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Posts by Kinopio
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Originally posted by MilleniumLuigi
Thanks! :) although as I mentioned skullkid64 made that, I just provided him with the original level.cHe's just sprucing it up and making it look nice :)

Oh, I missed the part where you mentioned skullkid64.
Originally posted by SuperZora

I added 3D text on it and deleted the faces to make it 2D

Try to not place the text on the tombstone surface, but slightly over so that there is very little space between the text and the tombstone, it's important they are not touching so vertices don't merge with the ones of the tombstone. It's a little trick that help to reduce the number of vertices.
It's an art attack! #w{=)}
Have you painted yourself the vase texture?
You are also really good at mapping texture.
I had the same problem. It seem that stars doors don't work since level importer 1.7S. Don't know why.
Instead you can use a castle door openable with stars, put the required number of stars in the b1 or b2 parameter.
What about a Donkey Kong Country level?
That music perfectly fits the level, it always brings me back a lot of memories...
However, you made a really good job. I like the effect of the mist slightly above the swamp, but in the overall you put quite a lot of details on this level, it's evident that you put a lot of effort in it.
I am happy that you followed my suggestion of using signs instead of polygonal text on the tombstones, one little improvement would be to add a generic illegibile texture on them, so that it looks like there is something written on.

PS. I am going to write a post in the tips and tutorials topic to show some tricks to save polygons that I am sure will come very useful.
Originally posted by skullkid64
Alright I have a simple favor to ask. In my hack, I have some dark levels (such as cave, underground etc.) So I decided to put a water box (from the SM64 Importer) into that level, but then I realized that the water texture is too light (too shinny). When I put the original water box into my level it messes up its whole design.

But then I thought about it and I realized that the original SM64 game has two water box texture (found in Castle Grounds, Wet-Dry World, Tiny Huge Island etc.) But there is another water box that could be found in the game that has a more darker texture (which can be found in Jolly Roger Bay and in the basement inside Peach's Castle).

Now I know that I can easily just change the water texture to make it looks darker. But unfortunately, that would effect other levels (like Palm Tree Paradise) (You can go check it my level here) ->

So my question is: Is there a way to get the other darker water box while importing a level (in a custom-made level)?

Thank you for sharing your answer and I hope I made sense! #tb{:p}

In the level setting tab of the level importer you can adjust the shading intensity of your level. Setting a lower value will reduce the lighting intensity and your level will look darker and it should also affect the water texture.
But you have to brighten up all the textures of your level otherwise it will look too dark.
It seems that only the right field of the shading intensity is effective, so don't bother changing the one the left.
Originally posted by UnknownToaster
Long post above...

Dude you are absolutely right.
I was actually going to write a very similar post, are you a mind reader or something? #tb{^V^}
What is important to understand is that following that approach will not just save few polygons but a lot more, like 20% or so.

In sketchup there are two ways of separating models:

- By making a group

- By making a component

A component is like a group but editing made to one of them will affects all its copies (which in fact are instances of the same object).
So this is very useful for models that are used more than once inside the level (like trees).

Here is a link to a video tutorial about groups and components: link
Originally posted by skullkid64

Although is it still possible to get that darker water texture. I mean it is in-game right?

Not sure what you mean... the whole level will look darker, like at night-time, so yes it is in-game.

Originally posted by Anoliah
So I finally realised I've been using a severely outdated version of the Level importer, so I upgraded. But now when I open the rom that I've been using with the old version, it tells me that my rom is incompatible with version 1.7s or later and then prevents me from importing levels. Is there a way to fix this problem, or am I forced to use an outdated importer for the rest of my hack?

No way, the latest importers offer a lot more than the previous.
Level can have up to 16000 triangles, scrolling textures, transparency and a lot of tweaks.
Just reimport all your levels in a 64 mb patched rom and if you are a little familiar with hex editing you can also copy game objects from the old rom by doing as described in this post: link
Whoa, these texture are so beautyful. If you hadn't told you painted by yourself I would have thought they were ripped from the original game. Great job, man. #w{=D}
Very beatyful setting! Those textures fit perfectly.

Did you use a custom water texture?
For my trophy I was thinking at an hat with a little helic on on it.
Something like this:

Do you think you can make it?
Very tidy and clean desing, I like it.

It took me so much to make this level,
but I am quite happy with the result.

I made it with SketchUp (except the giant piranha plant) plus uv tools and uv toolkit 2 plugins for more advanced texture mapping.
Wow, I didn't expect such a positive reaction.
I am really happy, thank you all guys! #w{=3}

Originally posted by mosky2000
That new Piranha Plant model is amazing 100% awesome! You should teach me how to make models like you do. Please?

I actually uses very simple techniques that doesn't require complex modeling skills. Feel free to PM me if there is something you want to ask me about modeling and texturing.
I am thinking of making a tutorial to show some tricks with sketchup to make awesome textures mapping. #tb{;)}

Originally posted by alexzandar
wow thats just beautiful design/modeling right there!

The question is just when will you unveil a custom hack ;)

Have seen some of your levels earlier and i just wished I could play them.

Man, you are so right.
I know it's taking me too much time to make this hack, also consider the fact that I change my mind very often so it's hard for me to find a direction to follow and this is slowing me down.
The truth is that I actually enjoy to create levels and I am happy with it. When I will have made enough levels to justify an hack, be sure I will release it. #tb{;)}
Originally posted by Kazeshin

if you need anythign coding - ish, feel free to PN me and i'll code any kind of objects for you. this hack looks promising and i dont want you to have limited options.

Yeah sure.
Now I am going to take some rest from sm64 level creation, but I will contact you soon. Maybe we can plan something together.
Very good hounted house. I like how you modeled the environment. Those hills are really well made and also the grassy ground with the path which is not flat.
At great request (???) a tutorial on uv mapping with SketchUp.

Follow the link for the video: link
So sad, yet so funny when I imagine the scene.
However next time you would better upload your files on a remote storage (I use mediafire) or just do your coding stuff on the first floor. #tb{:p}
Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
I still use it for UV mapping purposes.

Use this triangulation plugin: link

I forgot to mention it in my tutorial, this plugin is way better than the one on frauber's site.

@RIT123: Get sketchup 8 pro, its build in object exporter is the best.
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Kinopio's Profile - Posts by Kinopio

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