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when does the line in which pestering becomes harassing begin
Originally posted by Noivern
Let's not pretend emulation is any more or less morally wrong because it's a popular modern game. Casual reminder that Nintendo is still selling Super Mario World on the eShop as a virtual console game.

I mean, there is a considerable difference. Compared to new titles, Nintendo isn't dependant on reselling old games. The difference selling Super Mario World on virtual console makes is negligible to their income; They'd still be here today if no one bought Super Mario World for their Wii, compared to if no one bought the new Zelda game, the one they just put multi-million behind to make.
at least posting dead memes is better, than say, hypothetically, posting someone elses art as your own for over 2 years. Just hypothetically though!
Originally posted by Shiny Ninetales
It's better for you, nowdays people with dicks and dicks itself are fucking hated (specially by feminazis)

it is true theres nothing more i hate in this world than my boyfriends dick
44 moo_we_all_do

72 moo_we_all_do

[Non-Level] Your favorite type of cheese?
I'm not just popular; I'm every girl's dream

man it hurts to be this hip
Every Queen song ever.
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer

Option A
Pokemon D/P/P - Lake
Year: 2006
Originally posted by Ultima

Originally posted by Ultima
Literally the same thing with me, except I`m watching Kiss X Sis right now. Like, its just total fucking incest bullshit, and yet I`m loving every single moment of it.
I can't think of a reason to hate emoji other than being boring 😜👊💯💯💯💯😤
Fake headline. I did some research and it was ultimately a decision on the dev teams part. There was no outside pressure to remove it.
for whatever reason line 92 got changed from [r2]20 to [r2]10
Originally posted by leod
Eva is the bestiest and I love her a lot cause she's a super snuggly little cutie pie #wario{^_^}

nahhhhhhh thats you!!!!!!!!!! #wario{O_O}#wario{<3}
plane ticket to see leod
My problem with discord is that I don't like being tied down to only one client when I just don't like the client. The UI of discord is a flat-packed contrast-less whitespace nightmare. The search menu literally takes up the remaining half of the screen and pushes the actual content into a very narrow column, which is pretty bad! I only use discord from the web, the actual desktop client is just too big and clunky for what I'd want, and thats about as good as its gonna get considering it Electron based.

There's not much I can do about that though since pretty much everyones moved to discord. It's not that bad though, I just wish the client had better design. I don't really need any of the features discord has but being able to read messages before you logged on or the emoji support with custom emojis and reactions are pretty nice additions to have. The second one isn't very important, but it's fun!
Originally posted by Mathos
Not only does Discord already had an option to tun off avatars and have a 99% IRC-like look, but with the latest update it now also has resizing options :P

ok but I'm already aware of that. Changing it to the irc look was the first thing I did on discord. I still don't really like the interface so????
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