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GS Code:
81249688 A03B
8124968A B25E
8124DC7C A1A0
8124DC7E 00EE
8024B197 0040

004688 : A0 3B
00468A : B2 5E
008C7C : A1 A0
008C7E : 00 EE
006197 : 00 40

Video (Unexpected end tag (</embed>) at 547, expected </div>)
We observe our environment all the time and have always done so and this awareness has allowed us to evolve over time into the 'type' of species we are today. I think somewhere around our current level of intelligence to a lower state a bit above that of a monkey, something that can truly grasp the concept of 'thinking' of irrational and rational ideas that can cause specific types of emotional and mental responses of the beings current perspective of reality. So when we have something that alters our reality specifically, releases dopamine and sends chemical bound molecules into our brain to make us feel, sense, and think outside of the box, outside of how we normally feel, how we normally think, interact, socialize, and how we generally feel.

I kind of like the anime styled face expression but the colors throw me off so bad and look like they are coming out the drawing of his clothes ._.
(All Default)
Monkey Bars Max Speed 8125ED0A 4080
Monkey Bars Acceleration 8125ED1E 3F80

Backflip 81252662 4278
Long Jump Height 812528AE 41F0
Long Jump Distance 8125292E 4240 &(81252924 2400)
Wall Kick Height 81252766 4278
Wall Kick Distance 81252792 41C0
Cartwheel height 812527B6 4278
Cartwheel Distance 812527C2 4100

3rd jump height 8125267A 428A
Jumping Out Of Water Height 812526CE 4228
Swim speed: 81271B9A 3F00 &(81270D28 1000)
MetalMario Underwater Jump height 81252BF2 4200

Wingcap takeoff height 812526AA 42A4
Wingcap takeoff Speed 8126F4E6 4200

Ass fire jump hieght 8126E3BA 42A8

Sweeper Flip Height 812B1D36 42BE
Sweeper Flip Distance 812B1D22 C234

Bounce off Normal Enemies (Goompa, plant, Ghost, etc...) 8124F446 41F0
Bounce off Special Enemies (Fly Guy and Snow level guys) 8124F3F0 42A0

Post more stolen Viper codes later.
Making a "remake" of the gameplay shown in beta and alpha videos is only going to go so far, then it's a case of your own ideas of what you want to add. Maybe make realistic 'beta' versions of maps that may seem too hard or perhaps change a few things just to differ it.

Ultimately the idea of basing the 'hack' on a specific version of beta elements is irrational and the only rational approach at something like this is what I stated above.
Originally posted by ArchangelGabriel
Originally posted by Smasherx74
Post more stolen Viper codes later.

The codes I posted were NOT stolen.

You can't really steal gameshark codes, and these type of codes in particular are pretty "unstealable" since no one can take ownership of something that is preset in the rom and just changing the value, perhaps ownership of actually getting the area and making a gameshark format of it.

Either way all of these codes come from AntiGSC, Viper as far as know, published a lot of different codes as well as made renegrade64. That's why I refer to them as vipers, whoever that may be as I have never communicated with him but have found use of a lot of work he has floating around the interwebs.
Originally posted by Flame8765
Originally posted by Smasherx74
Post more stolen Viper codes later.

What..? I already stated that the author listed on the site I found the codes in were blank. I didn't know they were made by Viper, alright? Gesh, I'll edit my post #w{x(}

Who knows who made them. I just assume viper did but he stated specifically that many of the codes from gameshark to action replay, are by several different people. For sm64 in specific these codes appear to probably be made by like 3 or 4 different people, the site has the basic codes smif or whoever provided in pj64 cheat file, and the site has codes from gs centeral thats made by different people, and some made for older gameshark versions.

There is no real way to tell who did what, so It's best to just say where you got them from, and I believe this thread implies antiGSC which viper still pays for and owns i think. So I guess we give credit to him.
Originally posted by NEWERhug0905
Originally posted by Smasherx74
Making a "remake" of the gameplay shown in beta and alpha videos is only going to go so far, then it's a case of your own ideas of what you want to add. Maybe make realistic 'beta' versions of maps that may seem too hard or perhaps change a few things just to differ it.

Ultimately the idea of basing the 'hack' on a specific version of beta elements is irrational and the only rational approach at something like this is what I stated above.

dude, im not doing the 2nd beta remake, im doing the 4th beta remake, and i already know that dudaw is working on the 2nd beta remake.

Lol, Tell me what you mean by 1st 2nd third and fourth beta? You mean the releases of videos we have of the game in it's development? The whole idea of this is contradicting it's self. You, along with dudaw are adding your own Creative influenced bias opinions to the 'recreation' of an earlier stage in development of the game. So you tilting it 'Pre-release' addition or dudaw saying it's whatever alpha beta, It's always had elements of the known information of earlier sm64 but was and will never e accurate enough to be justified as being titled a hack of recreating an earlier stage of the game.

