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nb. Sorry if I'm not supposed to be posting here

-Killing a Lakitu over lava (world 1-2 is a good example of this) causes the Lakitu's corpse to splash with incorrect graphics.

-Dying with a Fishing Lakitu relatively close above (or below, though I haven't found a place to notice that happening) you will cause you to collect the 1-UP as you die (Edit: forgot to clarify: this does NOT make the 1-UP count)
thx to e r i k for layout
- Big Mario's (specifically) end of level walking animation is odd - he has a look up sprite in his walking animation (but only on certain levels (1-2 for example)).
- 1-5's Bob-Omb's explosions create leaves instead of stars
- Koopas' shells (when killed by a fireball) are still affected by fireballs, enemies etc.
- World 1 Boss: chomper-like thing has graphics erroneously loaded oddly
- World 1 Boss: Fireball graphics overwritten in RAM by... something
- World 1 Boss: P-Switch music plays upon boss defeat
- SEVERE World 1 Boss: Game locks upon defeat as P-switch music is never-ending
- (technically not a bug) 1-5 message 2 is far too ambiguous
thx to e r i k for layout
Am I too late to make a World 8/9 level?
thx to e r i k for layout
... isn't the current title, the Dryad, enough?
It sounds good to me, but if it's thrown out the window I recommend the "Force of Nature".

EDIT: does this disable scrolling?
thx to e r i k for layout
MOAR bugs:
SEVERE World 2 Boss: Game freezes upon getting hit EVEN SLIGHTLY offscreen (get hit after bouncing off the Dryad)
SEVERE World 2 Boss: Game freezes upon clearing boss
thx to e r i k for layout
Bugsss (requested by Lightvayne to put here on IRC)
- Coaster Commotion is laughably broken
- The enemies in the bouncy castle do not pause when Mario's hit
GAME-BREAKING World Map:Pressing down on Frivolous Fires causes Mario to walk UP out of the world map to an unnamed level above the map (with World 7's music, I think). Entering this level causes the game to crash and deletes the current savefile (I had two savefiles, one with 25 exits and one with 0. After this, I only had the one with 0)
- World 5? Boss: no boss!
thx to e r i k for layout

and various physics issues

SEVERE World 7-3:Entering sublevel 2E crashes the game rather spectacularly
thx to e r i k for layout
7-Castle Boss: Mario's fireballs are miscoloured, probably due to their pallete being shared with the boss's fireballs
Unmapped graphics
Semi-major World Map:Pressing UP while on Smouldering Shrine shunts Mario's position out of place, causing him to walk to random positions on the World Map (that put you into an endless bonus game).
Pressing UP whilst on Crystalline Citadel causes Mario to walk up off the world map. You cannot enter a "phantom level", and are stuck.
Entering Radiatus Ruins causes the "Mario Start!" screen to show a glitched version of the W6? Map behind it
W9's map is screwed to hell and back
W9's map is unescapable
W9-7 looks COMPLETELY unfinished

W9-7 just... hangs after "completing" the level
W4-Castle (Digsite Dangers?) scrolling section: spin attacking shunts Mario back into layer 1, causing him to fall onto pipes, ? blocks, or into the sand, and making him unaffected by the ceiling spikes
SEVERE W8-3:Pausing and unpausing crashes the sound driver, leading to some weird bugs
As a result of above glitch...
- Spinjumping into an on/off block crashes the game
- Clearing the level crashes the game
End of glitch effects
W8-4 is impassable, as you are blocked by a wall near the start of the level
Any level that is currently undefined (11A for instance, I need it for the Hub) crashes upon entering it
thx to e r i k for layout
Left: PC
Right: Cupboards, discs and misc. crap
hmm... I could bash them with the PC...
thx to e r i k for layout
For a semi-private project I'm working on, can I have this converted?

EDIT: hell, if it's possible, haxorz the patch so we only get the bank switching
thx to e r i k for layout
Am I allowed to help, or am I too late again
thx to e r i k for layout
NOTE: I got some tiles because I need cloud GFX for the Hub
thx to e r i k for layout
all free sublevels crash the game
thx to e r i k for layout
am I allowed to help?
thx to e r i k for layout
After some months of inactivity, I return, download the latest patch and have already found bugs.

When the "MARIO A / B / C" appears the 2 next to SMWCP2 disappears and the background goes light blue.

The boss clear music sounds off as if it were the original using different instruments

Hub/W4B boss:
Where is this in Digsite Dangers?

Hub/W5 boss:
This isn't implemented yet and needs to be finished

Hub/W6 boss:
Not yet implemented? It just blackscreens.

Hub/W8N boss:
It stops with no way to continue and the sides exit out the level.

Hub/W8T boss:
Can exit out of sides and boss unbeatable as no attack opportunities are given

World 1-1:
Someone somewhere broke the fadeout.



Mario doesn't perform his "act clear" sign, and there's about a 7 second delay between the act clear music finishing and the stage finishing

World 1-2:
The Lakitu cloud still shoots right when holding left and right.

why has the flying hammer brother exploded

World 1-4 aftermath:
The vanilla world 2 clear snuck in

World 2-1 aftermath:
The vanilla world 4 clear?

World Map:

His pallete is broken.

World 2-3:

His shovel is broken

You can get stuck by flying top-right from the top of the first vertical passageway (BG1 omitted)

This bug is STILL here

World 4A-1:
The checkpoint's broken

Plays title screen music, refer to previous posts, STILL broken

World 4B-Digsite Dangers:
Taking the upper route leads to an endless bonus room

World 6-3:
Crashes to a black screen after exiting right after second checkpoint
World 6-4:

I spawn in the middle of the screen and fall to my death
thx to e r i k for layout
A) Is there going to be a "world 11", and
B) would it be OK for me to make a general bugs/nitpicks thread?
thx to e r i k for layout
(since Alcaro told me I could make it)
A general thread for bugs and nitpicks about SMWCP1.

You can throw the springboard up here and make the level unwinnable.

This shell can sometimes clip up on top of the block.

The cloud clip glitch still works.

You can drop a springboard here to make the level unwinnable.

Big Image Link
Muths can push you through slopes in some cases.

You can drop the springboard and P-switch down there to make the level unwinnable.

You can spinjump clip through this block to get a free 1-up.

Oh, and you can be killed by time over after you defeat the boss.
thx to e r i k for layout

World One on my hack A, and

World One on my hack B.
thx to e r i k for layout
GeminiRage - those are two separate hacks actually (see how one uses 1.53 and one 1.43)


Star World
EDIT: (wip)
thx to e r i k for layout
Jonny: thank you, I may experiment with custom palletes in the future


Star World (finished)
Now with Moonsong
thx to e r i k for layout
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