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also i was a moron and went back and edited my posts with a bunch of cringe-tastic "FUTURE EDIT"s, if you're wondering why they have Last Edited in 2016 on them

original post below btw

Why can't I use If statements with "Shatter the Block"? It's kind of annoying if you want to replicate a Brick Block. (I'm new to this sort of stuff)
EDIT: It appears that this thread is dead. Oh well.
Originally posted by Dipalon
I would just like to mention that this is a collab hack and not much work has been done on it so far.

A collaboration is a project of which two or more people create so, shouldn't there be more work done in less time?
Hello. Nobody knows me I bet, but I am releasing a hack that has never seen the light of day. Most of you will think it sucks. Some of you will think it's okay. But I have never released a hack before. So I ask that you do not flame me. PLEASE.

I think that it's best explained in the Readme:

Originally posted by This Hack's Readme
This hack is an attempt at one-upping Fusoya's "Super Demo World: The Legend Continues", as I felt it used too little of Lunar Magic's features. I made a few changes to the game, both big ("new" blocks, new overworld, and obviously, new levels) and small (base of pushed P-switch). No new graphics, music, sprites, or blocks have been added, which may disappoint a few players. Hopefully you will enjoy the hack.

Also, if someone could give me some screenshots/videos, that would be great.


Also, if you find any bugs, cutoff, or general screw-ups, notify me any way you are allowed to.

Reviews I would rather have honest, and possibly in this format:

<Introductory line(s)>
The Good:
<List of positive features>
The Bad:
<List of negative features>
The Buggy (or whatever)
<List of bugs, glitches, cutoff, general screw-ups>
<OPTIONAL: Additional comments/snark>

One more thing, read the Readme for more information.

Version string:

1 <- will not change.
X <- major bug fix
X <- minor bug fix
No increments will occur if bug is extremely minor.


1.0.1: User friendliness in secret area of Plain Island 2 and Yoshi Coins in Plain Island 1 moved. Plain Island 4 redone. Minor bug fixed shortly after release.

Pipes Star Road
fixed, Desert Land 4 made more easily possible. PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD. Typo corrected and credits added to Readme shortly after release.

1.0.3: World Intermission glitch fixed, typo corrected in Readme.

1.0.4: Keyhole in Ocean Land 1 moved to fix bug where the game cycles through a bunch of palates, minor edit in Cliffside Land 3.

1.0.5: Forest Land 2 (?) has added Sprite Buoyancy, Forest Land 4 (?) Has been made possible without a cape, Forest Land 3 (???) has a secret exit accessible. Several edits were made at Sokobansolver's request.

1.0.6: A few sprites added to Plain Island 4.

1.0.7: Stuff changes, ya know?

1.1.0:Fixed a bug where you could not access
The 11th Star Road?
due to a glitch.
Unfortunately, this also means that the two people who downloaded that version need to restart their progress. Sorry. Added coins to
the top of #8 Bowser's Castle

1.2.0: Did a crapload of things.

Known Bugs:
World 6's Star Road
has a glitchy path after completion of the Star Road it's self.#smw{o_O?}

NEW: Screenshots!

Ignore the cutoff, it's better than the title screen would lead you to believe.

Just Mario jumping.

Mario riding a platform.

A secret area.

An idea that is never seen again.

Guess and check.

Fixed P-switch bottom.

For anyone who wants to beat this hack quick,
you can't. The Castle Star Road does not link to #8 Bowser's Castle on purpose. Mwahahahaha!

SMW hacking is dead. How much activity have you seen in the community? Next to none.

I'm out!
Originally posted by Xinn
It being your first hack does not mean it should be or will be immune to criticism. And I'm not at all judging you, I'm only giving advice. It's not even like I can say my first hacks were better (consisted of blatant SMO ripping off + absolutely terrible ideas such as a level consisting entirely of noteblocks, etc).
I'm not denying that. It's just that I would wait until I've finished the hack to review it. Your criticism just seemed a little brutal in my eyes. I admit the hack is far far FAR from great. I just wasn't thinking clearly when I said those things. I'm going to edit and delete those posts because I see that I was being a jerk.

tl;dr: My judgment was clouded, and I apologize.

