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These are found under the horizontal level mode section of #lm{MARIO69}.
Originally posted by spooonsss
LDA !extra_byte_1,x
AND #$02
ASL ; I think MFG forget this
JSR (CodePtrs,x)
; Other stuff


Well, thank you for spotting my mistake but you made one yourself: AND #$02 when it should be an AND #$03 since there are four, not two states.
UberASM is a superset of LevelASM i.e. what runs in LevelASM also runs in UberASM since the latter includes the former's code. Far bigger differences come from the use of UberASMTool where you have to make some more changes in the code (more specifically, in the definition of the init and main labels as well as the return opcode).

Coincidentally, ScrollBars generates code for the old LevelASM Tool (not related to the current UberASMTool) which uses {InitCodeLabel} and {MainCodeLabel} labels but is otherwise compatible with UberASMTool (to the point where you need to make some more changes for the old LevelASM patch but also UberASM patch to make its code compatible). All you need to modify is to just need to be replace these labels by init and main, respectively.
Today, I decided to open a request thread for this summer's C3 (first of its kind for me, to be precise). In here, you can request me any ASM resource you want i.e. block, sprite, UberASM code or a patch as long as you follow the given rules. The resources may or may not be released in time during this C3, depending on my motivation and the resource's complexity.

  • Requests are open till I have collected enough requests (assume 20 are enough) or new C3 threads can't be made.
  • When I wrote one resource, I mean only one. Request a second one and you get a warning and the new request gets dismissed. Request a third one and your request gets immediately dismissed.
  • Make sure it is not complex like in a boss or a custom level load.
  • No updated! This is original resources only.
  • If you have sprite requests, make sure you also provide me some graphics unless you're asking for simple graphics edits. I am not well versed in pixel art. (If you are an artist, you can contact me as a helping hand, though. I then can consider to remove this rule.)
  • Be patient. I'll make my own backlog.
Here is the list of all requests I have taken as well as their current state:
Request User Type Resource Fulfilled
1 solgaleo35 Sprite Boo Wall NaN
2 Evernn UberASM Health Points No
3 Aeon Sprite Firing Dino Torches No
4  Anorakun Sprite Pickelman Bull No
5 Idunno Sprite Waddle Doo No
6 SJandCharlieTheCat Block Custom Note Block No
7 Brutapode89 Patch Castle Destruction Expansion No
8 anonimzwx Routine Aim with Speed No
9 Julintendo UberASM Spin Dash No
10 edgar Sprite Wave Bike No
11 Fernandito2018 Sprite Return To Title Yes
12  LadiesMan217 Sprite SMB3 Blooper No
13 OrangeBronzeDaisy Sprite Giant Rex Yes
14 SF - The Dark Warrior Sprite Odallus's Boat No
15 amhunter Patch / UberASM SMB3 Door No
16 RollingRigatonis Sprite Exploding Fuzzy No
17 Hamtaro126 Sprite Throw Block Disassembly No
18 CalHal Sprite Chikunto No
19  Deeke Sprite Rope Switch Yes
20 qantuum Block Music Switcher No

Edit: I added a small rule that you can't request updates to existing resources, only original resources as well as heavy modifications are allowed.

Edit 2: Okay, requests are closed now, no more are accepted now!
Originally posted by imamelia
I've been trying for ages to figure out a routine that would make a wall-following sprite able to follow slopes (including upside-down ones) as well. So consider that my official request.

And I guess that would technically count as a sprite, but I don't really care about the rest of the code. Make it use a single 16x16 tile and not interact with the player or have any other behavior, for all I care.

That one could be rather complex, considering that I looked into the code which handles sprite interaction... yeah, no, sorry.

Originally posted by solgaleo35
Maybe one of the boo buddy generators, but it chases you, advancing towards you

You mean like a portion of the second mission of Haunty Halls Galaxy? That one is certainly interesting, noted.

Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo
Do a SMW Central usable Elite Koopa without making it the Elite Koopa. That means an upgraded Koopa that can be used around SMW Central without issues.

I think you should give me a link to the video so I can look into it.

Originally posted by Evernn
I've always thought it would be helpful to have an Uberasm "health" system. I've seen it hacks such as Jump 1/2, where most of the game has traditional mario power up systems, but then have bosses that utilize some kind of health bar. One possible way would be having coins act as your health, and have a configurable amount of coins be lost when you get hit.

A bit of a hack but it isn't the first time I created a health bar system, albeit one which more complex since it is a patch. I think I think I can do this.

Originally posted by Aeon
Dino-Torches that are constantly spewing fire - as in, rather than occasionally stop and spew fire, they do so while walking normally/jumping over blocks/etc. Separate horizontal and vertical fire variants would be cool (depending on the extra bit maybe) but either is fine.

Looks simple, I can do it.

Originally posted by Julintendo
A patch that gives the player Sonic abilities (Spin Jump, Spin Dash) and have an air meter when in the water (Must have the option to insert the music from Sonic Drowning or another song) By the way I can help with the graphics.

No, too complex.

Originally posted by Anorakun
Pickelman Bull from Mega Man 3. It is seen in some SMW hacks, but I would like a public version of it. Here is how the sprite works, the fork-lift pushes the player and it moves around back and forth. This sprite is a great way to force movement. But only the fork-lift part should push the player, the head part should be able to be stomped. i would like it have customizable speed for it via extra byte, if possible.

Here are the graphics for the enemy

Search for Pickelman Bull in this spritesheet and you'll find its graphics. Sadly, I don't have graphics for the Wily Wars version.

I'll consider it, though since I never played Mega Man 3, I'll have to look at a video on how they work.

Originally posted by Idunno
A Waddle Doo from Kirby. It walks around and occasionally shoots a beam

Here's the sprites from Kirby's Adventure if you need graphics

The beam attack could use the sparkle graphics from GFX00

These are interesting sprites, at least. I can do it.

Originally posted by Anas
I requested this a while back and while it got fulfilled, you rejected it for some major issues. So I might as well as request a fix-up of the sprite while I can. You can see it here.

Note that along with the issues you mentioned, I found a bug where the giant shells can kill stuff it shouldn’t, like keys and baby Yoshis. Also, you don’t necessarily need a patch to handle the abilities; in fact, you can just remove the code that makes Yoshi change color whenever he has a shell that’s not green in his mouth. Thanks!

Originally posted by Brutapode89
An update for Message Box Expansion.

It's to make sure the 104 level (Yoshi's House) has two different messages. One when we ride Yoshi and the other one without Yoshi.

I tried many times and I don't know where I must place codes we suggested me on the Discord. Sorry for this request.

Just for your information for you two: I want to focus on orignal resources, not updates. Sorry for not considering it before but you're free to submit a new request instead (granted, the Yoshi's House message is interesting but I consider it outside of the scope of C3).

Originally posted by SJandCharlieTheCat
I’m hoping this one would be pretty quick, all things considered, but I’d love to see just a (block) recreation of a vanilla noteblock, where it’d actually dip you down a little first before springing you back up. (All the preexisting custom noteblocks are quite different from this, e.g. the “one-bounce” noteblock.)

I know there’s also the issue with the bounce sprite here; so I suppose a sprite version would be an alternative to this. I could perhaps provide a janky GFX solution to give the illusion of a bounce sprite for the block version, though.

Love all the fantastic work you do for the community, and thanks so much!

I worked with custom bounce sprites, it could work.

Originally posted by Fernandito2018
An UberASM code that makes Layer 1 autoscroll down and up, similar to how World 3-3 from Super Mario Bros 3 layer 1 works. Player and sprites should not be tied to Layer 1.

That one is fairly complex due to the way how SMW handles the background layers, I'll pass that one.
Originally posted by yoshifanatic

To be fair, I really should play your hack at some point. I had some issues where I couldn't run the hack last time I tried it, though but maybe it works now, I don't know.