I have many more problems with you calling anything a replica of an older stage in development. I thought this was the whole point dudaw stopped trying to make his recreation, I Remember he had some good ideas on his leveling for it originally and was pretty fun but as I said earlier,It had aspects (which made up majority of the rom) of his own ideas of what he thinks.

But it honestly doesn't matter, no one really cares... Well I do, but who cares about what I care about am I right?
I never said your codes we're on the site as well, but I implied it apparently. You're couple of gameshark codes are not on the specific site we're talking about b it doesn't matter. You wanted a thread for gameshark code,

Bouncing Box First Jump Height: 8126CF7A 4234
Bouncing Box First Jump Distance: 8126CF8A 4200
Bouncing Box Second Jump Height: 8126CFA2 4270
Bouncing Box Second Jump Distance: 8126CFB2 4210
Bouncing Box Third Jump Height: 8126CFCA 42C8
Bouncing Box Third Jump Distance: 8126CFDA 4240
I'm not sure what my IQ is, I've took many tests professional ones and random ones made by random people i guess, Majority of the time I will score top of the results on any IQ test pretty much. Even those silly internet ones.
Private Sub Item()

Dim strWriter As New StreamWriter(FILE_NAME, False)
strWriter.Write("<Items>" & vbCrLf)

Dim arrFirst() As String = Itemsbox.Text.Split(vbNewLine)
For Each i In arrFirst
strWriter.Write("<" & i & ">" & vbCrLf)

Dim strReader As New StreamReader(FILE_NAME)
My.Settings.XML = strReader.ReadToEnd

MsgBox("Text Appended to the File")
End Sub

I need <Items> and </Items> to be static where they are never misplaced outside of the First line of text and last line of text. As well as the inbetween information needs to be like

New Info
Newer Info
Continuely updating info this way
So On
and so forth

How would I do that? Right now my code can only enter more then one line if I use the multiline from my textbox, I cant actually input a new line for each Item()

._. help plz.
The stars are just out in the open there is no real challenge to getting them, aside from the fact of poor structured levels such as the hearts underwater, why not air bubble ring things? How is the music custom? It's Super mario galaxy for the stars, you music from sonic for a level which sounds like trash. There is nothing worthy here, perhaps you should continue refining your hack until it's actually good.
Originally posted by MariosHub
Hey guys, it's MCMania332 again for the update.

The level updates:
1. Goomba Plains - 0/100
2. Whomp's Floating Habitat - 15/100
3. Koopa Mountains - 0/100
4. Snow Snow Islands - 0/100
5. Boo's Spooky World - 0/100

Sorry because I'm currently focusing on Whomp's Floating Habitat and the Title Screen for my hack. If you wanna help me in this hack, please submit these models, and I'll give credit to you guys.

Again, the hack will have over 130 stars including 100-coin stars.

Post pictures or gtfo. We want to see your level design, the 'extra' touch ups on your hack such as custom behaviors, or replicating something from an older mario game or newer through smart hacking, meaning you use your brain.

Level design is a huge thing with mario64 hacking, if your level is lacking structure, like details making the map feel alive then no one will really enjoy it. You should have levels with interesting environments and in game puzzles and problem solving to do things that may at first seem impossible. Like perhaps hitting an invisible block on a jump that knocks you down to your death (Smw style). Or something like that.

You don't always have to make threads about releasing your hacks, you should be practicing what you understand and applying it. What is beyond your current state of comprehension should be put on the side until you better your skills at level designing.
How do I use google sketchup, I have no plugins dropdown thing to choose Objexporter.rb thing.
How do I export the right OBJ files, when I save my Level as OBJ file i don't have same options in the exporter rb file as the pictures for the tutorial. My levels wont work at all.

When I import the selection screen wont show it freezes white and my levels in the level previewer are not right.

Originally posted by cackletta
Watch it, if you don't understand it, watch it again, and if you don't still understand it, watch it again.

I don't have the triangulate option nor the Plugin drop down option to use the same obj exporter options when i export my level obj file.

I already have the maxsize thing and my faces were already white.
Originally posted by BS187
You need A. sketchup pro OR B. the plugin. Best is to get sketchup pro (if it's legal or not is not our concern).

The plugin is in the same document tutorial you got the maxsize from. Atleast, sofar I remember. I haven't touched that document in a year.

My Sketchup does not have the "Plugin" feature. I Cannot use plugins apparently but exporting i can export as a obj file however it wont show up correctly.

Can someone just help me instead of telling me to pirate versions of a program :\
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