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Originally posted by Qwholl
I never post here, so i decited to... K done.


idk the only thing I could do for C3 would be to rush out a 1 level tech demo, and that's just ugh a terrible idea. Whatever, I doubt I would get any attention anyways yea.
Custom sprites spawned by other sprites must be placed in the next slot. i.e. If I place Birdo in slot 00, 01 would have to be its egg.
I don't know much about these sprites tho. I never used them, and I have no acess to a working computer, so I can't see for myself.
Originally posted by Volke

It's somewhat simple barren, but I do like the look of it. It gives me an impression of an classic old school hack. I would suggest you brighten the water pallette though, it looks kinda... drab.
Originally posted by Volke

Maybe not everyone will agree, but I like this pallette alot more. It adds alot more life and color to it.
Going from left to right, the third icon on the toolbar is the save function. Alternatively, you can go to file > save. If you already did that, are you sure you imported the GFX files? The green shroom will import global GFX changes made in the GFX folder. The yellow one will import ExGFX changes made in the ExGFX folder.
Originally posted by Angel Face
I do believe I am a sex god.

Gurl to the plea. Not on my watch you ain't. Second class h0ez don't got nothin' on me.

Edit: We need a rap here too you know.
Originally posted by TheRobju
I was bored.

tbh the pallettes are beautiful, and the hdma looks great here (I wish I could do that). I don't see much of an purpose with this, but oh well it looks good so whatever.
it's your own fault for being a thirsty ass nigga

Just gonna ignore the pointless arguing here yea

Originally posted by TheSuperRotom

 photo smw_00052_zpsbced4c1d.png

This is a new overworld for World 1. The flatness is temporary, and will be fixed by the time of release 2 (at least in World 1's case).

No. There is no reason to not fix the overworld right now. Don't plan to change something like that later when it's so easy to change. I'd also suggest you make new overworlds insted of trying to recreate New Super Mario Bros' ones, because they are just too huge for Super Mario World's submaps + there is the large overworld map, something NSMB didn't have.

Originally posted by TheSuperRotom

 photo smw_00033_zps56a38992.png

Another preview for the first Tower. This also shows a problem to the right. The enemies (Dry Bones) fall through Layer 2

Enable Sprite Buoyancy.

Originally posted by TheSuperRotom

 photo smw_00039_zps0b4c7009.png

It's another secret area accessible from a sub area. You'll need the Cape Feather (which is replacing the blue shell) as..........#smw{...}.....

The usage of cement blocks does not look good, and pipe at the top has an ugly pallette. So does the status bar, but that's an issue in pretty much every other screenshot, sooo...

Anyways, I don't see a purpose in trying to downgrade NSMB, ecspecially when you don't have the ASM knowledge to recreate some of the mechanics of NSMB. Sorry, but that's just how I see it.
The popo



thank U for feedback stranger : )

i think U are awnsered. dont forget comment!

good thread!

( by SMW Xinn :^] )

e: What possible U diser...?
w0w h8ters qonna h9
jbiebzz is mi huzzband <3 luv him xoxo

no but seriously idk how anyone could like his music. But then again I only heard Baby, Boyfriend, and this one horribly autotuned shit that I don't know the name of.

Anyone remember #cut4bieber?
Joining this forum

oh god all my facebook posts from 2011 were so bad. You don't even want to know

kill me now pl0x
idk But it looks like the beginning of Yoshi's Island 2 a litte bit, minus the bg. Also the berries look weird stacked on each other, and I wouldn't suggest you place a Yoshi that close to the beginning.
Originally posted by tylersuperwiigamer

Here a link for pic 2

Tone down your usage of cement blocks, they don't look good.

Where are the enemies?
Originally posted by tylersuperwiigamer

Did you even read the first thing it said no enemies yet.

Whoops, sorry for that. I dunno I thinks it's better to place sprites while your making the level, rather than placing them in after it's finished. Otherwise it'll just feel like they're an afterthought.
Yea, like koopster said, some of the pallette can only be edited through the global pallettes. If you're trying to set up a custom Mario pallette for one level, I believe there is a patch for that.

e:Custom Mario Palettes by Roy

e2: link won't work for some reason. Oh well there's the name of the patch.
sup niggas

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6) To be continued...
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