Originally posted by yoshifanatic

I certainly was wondering, how much of the code was really unoptimised (this does look like to be something which can be made be a line with fixed point numbers, after all), though interlacing is also interesting (even though you're essentially doing it like SMW except update and write only half the frames).

Originally posted by yoshifanatic

Before you wonder whether I worked on the request:

Keep in mind that I added in not only a dwelling behaviour (shoot only when player is close) but also a periodic one (the behaviour which is show in this GIF).
Originally posted by MorrieTheMagpie
Heyo, I'll put in a request, why not? Homing sprite similar to the behavior of the homing bullet bill that can use vanilla or custom sprites that follows the player but has flexibility on how accurate it tracks. Hopefully this makes some sense.

Well, that one is quite of a vague description. Can you elaborate what you mean with this?

Originally posted by Brutapode89
Message Expansion for Castle Destruction Scenes like in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (GBA) or maybe with more texts than in the GBA version.

Not too complex, actually.

Originally posted by anonimzwx
A pixi routine similar to %Aim() but that applies a correction to the speed predicting the position of the target based on the speed of the target.

Bonus: Do the same but considering acceleration and speed.

It certainly scratches the update part, not to mention I thought more about proper resources, but thinking about it, taking care of speed is not that easy, at least. I'll put it on my backlog.

Originally posted by Julintendo
At least one spin dash can you do? Anyway if it can't then a sprite (16x16) that follows Mario (If it's not much, that can be customized)

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Some kind of Sonic Spin Dash maybe? Pretty much just gives you the "starman" state whilst doing a cool roll perhaps?

A spin dash shouldn't be too difficult, minus the difficulty with the player graphics (I have to replace some poses, that is). But of course, you have to provide me with some graphics, otherwise you'll get a flashing, ducking Mario instead.

Originally posted by RichardDS90
A status bar that is layer 3 friendly along with SA-1 compatible.

Having a status bar which is compatible with layer 3 backgrounds past the usual ones is a bit complex. I have planned on a system which puts the status bar on a black backdrop but that one is low priority for now. The alternative is a sprite status bar which is already done and also a bit complex to handle.

Originally posted by Fernand1527
Maybe the Overworld Pause Screen from Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World?

Standard, Lorom, and SA-1 compatible

How does it look like, btw? Is it comperable to the SMAS Pause Screen?

Originally posted by XLIXER
I pray this isn't a big feat, but I was hoping I could get the fireflower to add a graphic ontop.. Exactly like the feather but just a few extra pixels instead of an animated cape. heres what im trying to do

That's geniuently complex, considering the way how the hat is aligned with the pixel grid, not to mention the difficulty with getting the poses right, I'll pass.

Originally posted by edgar
Wave Bike / Marine Bike from Mega Man 5. The way the sprite works is really simple: you can move left and right, jump and shoot.
For the projectiles, they should be an extended sprite, shoot straight and use the fireball graphics. They should also kill any enemy. (for example, dolphins)
The speed and the height of the jump of the bike sprite should be your liking.

The graphics can be found here, I also added a mockup of how the sprite should be animated under this message

A custom vehicle is certainly interesting and doesn't look too difficult, I can do it.

Originally posted by ninj
Idk if this is already a thing, but regular sprites being able to be thrown like koopa shells

That description is quite a vague, I have no idea what you mean with that.

Originally posted by Fernandito2018
Well, If my previous request is too complex, Im going to change it. A non stationary version of the boss fireball(sprite 34). Basically, a 32x16 sprite that can be used as a projectile for the noob boss, or as an obstacle similar to the fireballs that apear in Super Mario Bros before you found Bowser. It can be placed in the level and it will move automatically to the left. Vanilla graphics(from the original boss fireball) can be used.

Usually, that would be an update but I can easily create a spawner for that one.

