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Posts by Kinopio
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I have never been interested in 3D coins because I think that old 2d coins do their job well. However ask kazeshin for that.
It seems that sometimes it doesn't scroll all the polygons if they are not connected each other. If you are using sketchup, try to select all the polygons you want to scroll, do right click on one of them and then make group. I have found that sometimes it helps.
Originally posted by Alessio

@Kinopio, that's so pretty! You should work on the edges: they're mostly hard, you should soften them, otherwise the whole level will look a big colored piece of crystal.

thanks, I use few polygons and I try to make shapes as simple as possible because I want my level to match N64 game graphic complexity (and of course because simpler models save me a lot of time :P). I rely much more on creating eye pleasing contrast with color and textures.

The problem with the edges is that the level importer only applies flat shading to model faces, so triangles are much more visible (it's like in the first virtua fighter).
I am almost sure that SM64 engine can handle gouraud shading which provides a smooth shading. It is mostly applied to objects like the warp pipe and the cannon, and also in the grassy part outside the castle.
If this will be implemented in further version of the level importer, it would help a lot to make our level looks better.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
in sketchup you can smooth edges. this is also getting imported into SM64. you can create smooth shadings with that.

really? 0_0
you mean by deleting edges holding control + eraser?

edit: just tried! it works really well, great advice ;)
I like the very clean style, it looks like toon-shaded. ^^
when the importer doesn't find the material file, it applies random textures (maybe depending on the object banks selected). but this is needed only to make TT64 open your level so you can place objects in there. After that, you have to reimport with "ingore material file" unchecked in order to display your model's textures.
Originally posted by kUROBix
I really don't want to say this... but I used your executable long ago, it worked great, but for some reason now my textures still go wonky...
You can see what I'm talking about in my progress thread for my hack.

It doesn't seem that your textures have stretching problem, could it be that you used the triangulate plugin before exporting? It should never be used. It only messes up all textures and it has no use since the exporter does triangulation by itself.

for my executable to work you have to export your model with the sketchup pro default exporter (not the plugin).

file > export > 3d model

select OBJ file in the menu and then click on option.
Check the following boxes:
- triangulate all faces
- export texture maps
- swap YZ coordinates

you can left all the other boxes unchecked.
no, as far as I know... otherwise I wouldn't have spent time writing a program to fix the problem :P

however you can still get better results simply by exporting without using the triangulate plugin, even if your are using the free version of sketchup. ;)
Originally posted by Kazeshin
some question to kinopio/someonoe who has experimented with sketchup+obj importer:

- when does the model get centered?
- is there any way to prevent the level from getting centered?
this would help me rly with characterreplacing, creating different 0x15 commands for one levle geometry,... everthing would be easier without this ventering :V

I don't know if it's possible to prevent the centering of the level, but versions 1.8S and 1.8.1S of the importer use a better method to calculate the center than previous versions.

We should ask Skelux to know how it exactly works, but I am almost sure the calculation of the center depends exclusively on level's X, Y, Z boundaries.
I believe that, for example, the Y component of the center point is the mean between the Y components of the lowest and the highest vertex of the level model. The same goes for the X and Z components of the center point by considering the mean of their respective smallest and biggest values.
Originally posted by kUROBix

Or that sign it's a texture by itself, not a repeating one, like the wall it's on.

It doesn't look square because it has transparent pixels, but it works just like every other texture.

To make a texture like that sign, you have to draw a square face and put it very near the wall but not on it. Just place it at a distance of about 3cm from the wall.
After you have applied the texture to that face right click on it and do texture > position.

Drag the red pin to the bottom left corner of the face (be sure it snap to the vertex), then drag the green pin to the bottom right corner.
This way there are better chances your texture will hold its position when exporting with the plugin.
so cool!
Originally posted by Yoshimaster96
I want to add a custom background image to my hack, but whenever I import the background is glitched.




Maybe it's because your background image file has 8 bit of color depth, try to make it 24 bit.

Anyway, talking about backgrounds, I have my own request.
When I import a custom background, it look like this:

The textures are not properly mapped and the edges of the skybox are visible. Is it normal?
I have also used a 256x256 image... #smw{-_-;}
What if I overwrote an original background image with a custom one? Will I get better results?
It looks like it's snowing on delfino plaza #w{xD}

Btw, it looks good. Time ago I tried myself to make a Delfino Plaza level, not by ripping the model but starting modeling from scratch. The harderst part was the texturization. Rescaling the original textures doesn't give good restult as you can see.
@kaze: just a suggestion, what about a yoshi's island 64. With baby mario riding yoshi and when he gets hit baby mario flies away inside a bubble?
Originally posted by MarioMario015
Originally posted by Kinopio
@kaze: just a suggestion, what about a yoshi's island 64. With baby mario riding yoshi and when he gets hit baby mario flies away inside a bubble?

Kinopio, I think that would be too hard.....Just thinking about it gives me nightmares XD #w{xD}

yeah maybe, but after seeing what kaze is capable of doing, I think it could be possible.
Originally posted by cackletta
#smw{:|}Now we have 2 people doing super mario sunshine 64,wonder which one I'll play....hmmm Both! :P

I am not going to make a sms64.
At most I would have made only the Delfino Plaza, but I abandoned the project. #ab{:P}
After importing some custom levels I have found that the orginal bowser 3 battle is corrupted. When I enter into the level I only get a black screen but the music is still playing. I've tried to enter in other original levels and some of them give the same problem.
I have also reimported all the custom levels on a clean rom, but the problem persists.
Could it be because I used the skillux credits patch which was meant to be used on a 48mb rom? Anyway after applying the patch all worked fine until I began importing some custom levels.
Skillux patch came to my mind because the level broke right after I applied the patch. I verified that the levels are still there, because TT64 opens them and all the objects are in place.
Do you have any ideas of what could be the cause of this problem?

Is there a credit patch for 64mb rom? If not, do you know any alternative?
Originally posted by Kazeshin
Originally posted by Kinopio
Skillux patch came to my mind because the level broke right after I applied the patch. I verified that the levels are still there, because TT64 opens them and all the objects are in place.
Do you have any ideas of what could be the cause of this problem?

Is there a credit patch for 64mb rom? If not, do you know any alternative?

btw, let's call it skelux' patch, i'm like 100% sure it is;
also, he actually did this:

new frand star behavior:
ROM Addr: 0021B514 Hex Behav: 13001714
00 06 00 00 <-start
11 01 00 01 <-object flags
10 2A 20 00 <-sets interaction to "warp hole"
10 05 00 00 <-enables interaction
2D 00 00 00 <- saves initial position (not sure, if even necessary)
08 00 00 00 <-start loop
0C 00 00 00 80 2A AA 60 <-copied from warp hole and warp pipe
0C 00 00 00 80 2B 32 9C <-from original behavior (movement etc)
09 00 00 00

since it should get spawned with bparam2=0 warpout ID 00 should be changed to whatever your credit level should be. you'll have to hexedit it in yourself. there's also a tutorial for getting mroe warp outs, but it won't work good for bowser levels, since it costs objects to add warps on that way.

Thanks, but where do I write the warpout ID?
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Kinopio's Profile - Posts by Kinopio

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