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This is supposed to be a Super Mario World ROM hack that is hard, but not frustrating.
Now avaliable!
Some of the levels are incomplete and some are not started at all, but here it is.
Here's some screenshots, too...

(Sorry if they're broken.)
Known glitches:
1. Firefall Castle is supposed to have Volcano Lotuses and the Bowser statue's fire in the same level, but the Volcano Lotuses have glitched graphics and I don't know how what index of graphics has both the Volcano Lotuses and the Bowser statue fire; this also is the same with the Boo Buddy circles
2. The path to Yoshi's Island 1 is glitchy and leads to an endless bonus game, making the yellow Switch Palace unbeatable

Mod edit: Images fixed.
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Everest
Your images are broken, to make them work, you should click "Insert Image" (CTRL+M) then simply put the URL to the image.

As for the hack, most of your levels except the castle are blatantly edited with only a few sprites and objects moved. The overworld looks bad with the path. The castle is okay for a first time hack but does get a little frustrating with the turn-blocks. I would suggest you to completely clean the levels (CTRL+Delete) and start fresh when making them.

The castle was not bad for a first-timer. To change the graphics, click #lm{gfxby} and pick from the selection (you can combine graphics but for a first-time hacker, I would not suggest that). Read APPALLED for better level design tips. I would also completely remove (or block) levels that you have not started yet That being said, good luck creating the rest of your hack.

Originally posted by WeegeeBen
From what I can see, this hack has many issues that need to be addressed.

1. The overworld has many problems that I can see. The paths are made entirely of squares. You should use the tiles to create curves and diagonals in your paths. Also, the overworld is very bare. Use some decorations to spice it up! And, lastly, those clouds with breaks in them were meant to be used with tall hills so that it looks like the cloud is going behind the hill. If you don't have a hill there, it just has cutoff, and that's no good.

2. Mario's new palette looks the tiniest bit strange to me, most notably his cap- it looks like the shading is messed up. You may want to change that.

3. Many of the levels you've shown just look like blatant edits. Use Ctrl-Delete to clear the level and then build new levels from scratch.

4. Glitched graphics such as the ones you've stated exist in your hack are a big no. There are only certain kinds of enemies you can put in the same levels as others. However, if you know how to use YY-CHR, you may be able to create ExGFX that mix the two sprite tilesets. Something's bound to be overwritten if you do that, though; something else's graphics will be changed, so keep that in mind, too.

5. If one of your levels leads to the bonus game, you've likely got it set to level 0. Make sure you set your level tiles to the levels you want them to go to using the yellow level tile (#lm{owlevel}).

You're off to a decent start. Fixing these things will help your hack very much, and then you may be on your way to making something great. Good luck and keep working at it!

Both of you have some really good tips; thanks! #smw{^_^}
Edit since I don't like double posting:
Demo 2 has been released!
This includes:
A map change
A new level, Goomba Springboards, plus part of the new Donut Plains 2
A slight difference in Mario's pallete
And more!
Here's another screenshot showing Mario's slightly altered pallete and Goomba Springboards on the map:

(It's probably broken too, sorry if it is)
By the way, I plan on there being three worlds, so it wouldn't be that long.
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by WeegeeBen
Here's one more thing: it looks like you're keeping all of the level names the same. That might not affect the game too terribly much, but when others play it, it may seem more to them that you edited SMW rather than started from scratch and made a completely new game. Keep that in mind; level names are more important than you might think.

Alright. I'll keep that in mind like you said.
Also, I found another bug in the makings of Super Megio World Demo 3...once you beat the first level of Expert Escort, The Good Old Days, it won't reveal the path to the next level. How can I fix this...?
Doin' a thing
This game is supposed to be three worlds, but...
I haven't worked on this game in a while...
I can't get this to C3 in time.
Doin' a thing
Hoo boy, here's to my first level for this project, formerly known as "Jellyfish Rampage".

It's basically a underwater level that is going to be a World 1 one that, if the title still doesn't explain it, has a lot of jellyfish.
Download link for Jellyfish Rumble Complete (v1):


Beginning of the level.

A lot of jellyfish here.

