he haved a bad dream....

So what about that, mario doesn't know anymore what is real and what not so he is really confused. In the beginning you see that mario sleep and waked up, then the level begins (Mario always wear a sleep head in this level) In the end of every theme in the level, he see for example peach and mario try to catch her. But before he can touch her, the screen going very bright and mario sleep and waked up again, so the next theme starts. So you never know when this will ending. After beating every theme mario are in the Mushroom castle (he still wear the sleep head) and peach explains that everything was a bad dream. He still rescued the mushroom kingdom from norveg. Then she wants to gife mario a kiss (the basic reward for mario th rescue the world), so go to peach. But before you can touch her everything going again brighter. So mario awakes again, but now he didn't wear a sleep head. peach found him and wants to explain that everything was a bead dream and mario just rescued the world from norveg. But Mario are soo confused he still didn't belief this now. Then peach wants to go to mario to giive him a kiss. Mario: "Go back! don't touch me! HEEELP!!!" And then he flew. Peach:"Eeeeh what's wrong wih him?

A end like this would also be funny. Also the second possibility will still doesn't need so much rom space like the Boss. I have nothing against the Boss anymore, but I just call the possibilities...
One question, and how you will make the Boss rush? I haven't experience with coding so I ask what kind do you see.

a.) 9 doors for 9 Bosses and when you beat one you going back? Not real Boss rush like when you going out...

b.)Or, 9 doors for 9 Bosses, but when you're in, you doesn't gooing back, but should beat every single Boss now ,like a real Boss rush? The second variant is the most complicate I think.

c.) one single door who port you to the first Boss, and when you beat every single Boss you going back?....
oooh really? I thing I should first read all the post before make such useless comments on myself. A Boss is fine... then the Boss rush has a Boss more ^^. Lets see where I can read the story...
SNN as a special super secred unlockable final playlable character? What about that #w{=3}
Originally posted by DundG

But all in all this is good.... about many charecters we will see when the game is near to be finished. Too look how many rom space we have. I mean we just need to add more textures and code the way to change them.

I just say, we should look if this could be possible. And we doesn't need to code a entire new character. Just code the way to change the textures. The hit box and the controlls are the same... How many rom space do we need to add some more textures and code this possibility? I can't believe this will be very much...

Originally posted by MVS
Along with what mariocool said, this site just flat out worships SNN way too much to be healthy.

Also that, this is a super mario world central production. Not a SNN production... But when the community wnats him.
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