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Originally posted by Yoshimaster96
Okay, here's the gist:
I've tried listening to music, from Super Mario 3D Land clock theme to Star Fox Corneria theme, and although I have ideas, I want to get creative and make levels with them. Unfortunately I'm more of a logical/analytical thinker and have trouble when it comes to creativity (which is a MUST for good level design). How do I do creative level design with this mindset? I usually measure a lot of things out (I'm obsessed with orderliness), which leads to a ton of blocks that I don't know what to do with. They're just... there. So what do I do?

Search for inspiration by looking at other levels, train your eyes to recognize what makes a level beautiful. Don't make things overly complicated, simplicity is the key. Add details later.
Start with small simple levels, at first use original sm64 textures, and even if you are not satisfied with it, go on and try to finish it. Then analyze your level, and try to understand why you don't like it.
The most common issue comes from bad proportions. When you model a level you see it from above and this can lead to bad proportions evaluation, so try to move the camera closer to have a better view or, even better, import your level often to check how it looks in game. Most proportion issues are easy fixable in the early modeling phase, but can be a real pain later.
Yeah, i knew you would have done the fludd at some point!
I am particularly impressed by the water effect and how the water sprites are chained to each other producing a very smooth bending.
New graphic style with sketch outlines! #w{=9}


eh eh, thanks guys.
I knew you would have appreciated.
Originally posted by Frike The Dragon
I think I know how you did it. Did you add small 2D black faces on the edges of each face, so that you see them when they're on the side, but not when they're in front of the camera (because they're flat)?
Otherwise it's a really good idea! Although it may consume alot of polygons. Maybe there's a way to ASM-code shaders into SM64...

Actually is more like a matrioska with two models, one inside the other. The inner one is the actual model with textures, the other is slightly bigger and completely black, but faces are reversed so they dosen't cover the smaller model on the inside.

Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
It's like having profiles enabled in Mario64, GJ.
Now the hell do I rate you, remember what I told you about keeping your awesome moderate?

Deal with it, man #ab{8-)}


Anways, gonna show off my crappy models, I'm working on a hack with LuigiXHero for C3, we decided the hub will be based off Luigi's circuit from mkwii and it will be about him since we are both luigis.

It's not crappy at all, it looks very good.
It just needs to be tidied up a little.
Originally posted by SkyLuigi
Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
Originally posted by FAQ
Q; I get a white screen I try to enter my level!
A; That happens as a result of changing the warp into something else or too much polygons seen on sight.

Also impossible. All I did was import a very small test model. I didn't even open TT64.

have you tried reimporting on a clean rom?
@ mr. g: yeah, really a nice technique.
very nice stuff here!
I like mini-hack because I don't often have time to play full hacks.
Will it be a christmas themed hack?
What a nice city level!
I once tried to make one, but never finished it, i've found quite difficult to make a level out of a city.
I am looking forward for an actual gameplay video!
I like this setting a lot!
What about a couple of platforms that the one mario steps onto sinks while the other rises by the same amount?

Something like these platforms in smw.

I could provide you the model if you want.
also very original level settings
Very neat and detailed, also nice fade to black effect. #w{=D}
Originally posted by Mariohacker14

funny joke though #w{xD}
Originally posted by MilleniumLuigi
i'd like what superzora is having, except alive just without leaves ad only branches.

what's the difference between a dead tree and an alive tree without leaves? #w{x(}
do you expect mariohacker to give it vital breath? #w{xD}
Originally posted by 55SuperShadow
I am currently working on a SM64 hack. Everything worked perfectly fine on my old computer. Recently, I built one, and moved my old PC's HDD into my new PC. Once I tried hacking again and importing the level with obj import (I have tried with several versions) It gives me an error. When I load the level in the game, all the wrong textures appear! I have tried re downloading the textures, different importers, etc. etc. and I can't get the proper textures to appear in game. What do I do?
what kind of textures appear in game?
when you open the obj file with the importer you see them in the material tab?
did you also moved from windows xp to a newer version?
Can someone send me a PM with the source file? I would like to take a look.
Metal head Mario can move... and also reflect things #w{=D}

Originally posted by mosky2000
Wait a minute. Who made the actual peach's castle grounds? This looks perfect. The project can still continue.

I think it's the castle ground from the blender remake: video
But seeing how fast Nintendo has taken down the sm64 hd remake i don't think anyone wants to continue with a similar project... #w{>=(}
3d animated metal pool in action! video

edit: new video, much better now
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