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Very neat design #ab{;)}
Perhaps it's the same sound heard in the title screen, just before the it's-a-me-Mario! #w{=P}
Try this:

OBJexporter v3.0

It supposed to be an alternative to the GSpro exporter, in case you don't want to "buy" it.
I like the new shaded coins, I am going to use them. Thanks for sharing. ^^
Originally posted by Goldiku
Can someone please tell me how do you select what star is for what act?
I tried putting stars and selecting what act but it ends up being a random act of the course, please someone help??

thank you #ab{;)}

In TT64, select one star and look at the bottom in the parameters tab for the star# field.

Originally posted by Qwholl
How do I make the empty part of a texture transparent, rather than white?

You need an image editing sw as or gimp. Basically you have to add alfa channel to your image so that it supports transparency then crop away the white parts. The image must be saved as .png.
Originally posted by Qwholl
I've learned a lot from what this thread has helped me to learn. My next question, after doing some research, I found that I need to access something called the picture's "Channel dialog", which is where I can find something I need to access called the "Alpha Channel". My question, if my research is right, is how do I access the "Channel Dialog"?

In Gimp just press Ctrl + L if the layer window is not displayed. In it, right click on the image and select Add Alfa Channel.
Originally posted by Qwholl

And what about png?

Just save the file with .png extension #ab{;)}

Originally posted by YTG99
Ok, I'm running into some problems. I'm starting to get my rom hack set up and putting the hub worlds in and the levels into the rom. I tried replacing Castle Grounds with my own hub world and whenever I start the game, Mario falls outside of the hub world instead of the Mario start area. I have enable death floor at bottom checked when I import it into the rom.

You have to set Mario initial position before importing the hub. (It's in the level settings tab). When Mario first enters the initial level, his position is not given by the Warp (Mario Start) object.
Originally posted by Qwholl

It's already in png. How to a access the channel dialogue if it's initially a png picture.

Once alfa channel is added use the eraser on the part of the image you want to make transparent (or select it and press canc as well).
Originally posted by Qwholl

It's a png picture, has always been a png picture, that has never had an alfa channel, and I have no idea how do access the channel dialogue. Please tell me how to start from scratch, with a PNG picture.

There is not much more to say.
It's quite a simple procedure, let's do a recap:

- Download and install GIMP (I prefer it to
- Open your image in GIMP
- Press Crtl + L to display the Layers dialog window
- Right click on the image thumbnail inside the Layers window and select Add Alpha Channel
- Use the rubber eraser to add transparency.
Originally posted by cackletta
Dragonoya:- try downloading a fresh new sm64 rom

I had a change in the grass texture in whomp's imperial garden :3 this one looks better and colorful and brings more life tell me what you think about it or I should keep the old one that will be appreciated

I think this new texture is way better than the previous. It has very vivid colors and it looks really good with the other elements of the level. Also it doesn't look repetitive at all.
@XerX: Nice level design #ab{;)}
Great job, you are improving a lot! Those palm trees look relly good.
Originally posted by Yoshimaster96
I used the level importer to import a level, but in TT64 and PJ64, the level is not imported! Please help!

A list of possible causes:

- check the scale of the level, maybe it's too small

- if you are using SketchUp pro make sure all external faces are white

- if you are using Level Importer 1.9S make sure 'Centered' is checked
Originally posted by ArchangelGabriel
Originally posted by Yoshimaster96
What about importing .wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc. music in SM64? You could make a really long sample and play it.

I have the regret to announce you that Kazeshin is no longer with us...#smw{:(}

Lol no he's not dead, but he did PM me more than a month ago saying that he really had enough with SM64 Hacking. He quitted and is considering pursuing higher studies ( likely in maths ), he also told me that he might however play some new hacks that will be released in the near future including mine.

I was wondering where did he go.
However it's a real pity, he was a very precious resource for the forum. #w{=(}
Originally posted by Megaman511again

New trailer for this hack, enjoy!

The overworld is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a sm64 hack!
Still over 9000! though #w{>=(}

Just kidding, very impressive work.
Have you also resized the textures?
What about a 3D map then?
I mean with the camera fixed on top view at fixed height.
I was thinking at something similar to Super Mario 3D World which has a 3D map where you can freeley move around.
Originally posted by MeerkatMario

I would like to know how to put this hex code that makes the game skip Mario's head, "05 08 00 00 14 00 02 0C", in 269F68, and this hex code that replaces the file select menu's background with a rotating one, "04 00 00 00 13 00 4E A0", in 21CDD0 (accompanied by an extra hex code, "08 00 00 00 0f 14 01 90 10 05 00 00 0c 00 00 00 80 17 02 B8 09 00 00 00", that needs to be put in 21ECA0. The last 4 numbers of "0f 14 01 90" modify the rotation speed).

Any idea how to put these hex codes in their places? #ab{:S}

First you need to download an hex editor, I suggest you XVI32 hex editor.

For the skip Mario's head code:
Open the hex editor and load your rom in it, then click on
Address > Goto...

Check hexadecimal and absolute, then write $269F68 in the address field.

Now click on
Edit > Overwrite string...

Check Hex string and copy the code
05 08 00 00 14 00 02 0C
in the field below and click Ok.

Save and you are done.

The procedure is always the same: 1. goto address 2. overwrite string with the code provided.
Originally posted by Mariocrash
Kinopio, your tool doesn't help me much. Please could you rework on it?

I dragged my obj file into it and the new file doesn't appear. I tried in many ways to make it appear but it still doesn't work. I'm upset because it does work for other people but not for me.

I also asked someone to solve the problem and sent me the new file.

Don't know why it doesn't work for you, are you on windows? Try remove spaces from the name of your obj file if there are any.
However you should prefer to use level importer 1.9 which fixes the texture problem itself.
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