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If theyre going to leave just because they got banned then, uh, theyre just playing the victim since theyre the one who did the action to get themself banned in the first place. Should we avoid banning people all together just because some might not be able to deal with the consequences of their actions?
Originally posted by Koopster
I believe if anything, you are a big influence among the people around you. Maybe without [them] realising.

The similarities in our opinions on people are more symbiotic at its best and otherwise coincidental. You're trying to paint us with a single brush stroke and isn't working. I can safely say that my opinions on Ladida or anyone else you might want to bring up was formed well before I ever even talked to leod. It's a bold claim but theres not much merit to it.

I neither get where youre coming from with the whole "were trying to alienate people we don't like" plot either, especially since youre literally in that group. Yes we gossip, but not only is that a natural conversation in a friends group, I haven't seen any of that take any direct impact on the subjects. Like literally our hottest subjects lately probably don't have any clue that we ever even brought them up, as little as that may be because contrary to what some people might think it's not the most important thing to us. In relation to ladida: No one even talked about him leading up to the ban. In relation to anyone else: I don't really know off the top of my head any. I guess some of us had grivences about torchkas, but uhhhh, she was literally invited to it and someone who really didnt like her is now pretty okay with her? There's maybe like two people I can think of that you might be grasping at, but again I don't really see it? One of them loves to argue and the other just isn't the brightest bulb in the box. You can take that much as evidence that we are trying to create a negative environment but I don't see that effort falling into place. Both of them are still here, have been here for months and don't appear to be affected by it all. I can literally only think of one person within our circlejerk whos really barely confronted anyone, and its not something we all cheer on and encourage.

What you've said couldve had merit, a long time ago that is. Whatever problem isn't going to get any bigger since most of our interest in this site is only getting less and less. And thats not due to being alienated! It's natural to start to lose interest, just like with anything else and just like what tons of people who once used this site have done. Thats besides the point though. At the end of the day you call it bias because, hey, look who I am, but I mean how many people can talk when they don't have the insider information.

He's stubborn about his ways and he's just admitted that

And people have their flaws.

I'm not sure what else to say. These are people who are giving up time just to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is all volunteer work. I was certain you'd be well familiar with that. I get that there should be a standard of quality that goes towards choice of staff members, but that shouldnt be an issue as long as they are contributing. You haven't really said anything that constructive. "leod is more bad than good" is a statement, not an explanation.

but because of a rule leod and only leod made and enforced.

I'm sure you were told this quite a lot at the time, but it literally wasnt a rule that leod pulled out of his ass. Other staff members already stated that it was an issue discussed and agreed upon all of them.

I mean I can get that it could be frustrating since it wasnt added to the first post but it was less of an issue of adding rules and more of enforcing the rules that were already in place. Rules that aren't specific to the Bar and Grill. The post was kind of meant as the formal warning. It's a bit hard to relay a message like that if people are going to ignore or not notice it without backpedaling and making the attempt pointless.

Again, I can get that its frustrating but I don't think it's going to impact SMWC that much. This doesn't really happen often compared to years ago when this kind of thing happened quite a lot more. I still remember what the last days of the WOI were like.

The first example I want to present is this post

Not every warning is going to be public. I don't want to callout him, but with saying as little as I can lion is already walking a tightrope with the staff.

contentless post that received no repercussions whatsoever (sorry hobzio)

im not staff so I cant truly give an answer on why that is or isn't unacceptable. What I can say though is that there is a flaw with this logic because leod is only one staff member. He's not the only one moderating posts. He's not the only one banning people. There's tons of staff who are not part of the ~illuminati~ who have no reason to show bias to Hobz (sorry hobz).
itd probably be possible to pass it off as a parody. i literally saw a shirt at a department store that had a graphic of a knockoff smw boo on it.
Originally posted by lion
System is actually S.N.N.'s girlfriend

so a robot
it's almost like leod wasn't being serious either #smw{O_O!}
its like im at weenie hut jr's
high quallity content
theres a brightness slider
I have no idea how people who think it's too bright survive on 99% of the rest of the internet lmao
Originally posted by Shiny Ninetales
but it seems to be the better option since the threads were deleted.

quick gotta delete the anti-censorship thread because it makes us look bad #smrpg{ohno}
yes, it was only moved there after people complained about it being purged completely to make it seem like nothing even happened

wow this man has a point of view that differs from mine I better call him an incel amirite xD

if the shoe fits
Wavee is just something I came up with while thinking of a new username and typing random letters and i thought it was cute

my avatar is just a selfie
Hey Besties, let’s talk about skincare and beauty. What’s your routine? What products do you use? What are your beauty favourites? What products do you want to get?

I’ll start off:
I just recently got a bunch of new skincare products from Korea so I haven’t tested them out too much yet. I start with the CeraVe hydrating foaming cleanser, then I tone with the Dear Clairs supple skin toner. After that I use the CorsRX 96 snail Mucin essence, the Mizon snail eye cream, and then I finish with Pyukang Yul calming moisture barrier cream. I also have the Some by Mi snail repair cream, which I intend to use as a night cream but haven’t tried it just yet. I generally prefer a simple routine that doesn’t take too long, this routine so far though has left my skin feeling very glowy which I love. I want to get something that can exfoliate my skin but do it gently, so I’ve been thinking of trying either The Inkey Lists pha toner or the Glow Recipe water melon toner. I have a Tatcha overnight cream sample that I don’t want to try in case I love it because $$$

I don’t have any skincare favourites so far since I’m pretty new too it, I do have a few makeup favourites. My favourite brow gel is the elf wow brow gel, it’s supper affordable but really makes my eyebrows look full and natural since it’s not too pigmented. Also an affordable favourite is the Essence leash princess mascara, it’s seriously beautiful and you should get it if you wear mascara.
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