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Originally posted by Zack-san
It worked! Thank you, Luigi-san!#w{=)}

What? Was only the phathes glitched?#smw{o_O?}
Originally posted by Everest
Yes because when the level is finished, events activate and if you have the title screen ASM installed, it will glitch.

Originally posted by Zack-san
When I die/finished the level, the Overworld graphics got messed up! I'm almost done with my hack and I need help, or I'll never get a good score of my hack...#w{>=(}

Originally posted by Everest
Can still happen if previous events have occurred.

At least, good to know.
Originally posted by Skilllux
Ich werf jetzt einfach mal ein paar Fragen in den Raum:

-Was haltet ihr von den Nintendo Spielen, die auf der E3 gezeigt wurden?

-Spielt irgendwer von euch Melee Competitive? #Mangonation

-Was für Vorstellungen habt ihr von dem angekündigten 3D Mario Jump n Run? Also nicht SM 3D World. Es wurde noch ein anderes angekündigt, welches wohl SMG3 sein wird.. Ich würd ja gerne nen HD Remake von SM64 haben, oder ein SM64 2.

SSB4: Ein einzigartiges SSB, denn bisher gibt es nur ein SSB pro Konsole (wie es in MK der fall ist), aber hier ist es anders (auch ist das mit den Comic-Style in der 3ds Version gut gemacht).
MK8: Das mit den Wände fahren ist eine gute Idee und das wiederverwenden von den alten Teilen ist auch eine tolle Idee.
YI und ML4: Cartoon war gestern, heute sind 3D Grafiken das neue Zeitalter (Du kapierst es nicht? Die Grafiken in den jeweiligen Vorgängern sind mehr Cartoon-Mäßig)
SM3DW: Eine Mischung aus SM3DL und SMB2 (vier verschiedene Chars mit den gleichen Eigenschaften, SMB in 3D)


Weder noch noch. Es soll ein neues 3D-Mario-Adventure sein.
I don't understand anything, how the Layer 3 Customizer v.1.1.3 work.#smw{:(}How do you insert custom Layer 3 images and graphics? How do you make a custom behavior setting? Is it with anything incompitable? Please give me tips too.
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi

Mainly automatic Mario.
BTW: The Cheap Cheaps are spawning more or less randomly, so can Mario die earlier?
Originally posted by Everest
Try clicking #lm{sp} then pressing Insert on the keyboard. Type the sprite number there (E7 in this case). As a generator, is should be placed at the top of the level.

And because it's a generator for vertical levels it schould be placed at the left on a screen. (Usually you should place layer generators at the top of a screen, but unlike the others it's for vertical levels)
Originally posted by Ginyu AL
Mögt ihr denn Gamecube?

Ich spielte gerne auf den Gamecube. (Dank GaminClerks [wo auch z.B. Emero dort eine Partnerschaft hat] wei0 ich es, dass es dort einen Easter Egg gibt.) Jetzt spiele ich aber auf der Wii.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
I thought .l were 3 bytes?

Originally posted by Ice Man
It works on every opcode.

.w <- word - $00
.b <- byte - $0000
.l <- long - $0000

I'd recommend using it, if the first byte is 00 in 16-Bit mode e.g.
LDA.w #$0024

*.l <- long - $000000
He forgot two zeros#w{:s}
That could help you.
Originally posted by Mooki
Would it be possible to change a few things about how Mario moves or his physics I guess you could call it. I'm basically looking to change how fast you fall in the air, how fast you move and turn around in the air, how many frames it takes for you to start running, your running speed, and a couple other things like that.

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but this seemed good. Hopefully someone can help me because I feel like this should be a pretty simple thing to achieve.

For the mostly things, use HxD Hex Editor and the ROM Map in SMWCentral and for some things SMW Customizer too (it's a bit buggy).
Mario will learn varios abilities after an event is passed (like Mario can't do a spinjump or can fly [not glide] with the cape unless event xx is passed#smw{;)}) (you can also makes secret exits even without switch palaces).
You can also make a spinjump from the "Mario and Luigi" games (Mario [and Luigi] will stay for certain time in the air and it's usefull for puzzles).

I hope, I can implement those things without help.#ab{:S}

Epid: Make an RPG Battle System with the help of RPG Hacker's "VWF Dialouges" patch. #w{=D}

Edit: I know, how it works with the abilities.
You should use Sprite Header 0C (don't use NMSTL and set the Sprite Header to 10). It's used for the normal Lakitu (checked level 11F).

Edit while writing: Ninja'd by JackTheSpades. :(
Originally posted by Archie
I have a question about this.
Originally posted by 678ruby678
Must contain layer 3 smashers
Must NOT be a castle.

The problem is that the level needs to be a castle to have the layer 3 smashers. So, would a level with a castle tileset but it has another BG or whatever be allowed?

He means, it mustn't look like a castle. Everybody must change the graphics (like as example cyphermur9t has done in his hack "Mario Gives Up 2" the level "the wooden smasher") but the tileset must be (like you said Archie) "castle".
Mal ne Frage: Gilt das mit der Framerate auch "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" für den Game Cube (welches ich auch damit gespielt habe)

Übrigens: In den Zeldas mit den Vogelperspektiven läuft man beim Sprinten immer nur in einer Richtung und in SS konnte Link auch von Anfang an Sprinten#smw{;)}.
My question isn't still answered.
But I don't understand with the custom behavior setting.
Originally posted by Hamtaro126
If you want to make your own behaviors out of it, Learn 65816 ASM, Tutorials can be found anywhere, In Google and in these forums!

I can (a bit) ASM#w{>=(}

Edit: I want to make a custom layer 3 interaction too.
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