Also, what the heck is SMO?
Originally posted by mario and luigi
first and foremost, how did Xinn get to double-post anyway?

i don't know what you did in that pipe, but that does look ugly and that oddly placed dragon coin.

Whoa. Don't know what happened there.
There actually was another post between, but I deleted it.

EDIT: It was the goomba, fixing now.

EDIT2: If you want that fixed, redownload.
A little backstory on this hack:

It all started when I was bored, and wanted to do random stuff with Lunar Magic. So I made a little over world, edited Vanilla Secret 2(level 1 in game data), and just played around with it. At this point it was "Super Custom World". Then I heard about SDW:TLC and played a little of it. I rage quit, and put more effort into it. It took form and, while still a hack by a n00b, took a form.

In several months, I had finally completed it, and posted it here.

So my hack is the result of months of work, and I might be a little protective of it. Either way, just some trivia.

EDIT: This is basically a sob story version of how this hack was made. I could have worded it better.
A short "beginner Kaiso", if you will.

This hack will only require save-states. I don't care if someone speedruns it.

Download, if you want.

Expert Kaiso players will find this boring. Don't bother.

Point out any bugs/cutoff/screw-ups if you want.

Edit: Green Switch blocks don't give out feathers anymore to keep it normal.

Edit 2: A few bug fixed.

Edit 3: Renamed "Mario's Moderately Difficult Trek". Thoughts?

Edit 4: I have abandoned this hack, so any advise given will be pointless.

Originally posted by natnew
what's the point of the green switch, anyway?

It makes the game harder. #smw{>:)}
Also, you don't want to press it immediately. You wont be able to complete the first level's secret exit.
Hello, I'm going to list the good with the not-so-good:

Level design was okay
The new castle blocks looked good
Nothing was too bad

...and now the Not-so-good:
A few instances of cutoff(every time it was with castle blocks)
Castle blocks were a bit overused
Screen 5's pallet was a bit ugly
Another Screen later on (I lost count out of focus) was entirely black, and depended on line guided platforms
"The end" was all lower case.

It could use a little bit of work, but I can't judge considering my full length hack.

Rating: 6/10
(trying to sound as polite as possible here, please don't kill me)

FUTURE EDIT: You can't even spell "palette" right? And you said that you "can't judge considering my first hack? oh lol
Originally posted by MarioFan22
You can still get the Secret Exit by putting the key through that one green block.

Originally posted by natnew

I did the game over again with the green switch and... it's horribly broken. when you're riding red yoshi in a lakitu cloud as cape mario with a feather in reserve when you started the level with nothing... you know it needs fixes.

Okay. I'm going to fix it.
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
I think what he meant is it doesn't exactly fit with the original SMW graphics despite it being used in the Bowser Boss. The blocks should use some lines over it so it doesn't clash.

Actually, I just think that it was cutting into the terrain.

They were used in the original's bowser battle? Huh.

EDIT: It seems that shortly after I post anything on any forum, IT DIES. AARRRGGHH
Hoo boy...Heckuva review ya got here. Alrighty then.

Originally posted by Archie
I have played the hack, and judging by the title, it wasn't what I really thought it to be. There are some game-breaking errors that can be easily fixed by being careful with free items. I'm going to point out the most important issues to fix.

In the message box, "Kaizo" is misspelled "Kaiso". Also, there is cutoff where the slopes meet, at both sides.

Yeah, I hadn't been around long, so a spelling error like that is entirely my fault. Sorry.
Originally posted by Archie

You gotta be careful with the key, because it's one of the major game-breaking issues to date, and you can easily skip the whole level by key-jumping, and you can hit blocks with it without needing the throw block. Same thing for the Lakitu clouds.

Not sure what I can do to fix this one, sans remaking the entire level. Sorry.
Originally posted by Archie

The buzzy beetle and the sumo brother are horribly glitched. I suggest you remove these, unless you use YY-CHR to replace these with correct graphics. Also, just a suggestion rather than an obligation, but brown blocks are a horrible replacement for death blocks, so you could use Skull Blocks to replace them.

