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Edit: Check here! I made a new thread for my problem, because nobody helped me#w{>=(}.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Was Krook's March angeht: Hast du dir schon das Readme von AddmusicK durchgelesen? Auf irgendeine Weise muss man die Textdatei verändern, bevor sie mit dem Tool kompatibel ist. Vielleicht reicht es aus, an das Ende einfach "#amm" zu schreiben, probier's mal aus.

Man könnte auch in den Ordner "other" und die Textdatei in "AMMBatch" hinüberziehen. Den Rest hat WYE auch erklärt.
Übrigens: der "#amm" und der "#am4"-Tag sorgt dafür, dass AddmusicK während des Einfügen eines Liedes mit dem jeweiligen Tags, in den "Emulation"-Mode geht (sprich funktioniert dann wie Addmusic4.5 oder AddmusicM) (Einige Tools besitzen einen "Emulation"-Modus [z.B. Asar beim Einfügen von Xkas-Patches, wenn man oben im Patch ";@xkas" schreibt]).
Originally posted by Alcaro
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
End: ; <- End of RATS Tag and number of bytes to protect.
RTL ; Return

The End: label should be the very last thing, otherwise that RTL will be unprotected, which isn't really good.

*facepalm* I made an edit in the xkas code.

Originally posted by Alcaro
org $008E51
autoclean JSL Fixing

org $008E51

I'd recommend setting that back to $008E57. Executing half an opcode will just explode.


But what is about Code itself? That's still the main problem.

Edit: I never changed "$008E57" to "$008E51" in the second patch. The first patch is for xkas and the second patch is for asar.
I've got an idea (I don't know, how to scale Pictures)

Do you know, how can you do it (you have got an extra shell)? (It's realy hard)
(*facepalm* I should read the posts)
Sorry and I don't know much, when you're backseat moderating. I also deleted my post.
Btw. using on/off blocks means using ExAnimations and inserting custom blocks.
I can't use smilyes because there is (mostly) no button for this if I'm creating or editing a post. Is it a bug? (Sometimes there is a button but I usually don't need this or vice versa[I hope, you know what I mean].)
Originally posted by Lui37
If the toolbar doesn't appear, try to see if refreshing with shift-F5 fixes it.

It works #w{=)} [<- also my first smily #smw{:D}]. But the smily tool bar loads long.
Halp = Help
Hellou = Hello
Search = ... Moment, GERMANY#w{=|}! Alter, im Englischen schreibt man außer Namen und das Wort "I" alle Wörter klein. Auch rate ich dir, Google Übersetzer zu benutzen. Hilft nicht immer (#w{:s}), solltest du aber benutzen (Mein Englisch ist übrigens auch nicht so gut:)).

And now Ontopic and in english: Yes. You must change the palette (not pallete) in Lunar Magic manual.

And I'm to slow #w{:<}.
Originally posted by Everest
Originally posted by Precious Hippocrates
open the AllGFX.bin

It would actually be better if you unchecked 'Use Joined GFX Files' in the options menu and edited GFX32.bin you extracted instead of AllGFX.bin (some bits are also in GFX00.bin).

Yes here:
Originally posted by Helpfull diagramms
GFX00 Mario Tiles
by Ladida

Originally posted by Mawwo7
Hi !

I want to finish the Overworld of my Hack.
But in Bowsers Valley is a lightning effect. Is there an easy way to turn it off?
Note: I dont know anything about ASM or ASM Tools

Just patch this hex edit:
org $04F750
db $EA,$EA,$EA

org $04F754
db $80

It's so easy:).

Warum nutzt du nicht Strg+F?
GFX32 (there are also some berrys#ab{;)}) and GFX00 (which tiles, see my last post of this thread:P)
Do you know the "item memory"? I've got an important tip:
Once you collect a coin, that's affect by item memory, in every submap, a coin with that's affect by item memory item memory will at the same position of the collected coin in a another submap never appear unless you're entering the OW.
(You collect a coin as example at the coordinate 4,22, than every coin at the same position won't appear, because the item memory works on every submap [not enough RAM adresses].)
Have you unchecked "use joined GFX" file?
In SMWCentral, there are many layer 3 editors. Two are for the editing of the status bar. The first editor is Status Bar Editor and the second editor is Status Effect.
And now the problem: Nobody deleted Status Bar Editor. Why Status Bar Editor isn't deleted?#smw{o_O?} Please give me a reason.#smw{>:(} We need only one status bar editor.
Originally posted by Alcaro
The main thing I dislike with them is how often they appear in inappropriate contexts.

$00:D231 $00:D231
@9o3b8>c8d8e8 @9o3b8>c8d8e8
>:( >:(

That's true Alcaro. I've got also an idea: The HTML tag for the Gooey emoticon

schould be now so:

It's so o.k.?
I know, what you mean. I used Status Bar Editor too and you must enter the path to graphics of your hack. In Status Effect it's easier, because you needn't enter the path to graphics nor to rom.
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