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This isn't anyone's fault. No one was meant to be offended or challenged by the following.

Honestly? I kind of wish that ASM were easier or that SMW could run on a system with the memory to spare for a high level programming language. ASM looks totally old and daunting... just like it was 8 years ago. Just because no one needs to have Thwomp Boss, Classic Bowser, and Mouser in their hack to round out the roster anymore doesn't mean that we've went past the reasons that they did that. My point is that I don't know whether or not to quantify custom sprites as "overusable". I mean, it's not like the Thwomp Boss and whatever were used for no reason. They had quite a clever, if nonsensical, boss gimmick.

I'm sorry. I kind of needed to say that. It's basically been bubbling in my mind for a couple years. Some hacks have done a good job (SMW After Years) have done a good job at "justifying" their heavily-used stuff being in the game. For example, I found the
Giant Masked Koopa that's the boss of World 7
to be quite the good call-back to
the first boss
I love those graphics, especially the playable Mario.
Hi there! I would have PMed the author himself but he seems inactive and hasn't replied for several months. Please understand. So Andy250k made the SML enemy sprites like Gao, Spider, Moais, Chinese Vampire etc. that lots of people use, and someone else put his sprites into ASM so they could work as insertable sprites. I have two questions.

1.Does anyone else know if he did the rest of the enemies like the plane bombers, the Yurarin seahorse, and the bone fish?

2.If there is a png spritesheet of the Andy250k SML enemies, could someone please upload it?

Thank you so much. I love those sprites.
This hack looks enjoyable to play, because it has many Mario games, but combined into one patch. I will play it when it is completed. I would make a few fixes, though.

1. Fix Mario's error palettes and foot graphic

2. Change enemy graphics instead of just enemy palettes (SMB1 = SMB1 Goombas and Koopas, SMB3 = SMB3 Koopas and Goombas).

Thank you and I hope you finish your hack!
Was Wicked Star Story scrapped?
Hi. I was asking Andy if he had sprite sheets of his SML sprites (since I figured he may have several enemies that he hadn't got put to A, before you ask why I didn't rip the sprites already), and he replied asking for clarificarion, so I did. Now he doesn't seem to be anywhere. My point is, he seems like a friendly guy, so I'm just wondering if he has another site and forgot to check here. Thank you.
Originally posted by andy_k_250
Originally posted by FanofSMBX
Hi. I was asking Andy if he had sprite sheets of his SML sprites (since I figured he may have several enemies that he hadn't got put to A, before you ask why I didn't rip the sprites already), and he replied asking for clarificarion, so I did. Now he doesn't seem to be anywhere. My point is, he seems like a friendly guy, so I'm just wondering if he has another site and forgot to check here. Thank you.

Hey there. Sorry I never responded to your PM. I've never really made spritesheets of things. Everything Super Mario Land-related I made that I still have is on the site. I've looked through the rest of my stuff and I can't find anything else. Anyway, sorry that it took me this long to respond to your private message from April. Hope you are doing well, and all the best!
Originally posted by Face
He's in a better place. =(

I've actually been really really busy with a new job. I'm not really SMW-hacking anymore, but I still have all my stuff in case I ever want to mess with it when I'm bored. In the meantime, I've been playing lots of video games that I missed over the years and keeping up with new stuff as it comes out. If anyone wants to be Steam or 3DS buddies, you can find my connection info on my Backloggery.

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you're doing ok, and congrats on the new job. I'm sorry to hear that your hack got wiped, even if you restarted it and cancelled it again afterwards. What I was referring to, was did you have any sheets of the enemies that aren't currently ported from SML to SMW (boulder, octopus, the bosses, etc.) But since it seems you haven't, it's ok. #smw{;)}
I can't wait to see more info! Good luck! My Deviantart friends and I created some hypothetical sprites for a SMB2Mix hack, so feel free to use them.
Cool update. Did you make the text edit I asked you to? No pressure or anything (especially since my laptop isn't gonna come back till the 11th at least), just asking.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
no, i was just assuming you were trying to pull a meme on me.

Heh. I was actually serious. I just PM'ed you to not rain on your thread, especially since you just released it.
Mods: sorry for double post but I have to clear something up

Kazeshin: Oh I'm so sorry apparently C6 is a candy themed level, I meant could you please change the name of the stomach level. No wonder you thought it was a joke, sorry!
Yeah, as a player and someone with no personal need for it to be easier, I just notice how so. many. hacks. re-use other peoples' ASM because it's so much easier to add premade stuff than to make it yourself. I feel as though this highly damages the creativity of ROM hacks and makes them feel a little samey to each other. Ik know that there is limited processor overhead with ASM but this problem still bothers me. Thoughts?
I know there is the claim that this website does not exist to make illegal content, so I'm glad that we are making sure that we are doing legal stuff.

The message I got:
"Thanks for writing. We applaud your efforts at game development and encourage you to become a developer if you haven't already done so. Please understand, however, that you do not have our permission to develop software using Nintendo trademarks—even if you become a licensed Nintendo developer. Games featuring Nintendo trademarks are usually developed internally or by business partners. Please focus your efforts on creating your own intellectual property as you develop your software."
So on the bottom of the page, it says that the intention of this site is to not host copyrighted material, but there are many copyrighted things on here like graphics and music. So I think we should ask Nintendo what they think.

And also before you say I'm trying to kill the site, it's just that I think that Nintendo has the right to approve or disapprove of their IPs being used in hacks, and the disclaimer is there anyways, so this means that we have to make sure that we are doing legal things in order for that disclaimer to not be a lie. So please don't lock this.
Like, if I made my own hack with non-Nintendo graphics, music, and levels, would it still count as copyrighted to Nintendo?
Thanks for replying. The reason I brought this up is because unlike some site's I've asked where the common opinion is "fuck what Nintendo thinks", the disclaimer at the bottom of the page is making me think that we want to try to play by the rules. Get it?
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
That's precisely it. First of all, the fact that "source code" is available doesn't exactly make it "open-source", because "open-source" specifically refers to software that is willingly and legally open-source. Secondly, just because source code is available doesn't mean people can legally use it. Thirdly, just because source code is available, Nintendo don't lose the copyright to it.

So 2 questions

1. This source code going against Nintendo's will?

2. It's illegal to use the disassembly?

Originally posted by 1337doom
Why do you want to follow copyright laws?

Because I respect the right to own IP
What I sort of meant was remember the old days when people would use Mouser, Thwomp Boss, etc. because they couldn't make their own bosses? Are those days still in effect?
Since SMW is now fully disassembled, this basically means we managed to replicate the game without using ANY of Nintendo's original source code.

If a hack was made with these new things and removes all of Nintendo's:

1. Levels
2. Graphics
3. Music (and samples)?
4. Hacked from the disassembly instead of a Nintendo SMW ROM

Does this mean that it's a fully "original game" that's free to redistribute as a ROM?
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
If you removed all of Nintendos code including graphics and everything else, yes itd be an original game however a disassembled rom doesn't mean it's not Nintendos code. Removing all of Nintendos code would leave you with nothing.

Doesn't this mean we know how to replicate it though? So if someone just recoded the SMW ROM using the disassembly as a reference, it would be legal. No Nintendo documents or source code were used in making the disassembly, were they?

Not only is reverse engineering legal in the United States, but the Super Mario World manual doesn't say that reverse engineering the game is prohibited - just that Mario and co. are trademarked/copyrighted.
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