Pretty likely you'll lose a couple lives here too.

Reminds you of SMB1, huh?
Doin' a thing
So we're talking about first levels?
In that case, time has passed a lot, and I can't
seem to remember that much about what my first level was.
I'm almost remembering that I done one with a partner,
though, and she (yes, she's female) suggested to add
more mushrooms, more pipes, etc etc.

The first original level that I have done, however, was
the castle stage from Super Megio World.

I'm pretty proud of this one, and might even get in the
soon-to-be revival of the hack it comes from (of course,
with alterations to be better than it's original form).
Doin' a thing

You'll rarely start the game with a Yoshi. Going into "who's house???" with this would reveal that the message relating to the switch palaces didn't change at all:

Also I cheated a bit to let the mysteries be solved if the hellhole of the second Yoshi's Island stage is actually clearable.
Turns out it wasn't, as I found out that Yoshi's Island 3 didn't change at all. Not even it's name on the world map.

Doin' a thing
PROBLEM 1: EXGFX solves everything.
PROBLEM 2: This tutorial may help you. If that doesn't work, graphics hacking probably will.
PROBLEM 3: I have no idea.
PROBLEM 4: I think this shares the same answer with problem #1, although I may be wrong.
PROBLEM 5: Try and think of something unique. Maybe this mushroom hurts you?
PROBLEM 6: Again, I have no idea with this one. Maybe add a block into Map16 to act slippery or something?
Doin' a thing
This is a little preview of what's to come of what I'm changing the Switch Palaces with.

yczedit: table stretch begone
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Skullkid
@Twoka. Adjust those palettes the shades of blue and it might look okay. Right now they seem very abrupt.
Something like this?

yczedit: see above
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Wuthering
I understand you're trying to convey the look of a blue switch palace, but it's just too much blue and looks monotonous and overbearing. You should instead play a bit with the colours to keep things visually interesting, it doesn't all have to be blue to be a blue switch palace anyways. Other than that, the palette of the cement blocks doesn't look so great, as the contrast on it is too high. White shouldn't immediately transition to dark blue like what you have.
Does this look pretty good, a blue/yellow motif?

Also, this;

yczedit: and one more time
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Wuthering

@Twoka - That's looking way better! Are those blue question blocks part of the background? If they are, I think a more "full" background could be in place, like one that covers the whole background and not just a few small tiles of it.
Something like this?
Originally posted by Wuthering
Are you perhaps drawing the graphics for the hack yourself?

Mostly, although the switch palace tiles are based on Flappy Bird and I repurposed some of the graphics of the SMW graphics from the SNES test program, like this squashed Goomba;

Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Wuthering
The blocks in your switch palace background could really be faded or darkened, to achieve more contrast with the foreground. It all looks a bit too distracting, but I like the idea of the background.
I can see what you mean.

Also, here's the first world!

I don't have the paths to levels yet because I have yet to find something that actually explains the events more in-depth.

yczedit: and one last time
Doin' a thing

I modified the Overworld a bit. I still don't know what the events do, but I tried to prevent cutoff as this is at the very bottom.
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by mario and luigi
Twoka: there are lots of perspective errors (check near the corners and the top and bottoms of the cliffs). the top and bottom sides of the cliffs must match in the same direction. plus, the island with the invisible switch palace level looks very odd with the perspective.

Yes, I knew that I would somewhat fall when making these overworlds. #smw{<_<}#smw{>_>}
I am currently wondering if there's a patch to remove the use of the overworld entirely and have the levels in a linear, SMB1-like order.

So, on the subject of editing title screens...
Doin' a thing
Originally posted by Wuthering

There is. You can use the filter results option to find whatever you need with ease.

Thank you, but xkas doesn't appear to work on my computer right now. It displays this and closes itself very quickly when I open it; Asar works no problem, though.
Doin' a thing
Directional signs for my hack, including a extra skull sign:
Snip snip snip
Doin' a thing
My first attempt at making a background and how it looks in-game. Sure, it may be bland compared to my foreground, but it can be improved.
Doin' a thing
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Twoka's Profile - Posts by Twoka

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