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there is no grand star behavior in TT64, as kaze said it has to be hex edited :(
Originally posted by Kazeshin
you hex edit the behavior in and then change warp ID 0 to warp to your credit level; just imagine there's an invisible warphole in your level

I have already edited the grand star behavior and it seems to work, when mario touches the grand star he warps to a black screen. What I need to know is where (at which address in the sm64 rom) I have to write the warp ID of my credit level.
Originally posted by Kazeshin

you can even write that warp ID in TT64. as i said, change warp ID 0 to warp to your credit level. (go to B3 fight in TT64->0x26 commands->look after warp IDs)

Oh, I finally get it.

This is how I did:
- I followed this tutorial and replaced a bowser bomb with a 0x26 command (warp destionation), so I have one more warp in bowser 3 battle.

- then in TT64 I changed the ID of the newly created 0x26 command to 0 and set the destination to my credit level.

Thanks Kaze, now that I have my credit level working I can credit you #ab{;)}
Originally posted by cackletta
An hub world I am working on,it has 23,591 faces,and is far away from being done,I hope I don't run into any problem #smw{<_<}

There are definitely too much polygons, even with skelux patch the engine can't handle more than 20000 (but it's better to stay on 16000), but I believe your level has room for optimisation. Try to not put too many poligons on single elements (trees and plants), and also (if you haven't already) do large use of components and groups. It will help keeping the polycount low. For instance, when you place an object upon a flat surface the contact points generate new vertices on the plane if the object is not a component.
How can I change the "it's me mario" of the initial title screen with another music track?
Originally posted by cackletta
You need sub drag's sound tool to do that

I can't find that program, could you provide me a link so I can take a look?

Originally posted by Kazeshin

there are 3 function, that i know for sounds;

Originally posted by kaze's asm documents
PLAY SOUND: 8031EB00, A0 (sound value), A1 (?)
PLAY MUSIC: 80320544, A0 (0=normal, 1=play over current music), A1 (sequence)

the "play sound" value for "it's a me - Mario" is not known yet, so the easiest way to find the function, that plays the sound effect, is to nop all 31eb00 and 2CA144 JALs (ctrl+f through the checksum area document).
after that, you can repalce that for a JAL $320544 ( set A0 by "ADDIU A0, r0, $0001" above that instruction and A1 by "ADDIU A1, R0, $XXXX", while XXXX is your music's sequence number; should look like:

random code
JAL $8031EB00
random code


ADDIU A0, R0, $0001
JAL $80320544

can't help more, i'm too lazy to search for it.

you already did enough,
so basically I would have to nop those functions untill I hear no sound during the title screen?
furthermore, if I replace a JAl operation with three other operations, will I overwrite operations that could compromise the game code?
Originally posted by Kazeshin
nah, one of the "play sound" function needs 5 rows of code to play a sound, the other one needs 3; the "play music" function takes 3 rows of code.
also, if you'd find the correct jal, it's easy for me to shorten the code surrounding it by 40%, so i could give you a finished code after that.

well, if you want - as cack assumed - to change the sound effect to another (instead of changing the sound effect to a music sequence), it would be way easier/faster to use subdrags soundtool;
you can rip sounds from any N64 game (->export binary, export preditors) and insert them into SM64 (->import binary, import preditors->inject in place->save rom)

Very well, now I have a different sound during the title screen. The original was a little out of place for my hack. ^^

Now I would have another request, I want to place yoshi and peach in my credit level. Yoshi has it's own object combo but it doesn't show up and peach is only a model ID, I have tried different behaviors with her but she is invisible or glitchy.
Originally posted by RIT123

Thanks. I divided the textures, but it is still stretchy. The flatness will go away when I edit it in toads tool. I will not enable death floor for this level. Also, does anyone know how to make transparent fences and textures?

You can make transparent textures with any image editor as gimp or Just select the part of the texture you want to be transparent and delete it. Remember to save it as .png otherwise transparency will get lost.

Here are two fences texture with transparency:,aidgqhqqah85bsa/shared

For stretched textures if you are using sketchup pro take a look here.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
yoshi's regular behavior has something, that hides it, when having less than 120 stars. peach's geometry is invisible, unless object->0x17C is set. luckily, you can use behavior command 0x10 to solve that;

ROM Addr: 0021E338 Hex Behav: 13004538
Description: Yoshi behavior
00 04 00 00
11 01 24 49 <-flags
2F 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 <-interaction type
23 00 00 00 00 A0 00 96 <-collision size (you can modify it; A0 = x/z, 96 =y
27 26 00 00 05 02 41 E8 <-yoshi animations
04 00 00 00 13 00 32 00 <-jumps to pink bob ombs behavior

peach has 2 ingame behaviors;

but these probably won't be good for you, i guess;
for peach, you can use either toads behavior with a changed 0x27 command or you can use something like this:
00 04 00 00
11 01 24 49 <-flags
2F 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 <-interaction type
23 00 00 00 00 80 00 60 <-collision size (you can modify it; 80 = x/z, 60 =y
10 3D 00 FF <-sets transparency; i'm not sure, whether this has to be 0 or FF, one is full transparent, the other is full visible.
27 26 00 00 05 01 C5 04 <-peach animations
04 00 00 00 13 00 32 00 <-jumps to pink bob ombs behavior

Thank you very much, you gave me a great help!
I have got both peach and yoshi to work correctly.