Originally posted by LadiesMan217
How about the smb3 koopalings? A single sprite and it’s behavior, appearance, etc is all determined by Lunar Magic’s extension bits? If that’s too much a blooper from smb3 that is either normal or a blooper nanny (that’s behaves like it does in the game) depending on extra byte or extension bits.

Well, I told you no bosses so you get no bosses (though the Koopalings are some of the easier bosses, at least). I'll create you the blooper instead.

Originally posted by OrangeBronzeDaisy
Well if this isn't a complex sprite a rex that is a 64x64 size for giant themed levels.

64x64? I think a 32x64 is more likely if this is what you mean. Rex will use upscaled graphics when none are provided, though.

Originally posted by SF - The Dark Warrior
I only want something very simple - Odallus's Boat https://youtu.be/-qlWKFH7LT4?list=PLWdUn5TiM4Am19ZMmAhgOhnoxtPblCnAu&t=149 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmSISvHC1Oo&ab_channel=EmptyGarbageCan

I just came home so the graphics for that will come later on this C3 which i'll provide. What you need to know that it is like the skull raft but for water.

BTW, do you provide support for Romi's Spritetool requests as a bonus option? Asking because I do have specific circumstances that I'm using that tool for. If you don't, I can accept this being PIXI-only.

Doesn't look too complex either, I'll do it. And a Romi's Spritetool version isn't that much complex either.

Originally posted by RollingRigatonis
How about a Fuzzy/Sparky that flashes, then explodes if the player gets to close to it?

lol k That means yes, I'll do it

In addition, amhunter requested me on Discord about SMB3 doors i.e. doors with an opening animation.

Furthermore, only four slots are left. Some of them are a maybe thanks to vague descriptions so if you want to have your request be registered, please do so fast!
Requests are closed now!

Originally posted by MorrieTheMagpie
Essentially a custom haimari ball that could have parameters on how tight it follows mario around and whether it can be jumped on or not. Not sure if something like this already exists but I've always been interested in them. I hope that clears it up.

Honestly, with how vague the description is, I decided to not accept it for the backlog.

Originally posted by Heraga
I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring. Would it be possible to create a customizable Ghost House Entrance Door Sprite, much like the Customizable SMW Castle Entrance Door? I was surprised that no one ever made one, and I feel like it'd help make hacks that use both feel more unique on account of being able to change the graphics and backgrounds.

I see that as a minor edit (graphical) to an existing sprite, not really a request I'll do for this thread.

Originally posted by Knight of Time
How about a skiing ASM like the one used in a few levels in Yoshi's Island? That would be nice to see for SMW (if you consider this MarioFanGamer, can you make it as close to the YI mechanic as possible, please? It should probably be dynamic, but that's just my opinion).

No. The Wave Bike doesn't look too difficult but the skying mechanic is something I'd stay away from for this thread.

Originally posted by Hamtaro126
How about a Disassembly for the Throw Block (Sprite #53)?

RussianMan Was Working on it, But failed to make the disassembly for some reason.

It should be easy to make one, it's on my backlog.

Originally posted by CalHal
Requset name: Chikunto / Spiked Ant

Type: Sprite (PIXI)

Origin Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)

Graphics: https://i.imgur.com/nY50F6N.png

References: Jagfillit's SML2 Antotto or ant sprites

Description: Sure you know that Jagfillit has done the SML2 Antotto or ant sprites, but there is 1 more type of ant enemy from SML2 that has never been added, Chikunto. Chikunto is a type of Antotto capable of protruding spikes from their bodies. If Mario jumps on them when their spikes are out, he will take damage. Usually, they will walk with their spikes retracted, and then stop to stick out their spikes as Mario approaches. Mario must wait before they retract their spikes again before he can jump on them. They can be defeated by a fireball, regardless of whether or not their spikes are protruding.

Feel free to claim this request if you wish too or not.

Doesn't look to difficult even if it is a modification of the ant sprite but enough differentiation to the original sprite.

