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Originally posted by Runic_Rain
All of the niche uses you can get benefit out of the monumental task of doing that (like the original creation of SMW disassembly) have already been done by hand

I actually have a new use: using graph view to look at sprites from the sprite section, not the ENTIRE SMW disassembly.

Also, emulators' debuggers will not show the author's comments in the code due to them looking at the compiled ASM, which omits comments.
Originally posted by FuSoYa
I don't know about ever, but there are no plans currently (see the first post in the thread). That'd be a bit of a project on its own, as it wasn't built with that in mind.

Well you have two options, one is make a way for Lunar Magic to support translations or support the development of "hardcoded" translated .exes, the other is that Superstar Editor will become the editor of choice in non-English communities if you don't provide one for them.
How advanced is this so far? Can it make something on the scale of TSRP (2004)?
Originally posted by Katerpie
Originally posted by P-Tux7
Well you have two options, one is make a way for Lunar Magic to support translations or support the development of "hardcoded" translated .exes, the other is that Superstar Editor will become the editor of choice in non-English communities if you don't provide one for them.

Cut down the passive-aggressiveness, pal. You should've known that pressuring FuSoYa to do something he doesn't want to won't solve your case.

How can you warn me for something that FuSoYa hasn't even taken offense to yet?!? Oh, and if you don't want people to be passive-aggressive then why did you call me "pal"?
Yeah, how's the project going?
Hello everyone,

Something that is making me reluctant to rejoin the community and submit more custom graphics after my recent lack of activity is the lack of bugfixes for custom sprites, blocks, patches, etc. even if one reports them.

Something that a centralized database should ensure is that everything on it is free of bugs and is good to use.

For example, the "Giant Masked Koopa" boss has a weird hitbox (its standing state and shell state have the same hitbox, despite the former being twice the visual height of the latter) and hangs the game for a bit after it dies (though this may be a patch-related issue that can't be fixed by the database, sorry if it is), but a hack released recently uses it. It feels like there's no one to report these bugs to so that the bugs can get fixed and not "infect" hacks with them.

Also, speaking as a graphics-artist, it feels wrong to make custom graphics for a sprite with glitchy graphics, such as the Buzzy Beetle Boss's shell. I'd really like my graphics to look the best that they can in people's hacks without these glitches messing them up.

I'd really like a centralized "Bug Fixers" group where one can send in a bug report of a custom block, sprite, or patch that is on the site so that future hacks can incorporate the bugfixes and be the best gameplay and visual quality that they can be.

I have reported many bugs to the Zelda Classic developers on their Discord server and gotten them fixed, and they really appreciate my attention to detail. I wish that there would be a group of bug reporters here that I could do the same for. It really makes me feel appreciated that there's a group of people thanking me for taking the time to find and report bugs, and I hope that the same concept will transfer to SMWCentral in the near future.

No, I meant that the group would be of bug-FIXERS - ASM people who fix the bugs. I know some people like Dahnamics have retired, so we need modern-day users who will fix the bugs in old submissions. I know the resource mods aren't responsible for going back and fixing old bugs - that's what this new group is specifically meant for.

Also, it's not resources CURRENTLY having bugs stopping me from rejoining - the question about me rejoining is if my feedback about bugs will lead to them getting fixed, and the answer to that being yes or no is the same answer as to whether I want to return. I'd feel unappreciated and useless if my bug reports didn't lead to anything.
Originally posted by MassPunishment
This is a community driven website, and everyone is volunteering their time when making anything submitted to this site all for free. Since you see an issue with the current system why don't you volunteer your time to fix this said issue?

I said I'm a graphics guy. We are all endowed with different interests and proficiencies. Someone else could do them quicker and better. That's why I suggested a group of staff comprised of people who have both the passion and skill for ASM.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
@BlueToad & Julintendo: Thanks!
I'm showing 4 screens now with some changes:

Title screen. Mario doesn't move. Not sure what to call this hack.
I might change the text font below.

The first area. It will transition to a level seen in Mario and the Gem of Power. It will have updated GFX and different enemy placement.
Another change are those YI ? blocks. I drew those myself. There were suppose to be YI ? blocks in the AllGFX.bin file, but I couldn't find them. There's also a changed brown block.

Here's the piranha plant with the YI head and different stem.
I wished I knew how to change the stem palette.
You may notice a brown rock, trees and the stone above. My former rip never had those. I re-ripped the tileset and includes those, along with other features. It will be released at this year's C3.

Here's a YI coin. Not sure what to change it to.

Feedback appreciated.

You can find the ? Block sprite on Spriter's Resource and TCRF pages of Yoshi's Island. Though it only has one frame and no hit frame.
You also can find: Spotted Nipper/Muncher, Dragon Coin (needs to be shrunk), a 16x16 rock (good for the Digging Bandit Chucks), a bubble design, early Sluggy (good for Blurp, Cheep Cheep, or Eerie), and a 32x32 ? crate (good for giant ? block).
I really admire the custom graphics, so I am wondering if the music and bosses are new as well? Or just from SMWCentral database. I hope it uses original music because it makes a really immersive game experience for me! #smw{:peace:}
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