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Originally posted by Vinnyboiler
I have to use Maya as part of my games design course but I found that making levels with large terrain a lot more complicated with the program then it needs to be. Sketchup with the right plugins is far more efficient in my opinion and a heck of a load more user friendly then Maya.

I only use Blender when ripping models in .vrml to import into Sketchup, I haven't tried making levels in there but I feel I'll only run into the same issues as Maya.

Are there any sketchup plugins you suggest to use?

Originally posted by AntLionAlpha

I recently got a new laptop and I downloaded all the tools for SM64 romhacking and they're all working fine for now, but for some reason when I load my extended rom from my desktop into Toad's Tool 64 it says: "An error occured while opening the ROM file. Make sure the file isn't opened by another application, and that this program is allowed sufficient file acces privileges."
Now, I did transfer the rom from my desktop to this laptop via flash drive, but the rom works fine with Project64 and I even already imported a map into that rom, but Toad's Tool 64 is having issues. And yes, I did make sure the rom wasn't being used by any other programs at the time.

That's strange, I think it happened to me once but I resolved with a simple reboot.
for the scrolling textures just click on the "Special Material" tab on the level importer 1.8S and check the "Enable Scrolling Textures" box at the bottom, then select the texture you want to be scrolling from the menu.
if you are using sketchup, try to select the face with the scrolling texture and then create group.
@Shog: at which tutorial are you referring to? could you send me a link?
The objects in the file are not scaled properly (assuming you use a scale factor of 500 in the importer) so I resized it and saved with SketchUp 8.

New MaxFile.skp
Originally posted by MarioMario510
I meant that
I make something in sketchup
Obj exporter to export
Do level importer patches of my clean extended sm64 rom
then I use level importer to apply the obj to sm64,After that I try to open it in toads tool 64 but it wont open..

You have to open TT64 with a clean rom and check the "skip checksum check" into the preferences menu.
sure you are really yung! You weren't even born when sm64 came out. ^^

however you don't really need to understand all the parameters of TT64 to make a playable hack. to place an object just select an empty object in the left column, then choose any of the object combo in the list in the column on the bottom-left to turn the empty object into a star, an enemy, etc.

after that, find a purple tile like this: [ Act ****** ]
selecting for example only the first star means that the object will be visibile in the game only when you select the first star in the act selector of your level. if you want the object to be visible in all the acts you have to select the first 5 stars (keep always unselected the 6th star).

now you only need to place the object, so select any of the camera view (except fly and orbit) and move the object by dragging it with your mouse in the desired position.
You can either rotate the texture by 180° if you are using sketchup, or rotate the texture image itself with paint.
you mean the texture?

to make it I cropped the inner parts between the wires and I made them full transparent.

you can find the original file here
I like textures and the chromatic style :)
I have these two fences textures with transparency:

download link
I suggest you to move to Sketchup pro and use its internal exporter, and also visit the topic linked below and download the program to fix the textures stretching problem.
Shading is enabled by default in any version of the level importer later than 1.6. You should be ok if you use the 1.8.1S ;)
You are using the object exporter plugin for sketchup right? If it's your case, it's not only the fence that is upside down but all the textures of the level. To make them look right, just check the "vertically flip texture" checkbox in the "Import Setting" tab of the level importer.
congrats kaze, it is really impressive ;)
Be sure you are using the latest version of the level importer (1.8.1S) and follow the patching sequence with a clean rom. First import the level checking the "ignore material file" option. This should prevent TT64 from crashing. Place the warp and import again, this time without the option checked.
This is my latest creation:

This time I choose a mountain environment. It is not the classic snowy setting, but it is grassy and colorful like in warmer seasons. Although there is still snow on the upper parts.
I wanted to add variety to the level, so there are also a mine and a sawmill, which are both explorable.

Enjoy the video: link
Originally posted by SkyLuigi
I got it imported and working. However, there are a number of problems:

1. The textures somehow changed to Haunted House textures.
2. Collision is EXTREMELY glitchy.

1. It seems that the level importer didn't find the material (.mtl) file. On the level importer first tab, check that you don't have enabled "ignore material file". If not, than check that you have correctly exported the material file, in the same folder where you exported the level .obj file you should find a .mtl file with the same name of the .obj file. Check also that in that folder are the textures image files.

2. What do you mean for extremely glichy? can you make and example?
I sometime experience some collision glich, but nothing that I would define extreme. I suggest you to check that all external faces of your model are orientend by the white side (if you are using sketchup).

Originally posted by Dakras Hayashi
How, would i disable the intro to the game? I hear it will crash your game if you dont disable it if you change the map or so..

I think it could crash the game only if you replace the castle courtyard. However you can disable it in the ROM settings tab of the level importer.
Originally posted by pieordie1
I still can't get the scrolling textures to work. So I choose my texture and I enable scrolling textures. Then I choose the x axis scroll and the speed, but it still doesn't scroll. Can someone tell me how to do it?

Try to increase the number of polygons
To avoid that error in TT64, try to import the level checking the "ignore material file" box, then, when you have finished using TT64, you can reimport in the usual way. ;)
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