Originally posted by Souldbminer
M7 cutscenes.....
Yeah.... Nothing much

Too short of a description, it could mean anything.

Originally posted by Deeke
Oh, I always love these! Cheers for making a request thread, whether or not you can get to this one in particular:

Request: Rope Switch
Description: a length of rope that can be held onto like the 'Rope Mechanism' sprite. When grasping it for X frames, it sinks down Y pixels and activates an arbitrary mechanism (like a P-switch, on-off flag, or level warp), then slowly rises and re-toggles itself when it reaches the top.

Not a bad idea, I think.

Originally posted by qantuum
Hi MarioFanGamer,

it would be nice to have a block that can switch musics in a level when touched,

example, music A is playing, if block is touched, music B starts playing,

the block asm could also have a variable where the user can input (in decimal) the number of seconds at which the music playback starts.

if possible, thanks ^^

I think you're intending these blocks for transitions, right? If so, I can create such a block.

Originally posted by ASSATAKKU
Please use Batton M48 from "Mega Man 7".


Well... barely too late, sorry. ^^
Why don't you try this out first? #ab{;)}
Yes, your thought is correct.
In addition to the request thread, I also have got some random sprites which I decided to release for this C3.

Pipe Panser

Requested by unknownperson123, I was just about to finish this sprite to release it this C3. It's basically a Panser acting like a Venus Fire Trap unless you set it to not be. Indeed, there are two modes: Periodically coming out of the pipe like a Venus Fire Trap but also shooting fireballs only when the player comes close to one.

Since I am busy right now with other stuff (moderation of claimed resources, the C3 requests, other stuff I have prepared for C3, persona life), I can't really give any opinion to it right now.
Nonetheless, I certainly am looking forward on your Baba is You levels when I have time.
It's certainly cool to see useful patches for Yoshi's Island. Particularly the overworld path editor and autoscroll editor will proove to be useful.
Originally posted by Thiago678
I'm recently making a lava-like block that kills entities and Mario when they touch it. The problem is that when a sprite that turns upon ledges (ex: Red Koopa) runs near it, it tries turning around and instantly dies without even(graphically) touching the lava. How to make that the block kill the sprite only if it falls in the block? (I edited the code to make the dry bones immune to lava, because it should be. But a red koopa behaves the same I described)

One way to solve it is by checking for the position of the sprite or rather, interaction point (low byte of the Y position: $0C). If the low nibble (i.e. $x0-$xF) is at a certain position, the lava doesn't kill the sprite in question.

I have a problem myself too:

I wanted to release this sprite for C3 but unfortunately, I can't solve the problem where a cannon which stands right next to a wall to the right can clip through it when the player reenters the cannon at that position and moves farther left.

Here is the code
I probably won't play this hack (at least in the near future) but I certainly remember the overworld from your OWDC 2021 submission. It certainly is interesting to see it used for a full hack (maybe I should do the same with my WLDC 2022 level for my hack).
Originally posted by Sonikku

(Not included, anoni's Pipe Rex.)

Who needs Extra Mario World when we SMWC is already features such a diversity with Rex?!

Originally posted by Sonikku
-- new quicksand blocks
-- that one desert tileset I made a while back (for a limited time only unless i change my mind)

There is a naive approach and there is a proper approach.

Originally posted by Sonikku

Though I know this from Discord already, the background is such awesome looking, it is incredible.
Starting from version 2.53, you are able to use up to 256 levels and 256 events. Pretty cool for larger hacks, isn't it? The problem is that you have to handle the code yourself since Lunar Magic doesn't provide any such code thanks to the big issues with incompatibilities and large use of freeRAM (at least, that's my guess).
Well, my patch is one such solution.

The patch was originally made for VLDC11 thanks to issues with Ragey's patch (though his patch wasn't all that faulty either since there were incompatibilities with the baseROM as well) but I waited for this C3 to give it a proper release.
This is the reason why I reinvented the wheel but I also used a different method to Ragey's version.

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