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I am new to this site, and not really sure whether anyone has posted a question, such as this, so bear with me please. In my hack of SMW I want my koopas to turn into shells when stomped, as they did in earlier mario games. I do not want them to come out of their shells as they do in SMW because I like to use shyguys for shelless koopas. I know how to keep the shelless koopas from going into shells with tweaker, but I don't know how to turn koopa troopas into shells without them coming out. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
In regards to your valued assistance, invisiblecoinblock, I thank you. Both methods worked for me. I can now achieve my goal of using both enemies without conflict.
Being that my question was answered, I assume that this thread should now be closed.
Question 1:
I am not sure whether anyone has posted a problem like this, so forgive me if I ask the same old question. I am wanting to use koopa troopas whose heads are wider than 8 pixels in the upper part of the 16x16 tile that the sprite uses. Whenever I use these koopas and say I hit a question block with a coin, I see part of the koopas head with it when the 10 point number pops up. I feel as if I am stuck using normal thin koopa heads, but I was wondering if there was a way to prevent the points from popping up all together.

Noobish Question 2:
Is it possible to remove some of the things from the status bar, such as the item box and the lives counter. I understand that the points counter is hardcoded, and I want to keep my coin counter. The reason I would like to remove the item box and such is because if I use custom backgrounds that use large portions of the palette, I end up changing the item box and the Mario in the lives counter and I don't like the idea of a crappy looking rom. Is there a patch of some sort, or should I try to edit the GFX file?
I appreciate the help. I fixed the item box problem last night, and Kaeru I will try my hand at remapping the koopas tomorrow night. Again, I thank you.
Hello, as you can see from my username, I am LunarDrake, and no I did not pick the Lunar part based on Lunar Magic. I have been making games and such for about 8 years on various makers, and have been using Lunar Magic for about 6 months. In that time I have become pretty accustomed to making graphics and such, so should anyone need anything, I may find some time to help you. You may have seen some of my work on RPG Maker 95/2000/etc. websites under the name of LunarDrake or Magus989. I have moderate skills on LunarMagic, but I am no expert, although if I can help, I will. Bye-bye, and buy bonds.
I apologize for initially posting this somewhere else.
Kokojo, I have just finished making a dry yoshi for you. It is currently waiting to be moderated, so check in the ExGFX section for it when they add it. It only uses two colours, black and white, but you can shade it if you like on with palettes A-D. You will probably experience some discolouration of other sprites, i.e. koopas, if you decide to shade it. Also, all your yoshies will look this way, being that all the yoshies use the same GFX file, GFX33. There may be a way to bypass this, but I am not sure how. Should you need the end game graphics of yoshi changed to look this way, just ask, or do it yourself. Good luck, and happy hunting.
Okay, in Bowser's Castle, the room with the Mecha-Koopas and Ninjis, right before you fight Mr. Big Bad himself, there is a light. The light that goes through all the animations that give it a sort of disco ball effect. What would be the best way, if possible which I'm sure it is, to cut all those many animations it goes through down to one. In my game I don't need it to look like a disco ball, but rather more of a spotlight. Thank you for your time.
I understand that, what I am trying to accomplish, however, is to be able to use the unwanted GFX as other sprites. This way I am not limited to just a handful, i.e., Ninjis and Mecha-Koopas.
Okay, let's say, for example, I have a level with custom music in it. How can I make a secondary part of the level that has the same music not have that awkward song restart when I go there. Also, if I add a star or POW switch in the level, how can I make it return to playing the normal music after activating these items. What the problem is is when the timers on those things run out, let's say the star, after it is expired it still continues to play the starman loop over and over. The same thing happens with the POW switch.
Thank you, I will give it a try. Thank you for your time.
Actually changing the music to 00NoMusic between level works. I didn't think it would at first when I was about to try it, but it does. I have yet to try changing the code for the POW and the star however, but the between the levels problem is fixed.
Personally I feel that this would be a good idea, as far as people who would like some form of custom graphics. I am sure most of us have made our own versions of SMB characters through the years, but never took the time to put them in some ExGFX form. Furthermore, should people be looking for custom SMB graphics for other purposes, like different game makers, that would get more people coming here. I am not sure if that is what whoever is over this site wants, but if he or she gets paid for people clicking on the ads, it could help them. Furthermore, if the custom files, or what not, were here, maybe that could get more people from here, that know how, to convert them into a SMW usable form for us all to use.
Okay, I am not sure if one exists, if it does and it's on here I apologize for posting this question, but I was wondering if there was a custom block that someone has made that is a reverse switch palace block. What I mean by that is, the normal switch palace blocks appear after the switch palace switch has been activated, but a reverse one would make the blocks go away and be clear when the palace switch pressed. This way someone could make level areas or levels accessible only when the switch is pressed. I can see a lot of doors open with the advent of this block, if there isn't one.
Unless I am doing something wrong, this does not work for me. The blocks in the map16 are there as tiles, and not effected by the switch palace, or so the drop down text reads. I did try changing them, but it didn't work. Furthermore, if it did work, wouldn't the block acts like number have to be completely different. It would seem to me if I could get it to work that way, wouldn't the solid block still act like the clear one, only you could walk through it?
A quick question, and hopefully an easy explanation. I would like to use custom sprites, but be able to use more of them at once. For example, the custom hammer brother sprite. It uses SP3, but I would like to use different sprites there, for example, smb 2 sprites, in a level where I don't need the charging chucks. How would I go about editing what tiles I want my sprites to use?
I have a couple of questions.
Question 1: With mikeyb's custom mushroom block, how can I make it to where it doesn't destroy the other FG3 tiles when it is placed somewhere other than it's initial position.

Question 2: Something I noticed in the sprites folder of sprite tool is the squash.cfg file. How does one go about adding this. The asm file is nowhere to be found, at least not that I can see. Hopefully this is not a nOObish question.

Thank you for your time.
I am having trouble with the sticky block from the blocks section. The files just contains the bin and no description as to what offsets the block uses. Does anyone know what they are.

Another thing I have a sprite request "not sure if this is where I do this so correct me if I am in the wrong section." I think a neat custom sprite would be a reznor that you could use in levels. I do not know how enough about ASM to create my owns sprites. Anyhow, I think it would be neat if you had a reznor that would charge you like charging chuck if you got close, but if you were at a distance it would shoot its fire at you. Also, to kill it you would have to hit it with something three times, or more, much like birdo. I can make the graphics if someone could make the sprite, but I am probably just spitting in the wind.