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open the .mtl file that comes with your level .obj file and open it with wordpad. look for something like this:

newmtl Material1
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Kd 0.603922 0.607843 0.596078
Ks 0.330000 0.330000 0.330000
map_Kd untitled/Material1.bmp
collisionType 123 0 0

where in place of "Material1" is the name of the material you applied to the vanishing wall, then check that next to "collisionType" there is the code "123 0 0".
@XerX: for the star door freeze, when you imported the level do you selected the "inside castle" object bank?
Originally posted by Kazeshin
Originally posted by Lonestar
UPDATE: Another level is ready to be imported as soon as I can get the scaling right.

at a scaling of 500, Mario is 0.285 meters high. a door is 0.48mx0.24m.
he can jump 1.10 meters with a triple jump. with this knowledge, it's easy to get the rght scaling.

I use the same scaling but I have found slightly different values for the doors. For me the door size is about: 52cm x 30cm.

This is a useful trick I use for estimating object size. I import a simple flat level texturized with square tiles of the size of 5cm x 5cm, then, once the objects are placed, the tiles work as a reference grid.

I have just gave a look at the demo and it looks really impressive!

The sunset effect it's faboulous ;)

You should absolutely use texture projection to make your levels look even better.
Today I tried different values for the flame thrower behaviour and I have obtained interesting results (different flame lenght and his timing, flame going up), but these were not listed in any of the beahviour list I have found. So I am wondering if there is a more complete behaviours list.
I like the entrance to the cave but the inside looks a little too empty and flat, I think you should do some terrain modeling to make it less regular. ;)

Also, jumping on those snowballs doesn't look very funny to me, It feels frustrating because you keep sliding and falling down, I think it would be better if you made the upper part of the snowballs flat so it's easier to jump on them.

Good job anyway ^^
I'm trying to make a level with some sort of flying islands, in order to jump from one island to another I have to enable death floor, but the islands that are outside the 16000x16000 level boundaries are like if deathfloor is not enabled, they have invisible walls on the bounding edges. Then I created a large rectangle that covers the entire level and placed below it. I then applied to that rectangle the "death at bottom" collision type. Now when Mario jumps out from an island's boundary he instantly dies without even falling down a bit. How can I do to properly extend the death floor?
Originally posted by Kazeshin

you could change the distance from the 0x0A collision type by changing the value at B5DA (it's a float, defualt 4500);
i think the invisivle walls where fixed in importer 18.1, what version do you use?
also, you could make it quicksand, if you wouldn't mind about such things.

I'm still using the 1.6 version... by now I have already imported some levels in a 48MB rom, so I will keep using that version.

However, thanks for answering me but I have found the answer myself ^^
I was using the wrong collision type, there is a collision type I didn't noticed before called "bottom of the level(death)" and it properly creates the deathfloor.
Originally posted by Kazeshin

you shouldn't use version 1.6; by copying the levelscripts with a hex editor, you should be able to get everything easily to your other rom.

it goes like this:
1. import all levels to a 64mb rom
2 open toadstool twice, once the 64mb and once the 48mb rom.
3 click on the first object in the 48mb rom and go there in a hex editor
4. click on the first object in the 64mb rom and go there in a hex editor
5. copy all filled 0x24 commands (and empty ends with 13 00 00 00, a filled has the behavior id at 13 00 XX XX) from the 48mb rom to the 64mb rom
6. do the same thing with the warps and the 0x26 commands (every 0x26 is 8 bytes long)
after that, all objects and warps should be there.

thanks, I'm going to try this
The island it's incredibly beautiful, how did you make those clouds?
I think this is a known problem of TT64, it doesn't load all the polygons of the model (only the first 2000, if I remember well), so you have to use collision map... :/
I want only few polygons to be fully lighted, I mean like they appeared with the earlier versions of the level importer, but not all the polygons just a bunch of them. Is it possible?
Originally posted by Mariohacker14

Kinopio means make some polygons without shading like fraubers importer v16

yes, that's it.

Originally posted by Kazeshin

that's possible, but it's a pretty hard thing, if you aren't familiar with polygon data;

if you go to the polygon data of your level in toadstool, you will notice 2 0x03 commands, pointing to some data, including your "shading intensity".
if you set another 0x03 command right before the polygons for the excluded part start, you should be able to shade just one part of the level... after that, set the old 0x03 command again... your polygon data will get bigger through this, of course. it's possible to find specificx polygons through 64rip+0xfd commands...

[03] [88] [00 10] [08] [00 C0 90] 
[1]: 03= Load color for next triangles. 
[2]: When is 0x86, loads the bright color, when 0x88(?) 
     loads darkened color. 
[3,4]: ?? 
[5]: RAM segment number 
[6,7,8]: Offset in segment 
        (colors referred are in 32-bit RGBA format 8888)

[FD] [10] 00 00 [09] [00 48 00] 
[1]: FD = load texture 
[3] : format/pixel size fffpp000 f = format RGBA = 000 
      (there are other options) p = storage size of 1 texel 
      16 bits = 10 (other options too) 0 = unused 
[5]: RAM segment number 
[6,7,8]: Offset in segment 

and to find the offset, you will have to look at the level scripts;
level geometry stuff gets loaded to segment 0x0E;
17 Copy uncompressed data from ROM to a RAM segment
[4]: RAM segment to copy data to
[5,6,7,8]: Start address in ROM of uncompressed data
[9,10,11,12]: End address in ROM of uncompressed data

uhm... yes it seems pretty hard to me,
however thanks for the exhaustive explanation.
Originally posted by KochiyaStar
I know but I do add things. I ad towers, ponds/wells.. my first level is amazing, I promise I'll show.

Trying to work on the hub area, its not working well.. Mario ends up falling into an abyss. How would i go about warp destinations for it? I am using Rainbow clouds so i can get a few secret stars in

I don't get what you mean, what are you trying to do?
Originally posted by KochiyaStar

Check my hacks thread.

I was not referring to your hack in general, but to what were your problems with warp destinations.
So this is my new level, its peculiarity is that is playable on both side (upper and lower side). Basically there are special tubes that allow Mario to pass through the level surface and to walk on the other side.

Some pics:

Also enjoy the video: link
I just checked and it seems that the file was deleted by the host site, but don't worry I will upload it again as soon as possible. ;)
I decided to create a new thread to give more visibility to my program which could be very useful to anyone using SketchUp for modelling SM64 levels and is experiencing the annoying problem of the stretched textures. The program provides a simple and fast solution to that problem.

Before and after:

Just drag your level .obj file into the executable to generate a new .obj to be used with the importer.

- Up to 20000 triangles and to 100 textures
- Don't use more than 50 characters for material/textures names

Download (for Windows)
thanks Mariocrash, you're always generous with compliments ;)
Well, I'm glad you have appreciated it!
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