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There is BMF's Hack called Blob Brothers 2, It is the best SMB2 hack ever. Go to BMF's page at RustedMagick to get it.

Also, the SMB2 Prototype is availible at SonicRetro, Try to find it there. It is Also very different.

And before you download those, try out (Yume KooJoo/Dream Factory) Doki Doki Panic for the Famicom Disk System.

Good Luck!
I would like Question and Brick Blocks which spawns a Custom Block on Top. (Ala SMB3 P-Switch).
Cool, This is THE Best utility I have found yet. Now I can add voices in conjunction with the Sample Tool!

I always wanted to add Hebereke's Voices from the Hebereke series (SNES games). I hope it Works!

@SpriterSonikku: Do you have the translated document (Above) in .TXT format?

Edit: I Realigned and revised the Text, But the some of the revised text might be wrong, And does the word ''Frog'' need to be changed into Error? I do not know, But here it is:

Tool that changes Sound Effects for SMW Suitable usage:

1.Drag & drop in cutter.bat for the remodeled SMW ROM.

2.Example\sndplus.bin is copied onto the same folder as ROM.

3.The line written sndplus.bin near the line being written #0
of sndlist.txt on is added.

4.You can drag & drop the ROM in patch.bat for a little while.

5.There is a frog(Error?) in $35 as for $01 of PC address 0x15C1
of ROM (Sound Effect Number of the ''Nintendo Presents'' screen).

Element analysis result of extsnd.rar:

Readme.txt: Cutsnd.exe: sound.bin:
that cuts out driver.bin, sound.bin, and owmusic.txt

from bin\ cutdrv.exe: ROM that can be remodeled by doing
patch.bat: ROM to which the effect sound file is cut out by doing
cutter.bat: ROM in D&D in D&D is made and sound.bin is made from
makesnd.exe: sndlist.txt and various Sound Effect files that insert the Sound Effect, etc.
remodeled to divided

importsnd.exe: ROM in the Sound Effect file etc. Driver.bin is variously corrected.
Src\ that secures various areas in movlm.exe: ROM: It is the compiled ASM code of the program (bin/smc file).

About the generated file Driver.bin:
sound.bin like the program that rules the sound source surroundings:

BGM thrown with owmusic.bin:
OW like the effect sound and the tone data, etc. etc.

sndtone.bin has:
..tone data for effect sound..
..tone data for bgmtone.bin

BGM has:
sndlist.txt and extone.bin:

D0?D9 has:

..the tone and the interval data..

: The inserted Sound Effect table is portX\???.bin, it has:

the Sound Effect file cut out. Format of each file

sndtone.bin: It is 2-9 Bytes, $00 ?$12 out of 19 are:

VOL_L, VOL_R, Pitch_L, Pitch_H, SRCN, ADSR(1), ADSR(2), and GAIN.

The name of the Website (In Japanese):
though it's pitch magnification though SRCN shaped the wave number that the program does not understand it well

Copy..Shinano..referring to..welcome.

I hope so, because it is saying suitable stuff while id does not understanding it well...

$80 the pitch magnification when the sound is emitted though. I thought that there are
differences how many between $81. look at the reverse-sweat source It is VOL L for ? or
VOL R Pitch L. It's possible to set it, and it sets with the interval of $80? and like with the matter of volume.
It does not understand whether there is Pitch H usually. Therefore, maximum number of Sound Effect is $80 and that is
all that can be added.

bgmtone.bin: It is a couple by five bytes and five bytes of $00-$12 of 19
are srcn adsr(1), adsr(2), and gain.

It isn't understandable as well as on of the magnification of pitch.
Perhaps, the maximum of $0100 can be added.

extone.bin: If it's about a couple by six bytes and (subtract?) one out of D9 for
D0 - D8, it adds at the end and six of the following seem to be able use the bytes:
srcn, adsr(1), adsr(2), gain, and magnification of pitch.

Pitch is the five common bytes in the start of bgmtone.bin, and even if the sound is
averaged with AA after the sound emitted when this sound is made, it makes it the
same tone as the first five bytes. for instance with pitch, $AA and DA, becomes the
same sound.

sndlist.bin in offset #3 is a Sound Effect file, etc.

To use with Blocktool: port 3 #1 is used in Sound Effect $7E1DFC where the Sound Effect is written with
Sound Effect file of port 3 #2.

#0 is a Sound Effect in the Sound Effect file

$7E1DF9 of port 0 #1 when writing.

Sound Effect file of port 1 #1

It is possible to omit the following the Sound Effect file:

(). 00 :End code However, XX, YY, and ZZ are XX YY ZZ

$00 - $7F. XX:Length of sound YY: When the volume (left) is not specified,
it doesn't change it.

(Volume right, specify same value, become sound reference,
tone change. It becomes noise off when not specifying it)

NCK (80 is added to 00 - 1F and specify it with 80?9F)
XX: The negative number, the tone number (It is possible to change with sndtone.bin) it's not acceptable.
DD: tone A time C: It is EB A in case of DD for the sound and EB of tone as for last sound.

time C continues the sound of AA and returns in front of FF:

1byte.. for all eternity. when continuing, it puts out
volume as it increases spending the time with AA FF. when the tone is corrected and time shows the interval, The Time is not understandable enough.
Originally posted by spigmike
Hmm, that's odd... here's the link though. I did it through translator last time, so that link might have had issues...