Yyyeeaah, about that...
I wanted to stay 90% vanilla with this hack, and didn't want to use custom graphics, music, sprites or blocks. I should have removed those but my laziness got the best of me, and I never did.
So either the recolored used blocks, or those horrible flunchers.
Originally posted by Archie
And, it isn't really needed to take the bottom spiny way, you can easily break it by walking on the death blocks next to the Sumo Brother.

I have no idea why I have that red herring.
Originally posted by Archie
The cave room... was disappointing. It's just spinjumping spiny after spiny. You could add at least some variety there.

You can keep the throw block by pressing up next to the turn blocks while holding it. It's also a game-breaking factor.

Why would you want to keep it?
Originally posted by Archie

If you really thought of jumping on the three bullet bills, then your idea backfired, because you could jump on the Para-Goombas and Para-Bob-Ombs.

It might've, but I knew that.
Originally posted by Archie

Again, the bottom way isn't needed, since you can walk into the death blocks.

Heck, I'm just gunna remove all those spiny ways.
Originally posted by Archie

Same thing for this one.

Refer to previous comment.
Originally posted by Archie
Now, onto the switch palace... it's somewhat decent, though it still has some errors that are either game-breaking or pointless.

Like this one. I don't see the point on that Dry Bones at the top. Also, you could add a bit of a challenge while waiting for the P-switch timer to end, since I can just keep waiting next to the brown blocks.

This is my best level in this hack, in my opinion.
I have no idea what I was thinking about the dry bones'.
Originally posted by Archie

I don't really see the point of these Dry Bones either. Also, be careful with using that type of tileset, because on Switch Palaces, you can get a free 1-up if you press anything that is an invisible coin block or a simple ? block.

Ok. If you have any suggestions as to what to change in to, suggest away.
Originally posted by Archie

It wasn't needed to use the P-switch at the bottom, since I can still keep the P-switch that I had before, by pressing it and entering the pipe with it...

...and that way I didn't need that P-switch at the top-right.

Huh. Didn't see that one coming.
I'm going to get rid of that switch in the lower right corner.
Originally posted by Archie

This level is also very empty, you could at least use some sprites there. And since I got a feather in hand because of the green blocks, you could make it so it's not possible to get it by decreasing the number of green blocks and using this patch (there is a tutorial on how to apply patches here).

I thought I fixed that. Are you using the updated version?
Originally posted by Archie
And also, if you're not careful with the layer 3 water, I can get under the level to skip a majority of it.

You're gunna skip alot of it anyway. The rope has a glitch that you can exploit.
Originally posted by Archie

Crouching through lots of blocks, especially feather blocks, isn't fun either.

Refer to 2 comments up, please.
Originally posted by Archie

That bottom tile of the door is solid, and it shouldn't stay like that. You could replace it with a solid block, like a cement block. Also, it took me a few minutes and a checking on Lunar Magic to realize that the key was off-screen.

I'm confused. Why should I change it? As for the key, I could probably edit the level so it drops down...
Originally posted by Archie
Now, for the castle...

Again, you can skip this part by going above, but the bottom part is that short anyway... I still suggest you block these walls.

Mmk. I'll put the key elsewhere.
Originally posted by Archie

This room is so familiar... oh yeah, it's the last room of Iggy's Castle before the boss. Blatant level edits aren't fun, unless you make something in it that at least looks fun.

Originally posted by Archie

Glitched background. Set the BG scrolling rate to "None" and "None" and you'll be fine. Also, this boss battle could at least have some uses of the eating block, but I can't think of one right now.

This hack isn't too bad for a first hack, if it is, but these levels aren't that fun, and yes, I have read that expert Kaizo players message you posted. I still think you should fix these issues or restart this hack to make it look more fun to us, especially for the TASers. Also, it wasn't really needed to set the green blocks to be solid, there are the Red and Blue switch blocks that could do the job for you.

Watch this and this, and read this and this to get an idea of what we are looking for. There are always lots of new ideas to be found, but don't copy them, of course. Good luck on fixing these issues!

