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It's a shame my earlier posts can't just go away forever. If you're looking at this, you are most likely going through my posts with the "Show Posts" link. I have no power to force you away, but if you're reading this right now, please understand that I am no longer the horrible user I was during my first few months.

First post couldn't be edited because it's in an archived forum. Oh well, second post is second best.

Original post:

some ancient unfinished level by me. Not sure if I'm going to go anywhere with this.

Mod edit: Fixed broken images.

Apparently I didn't even know how to link images properly. way2go, self.
Okay, if you really, really desire to continue on reading my old posts, then please prepare yourself to experience a whole new level of cringe.

Just remember, I warned you.

You should get the message by now.

Original Post:

did a thing

made a video of that shit, forgot to post it

Ignore the redrawn koopas plz, they're place holders.
A bitch nigga, that's the shit I don't like.
Eh, what cutoff?

I don't see any but maybe I'm not just good at spotting cuttoff.
what is a kieran and how do i smoke it
Originally posted by Counterfeit
Now, if we moved Caffie to SMWC, we'd have SMWC in SMWC while SMWC is on Caffie which is now in SMWC... =o


I have no idea what yo guys are talking about. I always get this site as first result. strange.

Originally posted by Akireyano
Ya' know. This is the first thing that pops-up when you just type "smwc" It's no surprise. When i got this back in 2009 i got scared beacuse i thought that "SMWC" was now a college site rather than a hacking/talking site. Hope this never happens, again...

sorry i can not english very well

what is she doing to that poor thing oh god that monster
thanx #smw{:peace:}
I might be slightly breaking the rules of the forum but oh well #yolo

I hope this doesnt ask more questions than anwsers

Edit: Next person ignore this post plzz
Open the overworld editor (the #lm{ow} icon, that is) and from there go to View >show level numbers. A black tag while show up beside each level number. Just find the one you want and search (use #lm{level}) for it in the level editor.

If you still can't find it are you sure you opened the correct ROM file?

Also why do you want to change the music?
Anyone who bumps a year old thread. It's even worse when OP is inactive/banned.
Originally posted by metalgearhunter

Overall the graphics look great. But I fell as if the dirt texture is too busy. It's awkward looking but it may be because of the palette.

Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
more things

I'm not too fond of the Super Mario Bros' 3 background with the vanilla Super Mario World foreground. Idk it might just be me. I really like what did with the lava palette, though.
If I'm not mistaken, the featured hacks section was removed due to some bug or something

but idk what you're talking about I can't see anything related to the old featured hack section on the main page. You may be mistaking it for the Most downloaded hacks. Again idk tho
Originally posted by Trollope

Level 3 - Jungle Boogie

The pipes are cutoff when they reach the ground, If you can, fix that. Also the horizontal tiles on the item box appear to be upside-down, which looks really strange. Not sure if I explained that correctly, but that's how it looks to me.
Whatever ever happened to "Thou shall love thy neighbour"? I feel as if their is no excuse not to celebrate, even if one does believe that homosexuality is a sin. Shouldn't a Christian still show support to those they don't agree with? I'm not saying one should deny their beliefs in any case, but they should still be respectful to those who think differently from them and live different lifestyles. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter who they are or what they believe in
Originally posted by Akireyano
Water levels, not the ones with mushroom columns.

Execpt there's nothing wrong with underwater levels. The only problem is that most hackers just do not know how to properly design one.

Anyways my biggest kill joy is that thowmp boss. I refuse to continue any hack that features it. It's way too overdone.

idk It matches your user name well tho
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