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I've got a weird question about Brutal Mario.

Why did it get to 7.5 worlds, and then it never got completed? I mean, I know Carol is still working on it, but does anyone know what caused the major progress slowdown? Did Carol dislike it and want to remake it?
I'd actually love it if the difficulty rose up unnecessarily high quickly. A nice departure from slow start hacks.

Hi. So do any of you remember when you first played the original SMW? I replayed it a few days back and it was as great as I remembered. Finding Star Road, struggling with Butter Bridge 1, getting lost in Forest of Illusion's paths, popping the bubbles and falling in a pit because I was rushing, classic right? But for whatever reason, most hacks I've played just don't give me that air of discovery and buzz. Not even TSRPR2 was able to capture my interest for more than 1-2 worlds. I know I'm not really a person who anyone feels a need to impress, but I'm begging you guys since you obviously know more.

Which hack feels like a worthy successor to the original SMW, and not in a "hack" sense?

To be honest, a few years ago I sat transfixed at a playlist of Brutal Mario's bosses... But it is still alas unfinished. They looked so professional and groundbreaking.
Was it Mario: Endgame?
Thanks everybody. I think This Hack Needs A Name is scratching my itch for now.
Could someone please upload this hack IPS, with all the levels done not the demo acow played? Thanks.
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Super Luigi Bros: Mystery of the 7 Jewels.
Though, your post would have been more fitting here.

Are you sure that is still in development?
Yeah, like the title says.

Whatever happened to Icegoom?
Try Mario's Amazing Adventure or Super Mario Universe 2.
Are there any advantages to using the All Stars + World ROM? Can you use the mechanics of the first 4 games, in SMW if you use that ROM? I know probably not, I'm just wondering.
Congratulations on the Ride Armor, but unfortunately I only have myself to play with so I couldn't do co-OP multiplayer games. By the way what tool allows multiple player characters?
Forgive my obliviousness, but is it basically impossible for a layman to edit a custom sprite boss, much less create one?
Originally posted by Leomon
Originally posted by Cascade
That is true, though, most of the well-known hacks were never finished. (...) Brutal Mario.

Actually no, Carol started working on the last world like last month or w/e

Source please?
I dunno if this is a stupid question, but will it be easy to make or change powerups? I'm worried that the default ones will get overused (Like Thwomp Boss).
How far back do you think a hack can be of fun quality? It seems like when it comes to the building of SMW Hacks the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Custom Music, Levels built with lots of BGOs and single-tile columns and rows, high quality custom tilesets, and re-used custom sprites, hacks are still played today for the qualities they had then. Here are some of my favorites.

Mario's Amazing Adventure: I thought this was released in 2013 due to a mixup on Romhacking.net's dates. Imagine my surprise when it was released 7 whole years earlier! This hack has (for the most part) fun, curving levels, refreshing graphics, and some cool shenanigans where you return to earlier maps after pressing switch palaces. The only thing quite lacking is the bosses, but there are still two custom bosses.

Super Mario Universe 2: This was a hack released before its' time. There are custom SMB3, SMB1, and Super Metroid reskins of default things in many levels, the proto-custom sprites. There's even an "airship" with Bullet Bills replacing Eeries and cannonballs replacing diagonal Bullet Bills, and the Koopalings were replaced with "Nightmare Viruses". Also, there's many SMW Redrawn sprite usage due to it just becoming in vogue. It even had a txt file detailing which (silent) levels should have certain music played in the background. Unfortunately, the level design is often too long, meandering, and in some cases, rather boring. It's a good curio.

LoL - Legend of Luigi: The first two worlds have some vanilla and custom tilesets, and one of the first SMB1 Allstars Tile Rips. Iggy's Castle has a particularly impressive tileset. And this was just in 2004. The map also has some simple path changes and visual block rearrangement, and the first two worlds are renamed. Just look at Vanilla Dome's thin bridges over a dark blue sea, it brings to mind "The River Styx". Unfortunately, even though the map's level order is slightly rearranged the whole way through, the modified levels end after #2 Morton's Castle.
Why does the "in any room" reznor custom sprite shoot tiny fireballs unlike the default version?
Hi! A friend asked me to rip a SPP Princess Peach to SMBX. The DS sprites are too tall, but Construct101's shorter SMW version is well. Could someone please rip it to a sprite sheet instead of SMW bin file?
Hi there. I remember this level in a hack from long ago, called "The Sun". It was a Kaizo hack, which meant that the early part of the level was some flying between two narrow horizontal sloping lava passages, which were light yellow and also had Football Chucks. Does anybody know what hack this is? Thank you!
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Was it called 'The Master Courses'?

Flawless victory!
Does anyone have this hack? Sokobansolver and I cannot find it. Thank you.
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