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I need help with screen exits but I don't know how to post the .ips file. How can I send my .ips file?
Bowser. Every time I beat him, I can never return to the game! Why not delete the ending sequence?
Originally posted by Riolu180
Here's a question for everyone related to the topic: What's your stance on a hack where every level has a gimmick and is built around it? Would it be instantly hated just for being nothing but gimmicks, or would it be loved if the gimmicks and level design were executed well?

If they had well-designed gimmicks, and featured good level design, they would be good. If they had poor level design, they would be bad.

Currently Testing: None
Type of Tester: Bug/Play/Proofreading, NOT Kaizo
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Any


I am good at play testing but I should be able to find many of the bugs. Kaizo is too hard for me so I won't test it. I prefer puzzle levels but will test everything. I might use save states occasionally on the harder levels but not much. Linear levels are not my style, but I'll test them anyway.
I'm personally better at Layer 1 paths than Layer 2 graphics. I usually make my paths nonlinear.
Here are two levels.
This is meant to be relatively hard, for people who have already beat SMW. The early levels will be very short, but they will get longer. Constructive criticism is appreciated. I tested this in ZSNES. Also, I do not know any ASM so this is vanilla.
Click here
P.S. The star and pipe are actually from bonus worlds. You can't access them yet. Also, there will be only one actual castle at the end.
Thanks. I will be editing these levels. Perhaps Vertical Scroll At Will will help with that cutoff section. I might consider lengthening some sections in Koopa Test. Also, perhaps have bossless castles. I will redo the Layer 2 on the overworld.
I'm not 100% sure where to put this, but it is minor and not a hack.
I played the hack Mario Gives Up by cyphermur9t and I enjoyed it, but there were some bugs I noticed (that were also pointed out by OmegaYoshi). I decided to fix them myself (since cyphermur9t hasn't) and made this. It must be patched onto a ROM that already has Mario Gives Up as this patch only contains my own changes.
Mario Gives Up. It's technically finished, but still in a buggy release. I decided to do something about it once and for all and made a patch for fixing the bugs.

Brutal Mario and Mario's Keytastrophe are other hacks I really want to see finished. Again, I could finish them myself but I don't think my levels would match the quality of Carol's or SNN's for example.
Is this supposed to be openable with Golden Egg? When I tried it said that this was not a Yoshis Island ROM. Does Golden Egg have a locking feature like Lunar Magic?
I'm back into SMW hacking and will apply again. This time I should hopefully have enough time to test.


Currently Testing: None
Type of Tester: Bug/Play/Proofreading, NOT Kaizo
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Any


Right now I have become better at bug testing (I managed to find and fix several bugs in Mario Gives Up). Of course, I will also playtest. Again, I am not going to play any Kaizo hacks.
I have a room with 5 Lava Bubbles (2 are 080 and 3 are 081). One of them (apparently always the rightmost, which is a 081) doesn't appear until at least one of the others has been killed or gone back into the lava. I am fine with this for now.

However, I have some Lava Bubbles (including that one) spawning on ground rather than in lava. Normally the Lava Bubbles come up perfectly fine. However, if I manage to reach the hidden Lava Bubble's spawn point before it appears, I get hit. This is the glitch I am trying to fix. At the very least, I want to change the spawn order of the Lava Bubbles so that the one that doesn't appear is a different one, one that spawns in lava so you don't end up touching it and getting hit. Is there any way to change spawn order or fix this glitch?

I have thought of one possibility, which is a sprite that immediately spawns a 081 Lava Bubble then disappears, making that Lava Bubble spawn later than all others. However, I have no ASM experience and do not know how to go about doing this.
Is there any way to edit the rotating doors? What I want is not just to change the exits, but to actually make it so that each door uses the screen exit of a particular screen of the sublevel e.g. Door 1 uses the screen the door is in, Door 2 uses the screen immediately above, and so on.
I need this patch as I am planning to use more than one rotating door and I do not want all of them to lead to the same places.
I was not sure whether actual sprite ASM requests would go in the FAQ or not.

Anyway, this does not fix the problem. I do not want to simpy change the hardcoded exits. I want to have multiple rotating doors, each leading to different exits. For example, one rotating door may lead to one place while the same number on a different rotating door (in the same sublevel but a different screen) leads somewhere else.
This may require a custom sprite or editing the original sprite code and I do not know ASM.
Thanks. I had just noticed that in editing E5 I had inadvertently corrupted the entirety of 6-4 and 6-5, and probably some other rooms. I guess I will have to start again with Eggvine.
I am using EggVine (I am editing a hack that was made in EggVine so editing in GE sometimes corrupts levels). What I want to know is how to create/delete screen exits. As far as I can see, EggVine can only move existing screen exits around.
GE does not corrupt anything (which I found by examining my backups). YIPES does. I would strongly advise everyone to stop using YIPES and just use hex editing to edit text. You should probably mention this in the FAQ.
I have asked for permission and not got a reply yet. I will definitely make sure to get permission from Zeldara and/or SNN before I publish this, though (which may include showing the version I have to them).

I will thoroughly check it to make sure there are no bugs caused by GE first. I will make sure my level is of good quality. I don't have that much experience with hacking YI but I have some experience in bug testing (I managed to fix bugs in Mario Gives Up) so I will make sure anything I release is of as high quality as I can get.

If necessary, I can use EggVine and copy my changes.

In fact, Zeldara, may I have permission to release an update? (I will likely send the final copy to you as a patch of a Kamek's Revenge ROM so all work in the patch is mine, before you can patch it and release the updated version. I will also show you the final level after finishing it, if you want).