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Originally posted by Skilllux
YAY es gibt noch lebende xD

Ist aber auch nicht wirklich aktiv#w{:s}. Geh lieber auf SMWHacking.de, weil es aktiver ist (und einen Chat hat). (Momentan geht es nich.t)
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
Ich würde nicht schreiben und hätte hier auch nie geschrieben.

Erstens HAST du hiermit soeben etwas geschrieben und zweitens ist öffentlich auf die Fehler anderer hinzuweisen wesentlich schlimmer, nerviger und großkotziger, als selbst einen Fehler zu begehen. Mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass Pseudo-Modding hier, glaube ich, sogar verboten ist.

Ich meine nur, dass ich hier nicht bumpen möchte. ._. (Diesen Fehler ist mir schon auf SMWHacking.de passiert#smw{-_-2}) Und auch würde ich nicht schreiben, aber ich habe hier geschrieben. (Wäre ich hier früher auf SMWCentral registriert, würde ich hier was schreiben, aber ich war registriert noch wusste ich hier nicht mal vom Forum.#smw{x_x}) Will you say it to moderator? This forum ist by the way more or less inactiv.
O.k. now we're overdoing here#w{xD}
Originally posted by leod
Er brauchts keinem Mod sagen, ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass WYE mitliest.
WHY WYE ist ziemlich vertrauenswürdig und erklärt auch gut, deshalb war er ein Administrator von SMWC (war weil er mehr Freizeit haben will; "von SMWC" = in SMWHacking.de ist er ein Admin, weil die Seite mehr oder weniger ihm gehört#ab{:P}).
Originally posted by Tips
Tip: ExAnimations works also on sprites.

ExAnimations on sprites works like on blocks#w{=P}
How can I scroll Layer 1 and Layer 2? (Rember it's in a ASM Thread so I don't mean to use a vanilla scroll sprite in LM so don't say, that I'm in a wrong forum because I know how to use a scroll sprite#w{:s})
We (= the mostly german peoples) don't need the german forum because there is a german homepage for Super Mario World hacking called www.smwhacking.de, so this forum isn't any more needed for me. It's a good idea to archive it, isn't it?
Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
We (= the mostly german peoples) don't need the german forum because there is a german homepage for Super Mario World hacking called www.smwhacking.de, so this forum isn't any more needed for me. It's a good idea to archive it, isn't it?

Third ouch.

Brazilians used to have SMW hacking forums in portuguese (don't know if they're still existent) and it wasn't a reason to remove the SMWC's portuguese subforum and there's chances to still have users who prefer to use these subforums instead forums like that, don't you think on it?

But my reason is, that the german is too inactive. The brasilian forum is more active. And like Qwholl said there isn't a mod that can speak german. And it's also an idea to archive it. #w{=D}
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
When coding sprites, you can make the sprite out of 16x16 or 8x8 tiles no?

anyway, before calling the drawing routine $01B7B3, you have to store certain values in A and Y no?

	LDY #$02		; Y ends with the tile size .. 02 means it's 16x16
	LDA #$03		; A -> number of tiles drawn - 1.
				; I drew 4 tiles, so 4-1 = 1. A = 03.

	JSL $01B7B3		; Call the routine that draws the sprite.

My question is, what do I have to store in Y, to draw 8x8 tiles?

Originally posted by Nesquik Bunny
- Load Y with the tile size - for a 16x16 tile, we load with 02. For an 8x8 tile, we load it with 00.
Originally posted by Everest
00 or 0E works for me depending on what other sprites are present. If none of those work, try the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch.

*with the sprite header setting 10
Originally posted by Archie
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
*with the sprite header setting 10

The patch description says exactly that.

I know, I know, I used it too#smw{¬_¬}
Originally posted by HuFlungDu
I'm pretty sure the freespace finder in status effect is horribly broken. The only reason it's not been fixed is that I know any fixing will result in an entire recoding, and I just don't have time for that.

Good to know.

BTW: If the status effect fixed, what happens with Smalhackerss Status Bar Editor?
Originally posted by mario and luigi
i inserted custom music in my hack, but when one of the chargin' chucks clap, the music died. what happened?

I thing that happens with the custom music. Wich Addmusic are you using?
Originally posted by mario and luigi
if you're using the gray spikes (the ones that appear in wendy's castle), you might be looking for "layer 2 smash 1" sprite #e9 in sprite commands and generators in the add sprites window.

if you're using the yellow spike (from an autoscroll sub-level in iggy's castle from the original), then you need layer 3 smash, sprite #89 in special commands and generators in the add sprites window.

hope this helped. #smw{:TUP:}

No. That doesn't help him. He want to make a vertical scrolling level.
Originally posted by TheSuperRotom
Okay, I found the option about 1 minute after posting, so now is the problem. The game doesn't crash, Layer 2 appears properly, but it doesn't go up and down.

Layer 2 doesn't move up and down in vertical levels
Originally posted by mario and luigi
there's only 1 problem, it patched sm64 health bar + knockback effect successfully, but the sm64 health bar at the top of the screen is glitched out. what happened? did i apply it wrong?

You need to change the GFX with a GFX file (is there a GFX file?).
O.k. I think, now the german forum will be more active. Why? We've got yesterday an argument in SMWHacking.de#ab{:(}. But there's also no mod for the german forum in SMWC, who can speak german|-O. OH mean#smw{¬_¬}
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
I may not be a Music expert, but have you tried adding "#am4" on the bottom of the txt file?

But you're right, because AddmusicK is the only Addmusic, which have got an "emulations" mode.

Edit: In the Folder "other" there're two datas (AM4Batch and AMMBatch)Those datas are converting the song if you over pull over the songs in AM4Batch (for musics for Addmusic4.5) or AMMBatch (for musics for AddmusicM).

Torchkas edit: Don't post huge images that are unrelated, let alone stretch the site.
Originally posted by Luigi-San
Did you uninstall the Title Screen movement recording asm?

But the bug also happens if he's dying. I don't think, that happens with the Title Screen movement recording asm.

Zack-san: Please make a screenshot. If the pathes are glitched Luigi-San has right, but if the whole overworld is glitched, I don't know#smw{._.}
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