If I set the BG Scrolling to none, it's an eyesore.

I've noticed a disturbing theme in these reviews from experts to n00bs: They're brutal. My non-kaizo (spelled it right) full length hack got a review that was as brutal if not more-so than this one. It was for the first three levels. I understand that these errors irritate you, but there is no need to be so blunt. But for this one it doesn't matter, it's just something I threw together. I will fix the errors you listed (or at least as many as I can/want to). In the meantime, I bid you a good day, sir.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Archie
you can easily skip the whole level by key-jumping

Easily? Unless the whole level is pit difficulty, I don't think key jumping over the whole level is easier than the intended way in most cases.
It's up to the creator whether or not to care about this. Personally I think it's one of those grey areas. I would not require more than one or two consecutive vertical keyjumps, and yet I also don't want to use keys too carelessly either.
I'm not one of those players who would skip an entire level by keyumping unless either it's required or the whole level is broken beyond belief or impossible.

Don't mean to sound like that asinine idiot Dipalon, but Sokobansolver is right. Key Jumps are not easy. So unless you're TASing it, I don't think that would be practical.

(For those of you who don't know, Dipalon flamed a site at which one of his critics was a mod at. I don't want to be like that guy.)
There has been no activity in this sub forum, which worries me. Are there really no hacks being of interest? Wow. Also, reply's would be appreciated. *eye twitch*
Originally posted by Archie
I have worded some of my comments wrongly, sorry.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
I'm confused. Why should I change it? As for the key, I could probably edit the level so it drops down...

Nah, keep it. My comment on this level was just a "nitpick", no need to change it if you don't want.

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Easily? Unless the whole level is pit difficulty, I don't think key jumping over the whole level is easier than the intended way in most cases.

I also forgot to mention that experienced TASers can skip the whole level by key jumping.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Ok. If you have any suggestions as to what to change in to, suggest away.

Maybe replace the wall of invisible coin blocks with a proper switch palace tileset and munchers at the first row? There is an ExGFX file here.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
I thought I fixed that. Are you using the updated version?

No, I was using the first version before you updated to the latest one.

Sorry for that review, I tried to make it a full review without being too blunt, but I failed at that, and I didn't read it twice... #fim{:[} At least you considered some of my points. Also, some of these are just a suggestion rather than an obligation.

No no, it's okay. I didn't change the door or the switch palace yet though, should I?

I myself might have been snarky and blunt, so I'm not entirely sure if I'm one to talk...

One more thing, about the sideways munchers:

Originally posted by me
I wanted to stay 90% vanilla with this hack, and didn't want to use custom graphics, music, sprites or blocks.

I'm not kidding, really. These are my Old Shame.

Wait, "these?"

Yes, a trilogy of hacks that are only 1 world long each. Except the third one, which has 2.3 if you count the Vanilla World.To quote the Readme:

Originally posted by the Readme
I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.
This is a series of hacks that I made while figuring out Lunar Magic, and before I even heard about SMW Central. As such, it has unfair level design, pathetic level ideas, blatent level edits and more. You WILL need savestates. The first two games are only a world long, with the third being two.

Download, if you want to be tortured.

The last hack in that video is mine.


These hacks seem interesting.
Originally posted by LaughingLuigi
I Made a TAS showing most of the breaks.
This hack is okay but there's a lot of things you can improve on.

Neat TAS.

It's got a lot of breaks, but It's still better than Mario's Deadly Adventure. Also, there is a secret you still haven't found or not mentioned yet.
Above the 3-up ^ ^ Mushroom, there is the keyhole. It takes you to the Title Screen Level, which you can play.
This hack may not be as hard as Mario Must Die or Glitch Abuse, but it still counts as a kaizo hack, right?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
There has been no activity in this sub forum, which worries me.

Probably because people mostly post in it to announce finished hacks or to comment on recently finished hacks, and there are far more hacks started than actually completed. And since this forum isn't exempt from the no bumping rule, options are pretty limited.

Ya know, I don't understand why it counts as "bumping" a thread after only 1 month. Why not 2?

EDIT: I think that SMW Central it's self is dying. Not much activity in general.
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