I didn't know how to make custom behavior so I had to figure it out how to do. I replaced the "Peach at the beginning" behavior with the code you provide me, but since it's longer than the original I had to overwrite the next behavior which is "Birds at end 1" but I suppose it shouldn't create problem as long as I don't use that behavior, right?
Originally posted by Kazeshin
yeah, but note, that not every behavior has to be placed in TT. for example, explosions, dust, etc gets spawned through actions. around 60% of all behaviors get spawned by something different. so just overwrite a behavior, if you are sure, it will never get called in your hack. if you plan to use the original credit scene, you'll have to choose a different behavior. but in your case, it's irrelevant.

that's for sure, got it. #ab{;)}
Originally posted by kUROBix
I have sketchup pro, and I did exactly as you said, I used your executable, some textures were still messed up.

maybe they are too small, try to scale them up.

edit: another possible cause could be that you used textures with sizes different from 32x32 or 32x64
Originally posted by cackletta
can you please update this to 30,000 polygons?#smw{:TUP:}

yes, I could, but first check that you can import level with so many polygons since I knew that it's not possible to import levels with more than 20000 polygons.
Hi everyone,
this is my first publicly released hack.
Actually is a mini-hack, suitable for a Christmas special. ^^

See here for more informations.


PS: I haven't posted screenshot cause I don't want to spoil you anything. ;)

edit: new video with a little preview.
Originally posted by KochiyaStar
All the video is showing me is the title screen just like the image and, that is it.
Is this a joke, or was that intentional? I want to know what I am playing before I play it. :3

Uhm... It seems that aiming at the surprise factor could be counterproductive.
I think tommorow I will add a real trailer #ab{;)}
Originally posted by Kazeshin
2 little things for the future:

ROM Addr: 0021DCE4 Hex Behav: 13003EE4
Red coin star for bowser courses with save
21DCE4/003EE4 00 06 00 00
21DCE8/003EE8 11 01 40 01
21DCEC/003EEC 08 00 00 00
21DCF0/003EF0 0C 00 00 00 80 2F 32 8C
21DCF8/003EF8 09 00 00 00

use this with model ID 0 for stars, that won't warp you out

remove star messages:

12400: NOP
12414: NOP

sure, it will come in handy
Originally posted by Alessio

And why does it only happens in Sketch Up? It's just a curiosity, actually, since get on well bette with Maya. I have heard, actually, long time ago, that Sketch Up isn't great if you want to import models into games in general but, really, not everyone is an artits.

Stretched textures occur when vertices coordinates in the texture space are bigger or lesser than certain values. This inevitably occurs when a texture is too small and it repeats too many times inside a triangle, but when dealing with sketchup, it could also happens that textures look stretched even if they are big and this is because it often uses unnecessarily high values for textures coordinates.
Originally posted by pikachu101
Hi! You! I'm a newbie in sm64
hacking,and I want to ask a question,I
know it might sound weird,since every
one here are guru(s) in sm64 hacking
so I'll ask it, what is UV mapping?

Hi, uv mapping doesn't concern sm64, but in general refers to computer graphic. Speaking roughly is how textures are applied to polygons.
If you want to know more you will find a lot of articles on google.
Originally posted by AntLionAlpha
Real quick, how should I go about creating a warp to the Metal Cap area if I've already imported a new level into Hazy Maze Cave? The parameters for the Metal Cap warp are 52 and 11, but trying those parameters on a warp inside the castle displays "Warp not found!" in Toad's Tool. I'd just like some pointers before I do trial and error while crashing the game several times.

NOTE: I have not edited the castle over world at all yet.

Create a warp object and set its warp out destionation. After importing a level all warp destinations are to Bob-Omb Battlefield, so just select one of them (but not the 010 which is used for the initial warp). Then click on Warp Destinations in the upper-left box and select the destination you have previously choosen for your warp. Now in the parameters bars there should be a button which allow you to change the destination level (in this case to 028 Metal Cap).
Originally posted by AntLionAlpha

So I make a warp object in the over world, yes? The warp out ID should be 11 for Metal Cap, correct? Does it matter what type of warp I use here? Because I chose Warp Hole like was used for the original Metal Cap warp. When you say select one of "them" do you mean go straight to the Warp Destination menu and select one of those or do I do something to the Warp (Fading) things in the 3D objects menu?

Basically the warp ID is just the index of the warp destination.
In havy maze cave it correspond to the Metal Cap starting point, but it could change in other levels as every level has it own warp destinations list.
In particoular, when you freshly import a new level all warp destinations are set to Bob-Omb Battlefield and so is the one with ID 11.
Supposing you choosed 11 as warp out ID, then you have to open the warp destinations list in TT64 and change the corrisponding destination to Metal Cap.

The warp destination you are looking for is:

002 x 011 Bob-Omb Battlefield>1>12

where the 011 after the x is the ID.

You want to change it to:

002 x 011 Metal Cap>1>10

After that, the warp object should look like this:

006 x 034 Warp Hole {52, Metal Cap-1-10}
For anyone using non-pro SU, give a try to this free obj exporter I have found:

It is supposed to export texture mapping correctly, but I have never tested it because it's no use for me as I have the pro version and I have found this plugin almost accidentally. However it should come in handy for someone.
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