Anyways I do think it can be used on any SMW rom. Actually it seems like it works fairly similar to something like spritetool.

BTW: It is nice to hear more progress has come when I posted the revised document, there are 2 reasons I put that up:

Reason #1: The document was not translated very good

and Reason #2: Somebody has to fix the ''CODE'' stuff in this forum so it can align properly. (like when you push enter in the text editors.)
Originally posted by Ersan
It is my turn to ask a question now!

I have a DMA code (Channel 1) that uploads Layer 3 tiles to the screen, shows them up and stuff (NOT a code to upload custom layer 3 tiles to the tilemap.) I have a problem with it though:

When I use it in a normal level, it works correctly

When I use it in the title screen, it won't work at all.

someone can help me Can someone help me making it show up? I'll post the code here if needed.

I can probably use it, Because I need to make the status bar in Layer 2. (Or use both Layers 3 and 4.)
I'd like a new block, a Question and a Brick block that puts a Custom Block above itself (such as a SMB3 P-Switch block), and please include source if made.
That sounds like A good idea. A start would be collecting open source game editors (Current and Popular ones.) such as SMB utility (Insectduel posted the japanese-only source) and SMB2 Transmogrifier (the BEST SMB2 open source editor. Source also found on site)

As for SMB3: Either ask Hukka, Creator of SMB3 workshop for source: (Hukka.Furtopia.Com) or wait for Dahrkdaiz to make that opensource alternative, which I might become one of the Betatesters of that editor.

If you have any experience on creating level editors. I would recommend looking at your favorate game. Particuarly I reccomend ''Hebereke/Ufouria'' before doing anything and try to study and make a Level editor. One of my Friends made one. But was Private and Unreleased.
Good luck on this. I attempted a little bit on this before, But did not really work a lot. Especially when finding pointers with Geiger's SNES9x debugger. I tried finding the games and tried to load only one game. It failed for me.

I did learn a little more ASM from this though.
Originally posted by The lovable Dinomar


this makes me fear!

Heh, Pyoro (from WarioWare) is in there for the first few seconds of this movie.

Look at the second to last icon!
Caped Mario2 has the same problem as me, It shows the following Dialog:


An unauthorized modification to this program's executable has been detected. Consequently, The application has decided to terminate itself.

Either the media that the program was stored on is damaged, or someone has tampered with the program without the author's consent. It may be wise to scan for a virus.


Part one: There is no virus, or any Warez such as Malware, Adware, etc.

Part two: I do not know a source of this error, Nor do I know how to disable it!

Part three: It could be possible that Fusoya didn't check for checksums in her programs. I tried some more of her programs, and a Similar Error showed up. So I suspect it may be a Checksum problem!

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Yes, I tried Redownloading it.
Still, The same thing happens. Because the First mirror I tried is from SMW central! I tried Fusoya's, and Zophar. Gave me the same error.
Anyone figure it out yet?
Originally posted by Icemask
It would be a great, GREAT help if I can get a patch that when Mario dies in any way, the screen fades out and it brings you back to the start of the level, not the overworld. I'm making a one-level hack and it would be pretty unfair to have to start ALL OVER when you die..

I wanted something similar to this in ''XKas'' form. Also, I need to have some SMB1 style intermission screens in place of the originals For my WIP SMB1-style Hack.


Pseudo-Script for SMB1-style Intermission stuff
by Hamtaro126
Made for someone to remake the SMB1 Intermittions in SMW and remove the MAP


(Variables are in Parenthises like this)
[Command to End or Return to Game is like this]


Pseudo-Script part 0 / Title:

(Title Screen)
(Go to Intermission)

(Title Screen)
(Go to Intermission)


Pseudo-Script part 1


[After you Reach the Goal: Increase the Level, Then after 4 levels: Increment the World Number]

WORLD (World Number)-(Level Number)

(Current Player Sprite or name in Text) x (Number of Lives)
[Go to (World)-(Level)]


(Current Player's name in Text as Sprites) START
[Go to (World)-(Level)]


Pseudo-Script part 2


[Return to (World)-(Level)]


[Go to Map]


Pseudo-Script part 3


[End Game]


[either End Game or Go to Map and activate some dialog to select CONTINUE or END]

*#end of pseudo-script#*
Either learn the NSPC music format or wait for BlackHole's Solar SoundTrack to come out (Which it might not). That is the only anwser we have!
Originally posted by T.I.M.G.
Originally posted by Bubblun
18 - Creepy Noise

Was that the unused sound effect? If so or not, what does it sound like?

It is not a piece of music, nor a sound effect, just an invalid value that glitches up the engine and halts the SPC700, then if you quit the game, it will freeze
If you want to port levels/overworlds. There are Level editors to do it for you, Write your own data documents and make a utility, or look at http://VGMAPS.com,

If you want to just port a rom:

If it's NES, It takes more ASM porting and you can at least get the popular but expensive IDA Pro, Though the Freeware DOS version with support for 6502, (GB)Z80 and 16bit Dos will do (see http://NESDEV.COM)

If it is any other console/(micro)computer besides NES and GB:

Build your code Entirely from scratch.
Congrats and happy 500th post, S.N.N!

And this was a real fun ride through this, too!
Originally posted by Maxx
*insert HUGE post that you shouldn't have quoted at all!*


I Can now change SMBDX's default loading code to be more like the original SMB1

Think of it! No SMW-esque Intro, No Overworld, Transposing Levels via ASM!! Thanks for discovering this!
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