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Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Originally posted by leod
Link reagiert in OoT genauso schnell zum Input wie sonstwo.

Das stimmt so nicht. In Twilight Princess ist die Steuerung, wie gesagt, definitiv wesentlich flüssiger und direkter. Außerdem noch sehr viel präziser. Ocarina of Time fühlt sich im Vergleich dazu schlichtweg träge an. Das liegt zwar zu großen Teilen am N64 Controller, aber auch in der GameCube-Version habe ich das bemerkt. Da kann man sagen, was man will. Wenn man die zwei Spiele objektiv miteinander vergleicht, muss man einfach zu dem Schluss kommen, dass die Steuerung in Twilight Princess wesentlich besser funktioniert. Und das ist ja auch normal so, wenn man bedenkt, dass das Spiel gute zehn Jahre später erschien, während Ocarina of Time hingegen eines der ersten 3D Action Adventures überhaupt war.

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
Mal ne Frage: Gilt das mit der Framerate auch "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" für den Game Cube

Jab, die ist auch auf dem GameCube so niedrig. Das weiß ich so genau, weil ich die GC-Version davon damals direkt nach Twilight Princess gezockt habe und nach der Umstellung erstmal schockiert war, wie ruckelig das Bild auf einmal wirkte.

Gut zu wissen
Zu der Framerate: Ich weiß, welches TLoZ:TP du gespielt hattest, nämlich die auf der Wii#ab{;)}
Change the Sprite Header Settings (#lm{sprhead}) to 09 or use the NMSTL patch and set the Sprite Header Settings (#lm{sprhead}) to 10.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Ach ja? Und woher willst du das wissen?
Tatsächlich habe ich beide Versionen gespielt.

Echt! Und hattest du die Unterschiede zu den Frames gesehen?
You can also insert moons wich you can only reach per hard glitches (like key or p-jumping). #w{=D}
In some blocks/sprites/patches I've seen "Testers note: blah blah blah". How do you insert them?
Also: The FAQ should be updated (like that with the request: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=requests doesn't exists).
Thank you all.
Btw: In Trashkas (TRASM -> Xkas/Asar converter) is a bug where "incbin xxx" convert it to a lable (INCBIN: xxx) and some ASM Codes are a bit buggy (like Superyoshi's Money is Life generator [it doesn't kill the player if he's flashing or a have a star or the generator will take coins even the sprit lock flag was set (here is a video of this bug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbHNufXymk0); I fixed the generator and uploaded this in my file bin]).
Originally posted by Qwholl

There's two. Based on this picture, tell me where, directly, to put it. I got confused as to what you meant.

*Blah Blah Blah*
BEQ Return
LDA #$0F
LDA #$06
STA $71
LDA #$2A
LDA #$01
STA $7F191


I hope that's helping you.
Sorry, spelling mistake. :D I edited my last post. #ab{;)}
For the floating munchers, you can improvise like here . (The) [author] of [title] [subtitle] (an odd name, isnt it?) use special muncher GFX in that the stems and the leaves into propellers. #ab{:D}
I'd prefer, that you're using this or this for floating munchers.
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
$1DF9, $1DFB or $1DFC.

*$1DF9, $1DFA or $1DFC ($1DFB is for music)
I forgot the "Return" lable. #w{:s}
Have you fixed it with the inserting of the "Return" lable before "RTL"? It's than fixed.
Mario: He is a good character (good to control and he can flip the direction of projectiles and players) :P
Lucas: He's strong [Edit]and his FS is hard to dodge[/Edit].

(I'm using both chars often in online matches) #ab{;)}

Edit: Wouldn't it better fit to the "Gaming" forum?
Originally posted by Gloomy Star
Bowser: he's very strong, he has resistance, Giga Bowser ftw, and he's not hard to control. Also, Bowser Bomb.

Not here. :P With some luck you can defeat Bowser. #smw{;)}
Originally posted by Qwholl
I wanna make a tile with animated frames. I'm pretty sure I use #lm{exang} for that, but I when I click on it, I dont know what anything does... Can somebody draw a diagram or something for me? Or, just tell me what I need to know. I only need to make a tile with 2 frames...

First off use that for ExAnimations #lm{exan} and this is an ExAnimations Tutorial for Dummies (+LM1.8x).

Edit: I've seen on this tutorial. Just searche on an another tutorial.
Just an small level. It's also my first level in my hack. There is also a secret exit but you can't reach it unless you can spin jump (see "Awesome Hacking Ideas").
Originally posted by Everest
Seems to be a little expansive for a small level. Seems to be a lot of running and spin-jumping. Not bad.

Originally posted by me
There is also a secret exit but you can't reach it unless you can spin jump (see "Awesome Hacking Ideas").

You can not spin jump.
Right: My Wii Remote with Nunchuk.
Left: The cable of the Nunchuk.
Now I'm rea... CRAP! *Dead*

What happens:
Oh well, it was only a dream. There aren't Zombies.
Left: Cloth
Right: Pillow
I'm so genial.
Originally posted by Xinn
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
Just an small level. It's also my first level in my hack. There is also a secret exit but you can't reach it unless you can spin jump (see "Awesome Hacking Ideas").

tbh It's kinda really flat. Also, the enemy placement could be better. I feel as if some may be useless, like the sliding koopa in the begining. Also what's with those linked pipes near the end? I can't see any reason for them to be there.

It's just a normal, easy lavel. #smw{._.}

Edit: My leveldesign isn't so good.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Originally posted by Skilllux
Das liegt einfach daran, dass das einfach schlecht gemacht wurde in dem Spiel. In SM64 z.B. ist die Steuerung besser als in jedem anderen 3D Mario

Diese Behauptung kann ich wirklich nur vehement bestreiten. Super Mario 64 hat meiner Meinung nach trotz Analog-Stick eine ziemlich klobige und teilweise auch träge Steuerung. Da lassen sich die zwei Galaxy-Teile, vor allen Dingen aber Super Mario 3D Land, doch sehr viel besser und freier steuern.

Und die Kamera ist ein bisschen schlecht (Liegt darin, dass die Technologie früher nicht so gut ist war).
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