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new pic 1--barely any ground


First of all, that image is way too stretched out. It's difficult judge that way.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't look that great either. There's lots of grey cement block spam, and the line guides weren't used in any interesting ways. Most sections will just have the player stand and wait, which isn't fun nor desired.
Originally posted by Onomatopoeia
Left: My sound system remote
Right: My webcam

I guess I could turn on some music with the sound system remote, and turn my webcam on to project to my tv so that they would see the image on my screen and hear the music and be distracted by it. If they break the tv though, I'm screwed.

Just blast some Blood on the Dance Floor. It'll be guaranteed to clear a room of living (or undead) things.

no but seriously I haven't been here long enough (only two weeks) to be able to consider anyone a friend. But then again, I already made my first enemy here so wuteva
Looks nice, but I agree with Purple Rex. The skull doesn't fit all that well with the rest of the tileset.
Originally posted by Torchkas

tbh that's nothing new. I discovered that back in 2009 or wutevs
And I found this in under 5 minutes. Next time look in the tutorial forum before you ask a question this broad + Sprite Tool already has a "How to use" text file.
Looks nice. Not much a fan of the water driping from the cave ceilling like that tho

Will definitely check this out during C3

e:haha lol 69!!!
Can't really say much else other than it looks good Aesthetic-wise.

I've never understood the purpose of chase sequences tho
4/10 2009 is over honey. No but is awsome face even a thing anymore?

My avatar is perf :^) anyone who doesnt agree can go suck my queefs<3
There's too much going on in the first two screens. It looks really cluttered.
But what browser are you using? Everything on this site should work flawlessly on any major browser.
Uhhh what just happened to that pony gif that displays when the radio is being used. Please don't tell me it's only me

also yea C3. Is that this week?
I can only expect a panic thread to pop up sooner or later. I wonder how long it will stay that way tho

Is C3 really that close? Damn, I guess I won't have anything to show off.
Is that so? I was unaware of that behaviour.

I guess it's not really that important, but the fix seems easy enough.
That's not possible. You could, however, use the mode that sets layer 2 as transparent and, if you want a bg, use layer 3.
The only shiny encounter I remember was with a Tentacruel. I caught it, and rarely used it afterwards.

Originally posted by levelengine

- The 9 playable levels will be put on an overworld like so...

Honestly I'd rather just play the levels in a specific order, but I guess this system would work in hack like this. I just hope you don't get lazy and make it look like that submap in the Brutal Mario demo (i.e. a void of nothingness).


Originally posted by levelengine

- As for custom graphics, I improved on them in Lone Sal Basilica quite a bit (especially that background, old one on the left, new one on the right).

Definitely looks better now. The platform under mario (on the right screen) has a different outline from the rest of objects tho and it just doesn't look consistant that way.
Looks nice. That Pirana Plant above the question blocks near the midway point looks useless tho.

<3the music brings me back to 2009/10
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