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Originally posted by in3D
I would still need to make a custom sprite of some sort, because it needs to disappear. Also, my level has 2 background layers, which scroll at different speeds. When I hit the goal sphere, one of them doesn't fade away, and Mario keeps walking.

I believe this is Paralax scrolling. Google it if your not sure :D
Originally posted by Protoman
Old Characters I would like to see back
- Pit
- Meta Knight
- Jigglypuff

Pit and Meta Knight were my pro characters in Brawl, so I hope that I see a return =) Also I have have been using Jiggles forever, so not seeing a return... that would suck.

New Characters
- Mega Man
- Protoman
- Dr. Wily (yes lol)
- Zero
- Sigma
- Knuckles (Sonic if ya don't know)
- Metal Sonic

The most wanted out of these would be Protoman, Zero, and Sigma. Seeing Zero's moveset... ohhh man haha. Also Protoman would be great to see as well, seeing as he would fit right in with Mega Man. And Sigma/Dr. Wily because... Well ya need the Antagonist right? I mean they've had Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede and a few others... so why not? Also seeing Sigma in action on SSB4 would be great, but how they are supporting Mega Man from the original MM, I doubt that will happen; but still that would be a cool addition.

All of this is win,plus metal sonic?! That. Is... the bestideaievrheard
Left A wall .-. How will i even..
Right A printer? Yeee
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